SCORPIO – Taro reading, Week 3-11th. What are you currently feeling?

Hello, my wonderful Scorpio’s! Yes, this is truly one of my more random, and spontaneous readings, but spirit called for me to do this, and i never refuse to answer such a call!

So here, i will quickly lay out a spread that i have intuitively drawn for Scorpio. This spread will focus on what Scorpio is currently feeling, and the themes that are influencing Scorpio’s behaviour.


Taro cards.


Six of swords + Nine of wands + Justice + Queen of cups.

With the six of swords present, it appears as if Scorpio, you are enduring some sort of healing process, as this describes a move. This may be a physical move, in which you can break away from a certain limitation, or life situation that was causing you stress, in order to move towards happier times, and inevitably, better health.

You may be experiencing mental break throughs, going through past deeds, any past misdeeds, and assessing things that have unfolded in your life up till this point. This nine of wands proves that you are entering a new phase in your life, perhaps where loose ends are being tied up, or you are truly motivated to cultivate some type of wholeness, and inner peace. I feel that you are maturing in many ways, and you are coming to understand that the cultivation of hard work, and doing what needs to be done should take much priority.

The justice card suggests once again, that you have had past misdeeds on your mind. Perhaps you feel that you have been treated unfairly in life, or perhaps you are feeling as if you have treated others unfairly, as a result of you being first treated in this way. Whatever way this plays out, you are truly seeking a sense of justice right now, desperate for wrongs, to be righted, so that you can have that completion present within the 9 of wands.

The queen of cups suggests you may be feeling highly emotional at this time, highly sensitive, highly intuitive, highly psychic, or perhaps, (if you are male), this represents a woman in your life who embodies these energies. Perhaps you are reminiscing over good times spent with her, and you have acknowledged ways in which you behaved that may have brought her pain, or discomfort, and now you are really focused on gaining that JUSTICE for you both. You may even be feeling as if this person is the one who can bring you the wholeness present within the 9 of wands.

If you are a woman, then it is likely that you are this queen, you may have been a warrior for love, enduring many past hurts, and now you are awakening to the realisation that you deserve more than what you have been receiving, and you demand this JUSTICE, in order to move into a happier life period, and finally achieve the wholeness, completion, and satisfaction that you have been working toward.

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  Blessed be, my sacred beings – I wish you happy healing!

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