Focus on yourself..

Focus on yourself. Focus on yourself, look inward. Too often, we allow ourselves to be distracted by the outside world around us. By comparing our journeys to others, and trying to make sense of why our lives do not quite match up with our perceptions of a perfect or a good life. This is as counter-productive and inaccurate as comparing an orange, with another orange, and trying to determine why one is not as orange as the other. In simpler forms, yes we are all humans, and we are all filling out our purpose of existence, but no two journeys are the same, nor even similar for that matter. Despite how many similarities you may share with another soul, your life path and your life experiences will be inherently separate because the truth of the matter is, our experiences shape our way of thinking and thus the path before us, and every individual exists with the illusion of separation in order to teach the universe a different lesson about itself. What use would the universe have for learning the same lesson, over and over again, countless times? And thus, we are all shaped to walk a particular path, individualistic in style, and the only way to accumulate a richness upon your own path is by focusing relentlessly and tirelessly upon enriching it, and seeking only to compare it with its former self. That is the way that the universe will come to further understand itself. 
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