Twin Flame Reading – Valentine’s Day.

Twin flame reading –

The card in the middle represents the main theme/body of this reading, whilst all other cards present themselves as influencing or being influenced by, this particular card.

On the left hand side we see the masculine, what he is thinking, what he is feeling + what he wants. On the right side, we see the feminine,

the main theme that we have occuring, is the 7 of cups, this card represents spiritual insight, illumination, matters of the mind, day dreaming, falling into ones self + consulting//learning to trust our intuition.

So both twins are developing spiritually, + finally turning inwards, as opposed to outward, for answers + clarification.

Once again, the masculine has his mind on money, as depicted by the five of pentacles. He may be mourning over past losses to do with finance, his experiences on earth + holding regret in regards to lost opportunities + his own short comings. You could say that he is feeling a little sorry for himself at this point, as he begins to recognise the hand that he played in the downfall of many potentially promising situations for him. The feminine however, is feeling far more confident, assured + inspired as depicted by the three of wands. Perhaps she has recieved signalling/symbolism from other sources + feels comfortable looking into the future, knowing that her love does love her + does think of her.

The masculine also lends his deep insight + introspection to the six of cups – representing family emotions, togetherness, warmth, compassion, healing + love. He is softening at his core, though he will probably have to settle into some uncomfortable truths, as he reflects on his past. Our feminine lends her own emotions to the empress, signalling her strength in her knowing + ability. She is not so worried. She has spent the entire separation period going through what the masculine twin is only just catching onto. 

whilst the feminine wants the masculine to take action + come charging through, as shown by the chariot, he seeks growth illumination, love, happiness, but he needs to recognise, the ball is in his court..
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2 thoughts on “Twin Flame Reading – Valentine’s Day.

  1. Hi! I’ve read a few of your twin flame readings and I was wondering to have a little of your insight on me and my current boyfriends relationship which I’ve had a strong intuition for a long time that he is my twin flame and he agrees . My birthday is February 5th, 1998 and his is February 5th, 1996. I would love to hear what you have to say ! 😇🌟

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