Twin flame reading – Mini Romantic life path, and tarot selection.


I have tidied up your chosen questions a little bit to be able to incorporate all of your queries.

Your chosen questions have formed as,

1. Are we to reunite?
2.What can’t we stay away from each other?
3. What is my path for love?
4. What do we mean to each other?
5. How can i heal through this?
6. Why do i hold such a strong urge for him?
The wheel of fortune, the very card at the bottom was not initially apart of this deck, but as i was doing the reading, this card jumped out to me, and i always think that it is very important to take note of the cards which jump out to you!
This is an extremely spiritual card because it is ALL about karma! When this card appears, it is very possible that we are dealing with past lives, and past life karma. The wheel of fortune is all about destiny, which way will the wheel turn, and what will it reveal? This wheel also causes us to look at the decisions that we have made in our lives that have led us to this point. It is very likely that this union has caused both of you to stop in your tracks, dig deeper within yourselves than you have ever dug, all in attempts to discover exactly what this connection is, is it fact, or is it fiction? And what does it really mean?
All of the questions that you hold about this union, also constantly run through his mind, though he tries to block them out because they do not fit in with his ideals about peace of mind, and about perceived masculinity.  This card also indicates rapid change, movement and being able to clear karmic, and rapidly alter the course of the events of your life. Since you came into awareness of one another, and have embarked on this journey together, though sometimes separate, your lives have never been the same. This is all about the laws of balance, and harmony, and the nature of things being divinely orchestrated, much like your union. Give up the desire to control, ultimately, the karma that you have accumulated and your life’s decisions will determine the journey of this sacred union. Though do not worry, because all systems point to divinity.
You and your love have a shared life path of 6 – (10+5 = 15 //  1+5=6) which means compassion, the wounded healer archetype, humanitarianism, care-giving, charity, family bonds, and intensified sensitivities.
Alone, you reach the life path of 10.. Alot of numerologists prefer to simplify this number to 1, but i believe that the life path 10 is an incredibly important number in its own right!
The number 10 life path symbolises that your life is governed by two extremes, and should be inevitably ruled by balance. This number represents the alpha, and the omega, the all that is, the feminine, and the masculine – as shown by the juxtaposition that the 1 (wholeness), and the 0(nothingness) present. This can also be seen as a phallic symbol, for the male genitalia, and the female genitalia, giving the structure of both numbers.
The number 10 present within your birth sequence means that your overall life quest lies with attaining balance, and integrating these two parts of yourself, to achieve wholeness, and divine understanding of the all that exists. This number is capable of either great creation, or great destruction, and you will acknowledge although you possess so many extraordinary, and skilful traits, you are also met with procrastination, the occasional laziness, and crippling self doubt.
You are very hot, or you are very cold, there is rarely an inbetween with you.
Your love, is the life path of 5, which is the path of the empath, the humanitarian, the healer, the visionary, and the freedom fighter.
Life path 5 usually loves freedom, and travelling, and although they must learn a lesson of detachment in life, they are also very sensitive, and open, and tend to become attached to things very quickly. The downside to their attachment is that they may become overly possessive, and controlling, and for this reason, they usually opt to detach, and not grow too dependent upon things, as this intensity in them often frightens them, especially for a 5 path man.
Your love, just like you is very spiritually tuned, he is an open channel, and can receive images through thought, and feeling. This is how he often knows how you are feeling even when you have not told him. I believe that within him, he is fighting a war.
The part of himself that is masculine, and seeks to be logical, sturdy, in control, and focused, and the other side of himself, that belongs to you, the side that is feminine, embracing, and vulnerable, and seeks nothing more than love, and to give love, and to be loved. And my does he hold a lot of love for you within his soul! I can feel his love pouring and oozing out, and so can he, and this for the most part really frightens him. He is aware that this union is powerful, but he is unsure whether he would like to let such power run free, and what this would mean for him.
The complex aspects of the number 5, is the fact that they can be very touch, and go, very hot, and cold, (much like yourself)… Because they hold such a strong desire for freedom – because at some point in their lives they have experienced restriction, they may tend to disappear, or distance themselves once they feel themselves getting too close to somebody.
This does not mean that he does not care for you deeply when he behaves in this manner, but rather that he fears that one of you will let the other do, if you continue to be so dependent, and engaged with one another. Although inevitably, he cannot avoid this.
He has a very, very strong sense of right, and wrong, but he feels just as passionately, and strongly as you do. He, however, sometimes feels like he is not up to the job to be all that he should be. He is young, and caught inbetween living how he thinks, and how society thinks that he should be living, and how the romantic, and compassionate side of him wants to live.
This number is all about death and rebirth, i believe that his past was difficult, as was yours, and he has stains on his mind, and on his heart from the ways in which he may have at one point treated those in his life. And he must come to forgive himself, knowing that this was all apart of a learning curve, and experience.
Life path 10 also tends to experience very harsh up bringing, either with oppressive parents, or emotionally abusive, and or neglectful parents. The both of you have experienced a shakey start, and this makes your love, and your bond with one another all the more strong. You can sense within one another a difference, from the pain, and the pity that you have known before. However, on a logical level, you both are still quite doubtful..
1. Are we to reunite?
The hierophant.
In tarot decks, this is a card of strong spiritual connotation. When the hierophant appears, we are dealing with spiritual law, and spiritual order, and somebody who is balanced, and fair in matters of the divine. I believe that the two of you will unite, it is only a matter of time, as it is fated in spiritual law that you are to continue to be apart of one anothers lives. The hierophant also represents a medium, intermediary between the heavens, and the earth, much like a spiritual messenger. This may represent what the two of you are to one another, a spiritual wake up call, and perhaps this has been the reason for your separation. Alternatively, the spiritual message could be maintaining balance, within yourselves, and within your emotions, if you are to re-unite, and come back together in bliss.
The hierophant balances both worlds skilfully, this is how he is able to move and travel within the both.
Balance is necessary here for the both of you, internally, and externally.
2. Why can’t we stay away from each other?
The chariot.
The chariot represents the desire to go, and a strong urge to know where one is going. Let us say a target for instance, that must be met with vigour and enthusiasm! You cannot part ways from one another because you both have a very strong urge and a pull to arrive at ones another’s destinations. This pull is pretty intense, much like the creatures that are pulling the chariot along. You know that you have a mission, and you are aware that on some level this mission revolves around the other, and the urge is almost insatiable. This is not something that can be ignored, it is more like a soul pull. There is a clear sense here of knowing what you want, and going after it despite all odds, and obstacles. Ofcourse the two of you are aware that things are not perfect, and that the shaky nature of this romance tends to knock you off balance, but it also offers you great pleasure, and great joy, and that you cannot shy away from – no matter how hard you try! This card also signifies balance, as there are two sphinxes on either side. This gives the impression that the two of you feel on some level that you give one another balance.
3. What is my path for love?
The moon.
Another highly spiritual symbol, the moon connotes hidden feelings, the subconscious, deep emotions, fertility, feminine energy, and what is hidden, finally coming to light.
If you have been dealing with uncertainty within this union, then things are about to become very clear – very fast! The moon deals with the world of illusions, deciphering fact from fiction, real, from fake, and as i mentioned being uncertain, and suspicious is a trait that exists within both of you. On some level, this union feels too good to be true, too good to be pure, but the emergence of the moon is about to bring your intense emotions to the surface in an even more major way!  Your subconscious mind knows the truth, that you both hold these intense emotions toward one another, and that there is something potentially very powerful here – however, you are still worried about becoming too engulfed, and losing yourself to emotional intensities, (see the moons effects on the human mind – lunacy). This love is really powerful, and i do not see it going away, neither do i see any of you shying away to the challenges that stand to face you. The moon is all about illumination, casting a powerful light on the darkness, so it is very likely that one or both of you will awaken soon to the undeniable nature of this. It may even come in the form of a dream, or a passing, but pressing thought.
4. What do we mean to each other?
The page of wands.
The page of wands, is a messenger, look all pages. With him, he brings a message of excitement, enthusiasm, fun, compassion, and creativity. This is what you mean to one another. A revert to a simpler time, a time within childhood perhaps before perceived traumas, and limitations of the mind. A time in which both of you were far more capable of tapping into your creativity, and your artistic nature. The fire that exists within you that is not dampened by life’s experiences, or glitches along the way.
The page of wands is all about raw passion, and intensity – that is finally allowing yourself to be all that you are, without judgement from interfering outside sources/voices. When you are alone together, it is as if nobody else in the world exists, and none of the mistakes, or the scars that exist within you, exist any longer. This is an intense fiery glow in the heart, a flame that cannot so easily be burnt out, that burns with strength, and playful joy. Because of this existence of this, you can both tap into unlimited manifestation possibilities, and creative juices, whenever you ignite one another’s presence.
5. How can i heal through this?
Ten of wands.
The ten of wands is a card of burdens, and being overwhelmed by carrying more than our fair share!
It appears as if you are carrying too heavy of a burden, and struggling uphill with it. If you seek to progress, and move forward with your journey in life, you cannot possibly think that you can carry all of the baggage that you are currently carrying with you. Whether this relates to behavioural patterns, imprints, thought streams, or negative past experiences, and emotions, you need to let go of whatever is weighing you down, and making you feel as if you cannot travel lightly. There is no need to burden yourself with the things that you cannot control, and if you are holding any apprehension about this union, then it is best to lay that to rest, as this will only further deter any chances of reconciliation, or seeing the truth of matters.
The weight being carried within this card, is usually unnecessary weight, and if you were to simply ask for some help, or to lessen your load by sorting through what is necessary, and what is unnecessary, you will find a much more blissful, and peaceful journey, and that things no longer seem so difficult for you.
Drop all of your expectations, demands, worries, queries, and especially past pains associated with this union, with yourself, and with love in general. This is not serving you, in anyway, and is only prolonging your misery.
6. Why do i hold such a strong urge for him?
The two of cups.
You feel such a strong urge for him, because you ARE him! In essence, you are both a part of one another, and in the same way that you cannot separate your mind from the rest of yourself, you cannot separate him from you, or you from him, you are eternally connected, and probably even spent many past life terms together! The two of cups is all about romance, sharing, compassion, bonding, and relationships. This is a card of harmony, balance, and joy experienced through mutual partnership. He loves you, just as much as you love him, and yes both of you can see this. How could you possibly stay away from a love of this nature? Though there is a lot of healing that needs to take place, especially on his part, you still feel that you are the perfect lady to balance him out, and he to balance you out, although much of this balance needs to first come from within! As a healer, naturally, you would love to be able to ‘heal’ him, and ‘fix’ him, but you need to understand that this is a journey that he must undergo himself, and you cannot map out, or script these lessons for him, neither can you speed up his recovery. The intense pull toward him also highlights an area within yourself that requires healing, in relation to the masculine within yourself, and perhaps even the paternal side of your family. If any trauma occurred there, then this union is also asking you to pay attention to that, and to heal that area.
I thoroughly hope that you have enjoyed this reading my love, as much as i have enjoyed giving it to you!
And i look so forward to hearing any of your feedback.
Kindest regards my love,
Seek Cindy.
This type of reading was a specialised twin flame reading – you may receive this type of reading for the same price as the romantic life path reading. However, with a romantic life path reading, there are no tarot options, the life path calculations, and comparisons however are far longer.
You may provide a photo of yourself, and your love for greater accuracy. However, this does not alter the accuracy of the reading should you choose to withhold this option for confidentiality purposes.
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  1. This is really spot on. I ask for a sign a few weeks ago if this jounrey is really real, or I’m just dreaming. This exactly accurate its scary. My life path is 1(0), and his is 5.

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