Twin Flame Weekly Reading March, 2016.What is happening with the templates?

The two cards that present themselves in the middle of this reading, will stand for 1. What is stalling reunion, and 2. What is the main theme of this reading?

On the left hand side, we have the masculine spread, and on the right hand side, we have the feminine spread.

Eight of cups, six of cups,

Masculine – nine of pentacles, ace of wands, ace of pentacles, queen of pentacles.

Feminine – Page of cups, eight of swords, page of pentacles, justice.


Let us deal with the theme of this reading first – the six of cups.

The six of cups is a very positive card to receive in this reading deck, and even more positive considering that it represents the overall theme.

The six of cups represents compassion, forgiveness, sharing, caring, nostalgia, and generally emotions associated with genuine care, and affection. This card represents taking care of others, and being taken care of, and perhaps relates to the truthful, underlying nature of all twins – to attain the type of balance where they are able to be taken care of, also, whilst taking care of themselves, and others.

Balance, is the key theme within this reading.

Now, let us take a look at  the masculine. As we can see, he truly has money on his mind! I mean, there are in total three cards here which pertain to the material, economic world, and finance. We can see that he has been very busy, trying to attain this, (balance – 6 of cups), and it does appear as if he is well on his way, and has begun his journey toward financial security, and establishment. I feel as if one of the major reasons that separation occurred between twins was to do with both twins desperately needing to attain some level of balance – on the side of the masculine it was really about asserting his mark on the world, and growing in responsibility – especially SELF responsibility, and here..We really see that he is making a keen go of things!

The nine of pentacles is all about fulfilment, especially financial fulfilment. It points to things finally, ‘coming together’, for us, in a way that both makes sense, and allows us to feel insecure. He has been worried about money alot lately. It is one of the ways to articulate your worth, and how you see yourself in the world after-all. Gaining satisfaction within self, and belief, was one of the things most important to him, and good for him, he truly seems to have achieved this!

On the cross over, the feminine side, we see the, page of cups, who represents her masculine counterpart. Right now, he is very focused on the physical, and she’s just in his subconscious like, ‘oh no, don’t you forget about the emotional, about the spiritual’. The page of cups is all about emotional sensitivity, romance, intuition, and honesty that some perceive to be naivety. He’s out there, getting his money, and doing what it is that he has to do..At the same time, there is this woman who is waiting for him, who wants nothing more than him to get in touch with this intimate side of himself, and come pouring himself in a cup to her – however, she does not understand that the true key to love, is balance, and it is this very balance that he is working on – so that he can have time for those things.

Next, for the masculine, we see, the Ace of wands, this is the key to new starts, fresh beginnings, enthusiasm, passion, excitement, and creativity! Wherever he is, whatever he is doing, he is FILLED to the brink with creative buzz! He has finally found something that he enjoys, something he sees as potentially very lucrative, and he is proud of himself for the mark that he is making on the world. Truly, he is re-creating himself as we know it, and leaving his old world behind.

Over on the feminine side, we see, the eight of swords. Now, the feminine is not having so much of a positive time, as her masculine counterpart. Could it be that she can feel the energy of change within him, and feels as if she is being left behind, with the old him that he no longer wants to recognise?

The eight of swords is all about mental entrapment, and perhaps it is her own thoughts, feelings, expectations, and attachments about the union that are causing her to feel mental distress. She cannot seem to see anything else outside of this, she is completely fixated upon the page of cups, and having him come back to her. All she wants is Justice, on all fronts, and at the moment, she may feel as if things are not tipping in her favour.  Relax, the masculine is clearly embarking on a new journey of self discovery as depicted by the Ace of pentacles, and the Ace of wands..

BALANCE, once again is the key – the feminine needs to balance her feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about men, and their place in the world, (in order to understand more about her place), whilst the masculine needs to balance who he is, and how he sees himself in the world.

The feminine may be holding on too tightly to her own beliefs about the world, and resisting others who offer a differing opinion. Perhaps she is triggered by those outside of her to perceive her masculine counterpart in the ways in which they perceive men of our generation.  This trigger, sees her so desperate for her twin to come back and make things right, so that she can be assured that the union was not all a huge lie, and that he truly is what she thought he was all along.

The Ace of pentacles, means that whatever new venture the masculine is working on, he is getting it right! He is getting that new money, that good money, and it seems as if he hasn’t really had access to these kind of funds for a while. This is a fresh beginning for him with money, coupled with the creativity present within the ace of pentacles, this man is in for a good time! Feminine, be proud of him – for he has truly worked hard for this, and deserves it!

This may be a new job, or even him being broken into a new financial setting, he may have just sealed a new business deal, or gotten news of a forthcoming business venture, that he is truly excited about, he feels on a subconscious level as if this is something he has been waiting for for a long time. And that this can truly allow him to be seen in the way that he deserves to be seen. As a hard working, proud, and worthy, VALUABLE man.

On the cross over to the divine feminine, oddly enough, we see the page of pentacles, almost as if he is carrying the pentacle that the masculine is currently revelling in! The page is a messenger, and may mean that the queen too has a lot of exciting projects, and endeavours that she is working on. So, she is not entirely down in the dumps, she just truly needs to hone in on this aspect of her life more, and understand, that all roads do lead back to one another. This ‘new beginning’, that he may have within the ace of pentacles, is the same beginning that the feminine is holding in her hand with the page of pentacles. This new beginning may pave a way from one, to the other.

In any case, the page is walking toward the ‘6 of cups’ – balance, and in order for the two to cultivate a secure union, they both need to be financially balanced, and have their own thing going on.

Lastly, we see that the masculine has still NOT forgotten about his queen, depicted here, as the queen of pentacles. This is fantastic! Because this is truly how he sees her. He may even be getting quite inspired from watching her, (silently). He sees how in control of her empire she is becoming, he sees her growth, (even if she does not). And she truly has grown, financially more secure than the last time that he left her, and much more balanced – even though she experiences turbulence at this current time.

But the queen is not all about money, which may be perceived by the first glance. She is ever compassionate, warm, and giving, without expecting in return – because she HAS. There is no element of lack within her, so once the two are balanced, they can cultivate both of their combined fulfilment, together.

He really just wants the feminine to be on her own thing. To have this empire, whilst he works on his. It is very unattractive to people, (especially men), to have a woman who has no passion, or purpose outside of them. As you can see, this masculine component, is a go getter! He loves that fire element, when she is at the top of her game, she is unstoppable! And he knows this..And he craves this.

Over on the feminine, we have..JUSTICE. Now justice is very similar to balance, so there is a theme here of things being put right, and being fair. The justice card is also very much about karma – getting your just desserts, and my has that been on the feminine’s mind! Mon cherie, i know that you have put in a lot of work…But you need to chill. Your time is coming. With faith. Results do not materialise immediately, as we would like them to…Results are more like seeds that grow, as we grow.

You need to let go of the pain associated with you feeling as if you will never get what you deserve. You both want the same things – BALANCE.

Focus on your part, he is focusing on his.

Lately, the eight of cups, for what is stalling union.

From the looks of things, in a turn of events, it actually appears as if the feminine is the energy most stalling reunion at this point. She is a little bit all over the place, mentally. And the eight of cups is about leaving behind things that no longer serve us. This may be karmic attachments, thought patterns, belief systems about self, and self sabotaging behaviours, such as defeatist thinking. Not only does this energy create ripple effect, but it also clouds you from seeing the truth of the matter..

That everything, is going to be just fine. You just have to continue watering those seeds of self. He also may be finding it difficult to leave behind certain imprinted ideals, but as we can see, he is truly breaking in to a new era, and that shouldn’t be much of an issue for long.

Blessed be sacred beings ~


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