Tarot of the day // 17/2/2016

Theme – death card//transformation//rebirth.

Surrounding cards – knight of wands.

Three of swords.

The main theme that presents itself in this reading, is the death card. Now, many people relate this card with doom and gloom naturally because of the perceptions that we have been taught about death in this 3D reality. But ultimately, this is a pretty wonderful card to receive in a reading. The death card is all about transformation, transition, Rejuvination, and rebirth, and when this card appears it is very likely that we are caught in a transitory period between leaving the past behind, where we are now, and where we can see ourself being in future.

Change, and transformation can be a pretty terrifying experience, and for this reason, we may be experiencing self doubt, and even ‘imposter syndrome’, thoughts such as, ‘am I truly who I say that I am?’, or ‘is this really the new me?’ If you are experiencing these type of thoughts, then I truly challenge you to challenge yourself. Leave behind your old thoughts, old ways of thinking and doing, and the parts of yourself that keep you chained to painful memories. This card is alerting you that you are no longer who you used to be, and in order to endure this rebirth, you must willingly allow elements of the past to die.

Knight of wands –

The knight of wands is a pretty electric, and inspirational card. When it appears, we seem to be charging forward with a new found determination, and enthusiasm for life events, and our life’s work. We may be experiencing spurts of energy, intuition, and ideas about directions to take that will prove fruitful to us, and allow us to leave our mark on the world. This is in juxtaposition with the appearance of the 

Three of swords, which actually represents heart ache, loss, loneliness, betrayal, and abandonment. We may find ourselves day dreaming, and becoming hung up on persons from the past who no longer hold a place within our current reality. As the theme here is death, we are also asked to let go of the thoughts associated with this person, or these people. This may point to a soul mate, twin flame, karmic attachment who we have had to let go of in order to pursue our creative and transformative period. Spirit asks that you understand that in letting go of the past you, and the you associated with the destruction of this relationship, you are actively creating a nee you, and paving the way for a new perception, and a new experience to bring itself forward, as apart of your rebirth.

This may even point to an emotionally distant parent, in which case, you are reminded that you are in transition period, and this spurt of creative energy enforces the idea that everything that you require already exists within you, and you are never abandoned, nor uncounted for.

I feel that it is pretty symbolic that both cards possess a horse that appears to be in motion. This is indicative of the fact that we are on a journey, and we should not use our current position to determine our circumstances. Things are changing, new things are occuring, and remaining stuck on the past could potentially block our manifestation ability.

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