Actualising greatness.

There is literally a part of you during intense transformation periods, that will scream, ‘omg. Is this truly what I should be doing? Am I doing the right thing, and how do I know that this is genuine?’. Actually, this is usually the part of us that stalls our progress, and the acceleration of our manifestation ability.

This doubt, or questioning of ourselves, and our life position, pokes tiny holes in the actualisation of our dreams, and actually causes not only ourselves, but our energy to hesitate in bringing us what we want.
It is usually the voices, the echoes, and the perceptions of those around us that we perceive to be our own voice of self doubt. If we are used to living in a space mentally, emotionally, or spiritually that is small, every time that we try to expand, we will be met with the limitations of our own minds, societies, communities, peer groups, and their own inabilities to expand beyond ordinary boarders.

The truth is, in order to be extraordinary, you need to be ready and willing to let go of the ordinary. You cannot say that you are ready for greatness, and spiritual elevation, whilst holding onto fears about being too much, too great, and too powerful.

However, ‘persecution consciousness’, is pretty familiar amongst star seeds + empaths. One could say the memory is fresh in our mind of a time when we were persecuted for our gifts – particularly in woman hood.

It is very important to work to overcome these beliefs, and to tell ourselves on the brink of great change, that this path is our destiny, and that we were chosen to fill these great shoes, because we have every capability, and pre determined equipment to do so.

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