You are your mother.



On the journey of spiritual enlightenment, it is very important for us to consider the relationships that we hold with our parents, and who they are. If we are empaths, we understand that our duty on this plane is in clearing karmic debt, and for these reasons, we will usually belong to parents who are also carrying alot of trauma, and have also come from a long line of generational trauma. This trauma is now ours, and it can end with us if we permit it to..If we allow our own karma to be cleared, effectively cleansing the gene pool of this generational curse, so to speak.

As much as a man is his father, a woman, is her mother. This is why you will see such a great disconnection in the lives of many black men.. A disconnection from their own fathers, physical, or even emotional, leading back a long way away, to physical separation of men from their families during slavery, a generational curse, yet to be cleared entirely from the gene pools of many.

So, how do you clear such a heavy burden. So many years of trauma, loss, and defeat? First, you must recognise it. Who is your mother? What makes her happy? What makes her tick? Her pain is your own. If the trauma committed against her is so great, that you can not build a successful relationship with her, then this too you must heal from. If not, you will continue to suffer a complex in which you, yourself, are not whole. From her, you came..Through her, you were created.

We cannot heal another’s wounds. But in recognising how these very wounds have also shaped us, we can begin to heal ourselves, and in doing so, will know how to cradle the wounds of those closest to us.



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