March 2016 monthly forecast Life path numbers.


So, i have been really excited to unveil something new to you guys that i have come up with. Typically, we see oracles, or intuitives give weekly/monthly/yearly forecasts using sun signs – astrology. Well, i have decided to start doing the same, however, because numerology, in particular life path numbers are more my speciality, (those who are regular readers of my work will know), i have instead decided to base my forecasts on life path numbers.

I think it gives a little bit of a quirky edge on the original, and numbers themselves have specific energy, so the cards in unison with the numbers, could really draw out some key elements, and aspects of our lives, that we need to, and should focus on.

This is my first week, and first official time working with the numbers, and the tarot in this way, and i hope that you all will come to enjoy this journey with me, as much as i hope to.


Life Path 1.

Eight of cups, Ace of cups, Five of swords.

Dear life path number 1, my inspirational charmer – this month, your energies lie heavily with leaving the old behind, and embracing the new, which offers you new beginnings, intuitive expansion, and perhaps, even the promise of a new budding romance.

When the eight of cups appears, we are asked to consider what no longer serves us. What is weighing us down? What do we need to leave behind on our quest for happiness and a better life? Are we prisoners of our own bad habits? Whatever has previously transpired within your life, is wearing thin, and it is within your prerogative to recognise this, and to move on, allowing space for other openings within your life – Ace of cups. The ace of cups are all about these potential openings that may appear in your life. New love? Romance? That enables you to trust your intuition more, and be more open about your feelings? There are two types of life path 1s, there are the sensitive ones, who wear their hearts on their sleeves, and always embrace love. And then there are those who have suffered so much turmoil in the form of life experiences, that they cut themselves off to a lot of feelings, or at least expressing those feelings.

The ace of cups asks you to open yourself up to the part of you that may be viewed as emotional, sensitive and vulnerable, spiritually, this is actually the strongest part of yourself. Prepare for some sort of rejuvenation, though i feel as if this will only appear when you are willing to let things go that stand in your way. This may even be long held beliefs about what it means to be so open,  in this way.

Are you trapped in a relationship, or karmic attachment that you feel may be restrictive, or harmful for you at this time? I am getting the picture, that there is really something that you need to let go of, and a new beginning in the form of the, ‘ace of cups’, will be waiting for you on the other side.

The five of swords is all about emotional regret, sleepless nights thinking about the past, and feeling defeat over situations that you cannot change.

When you do leave the old behind, it is possible, that you may spend a lot of time mourning over it. Or perhaps, it is the mourning period of your departure, that causes you fear, and hesitation. Now, is not the time to lose yourself in self misery. If you should look forward, then you will see all of the newness that awaits you. There is little left in your past. You may be mourning over the way that things turned out, and this is normal in times of self expansion, to look back on lesser versions of ourselves. Do not spend too much time dwelling on this painful past, you may miss the Ace of cups that waits for you.


Life path 2.

The fool, temperance, the five of wands.


There is a  fiery energy in you this month. An energy that demands change, and charges to embark on a new journey. Slow down there tiger.. You may just have a case of some ants in your pants. The fool is somebody who sets out on a journey, hitting the open road, with nothing but the items that he possesses. He is enthusiastic about the path, and probably out of naivety more than anything. Do you crave change on a deep level, but do not have any plans, or specific ideas about what it is that you want to achieve?

The fool may seem brave, but he is dubbed the fool because he knows very little about the journey that lies before him. he doesn’t seem to be well protected, or guarded in any sense, and holds an energy of youthful rebellion.

On your journey, it is always wise to know what you are getting yourself in for. You may be ready for change, and feeling gleeful about the prospects of new life, and that is wonderful, but how do you plan to survive along the way?

Slow down, even things out, wait for the right moments and opportunity. Nobody says do not go, but all wise men plan their journey.

Temperance is the shooting star that you need, the helpful reassurance, the balance, co-ordination, and success. that comes to you once you do your part of the work. If you have been living in excess, then it is time for you to slow things into moderation.

Temperance acts us to have patience, faith and understanding in the journey ahead. Perhaps there have been or will be some struggles, such as presented in the five of wands. If it appears that the world is against you, or you have difficult competitors in your path, temperance asks you to drink from the fountain of faith.

Maybe you want to take the high road as the fool suggests, because of these difficult times ahead, this is why it is important to remain prepared, and not ignorant in your thirst for more.

If you are to embark on a fresh journey, you may encounter some obstacles, and things may seem bleak, but all of this is just testing your endurance, and shaping you into a well equipped, and thorough individual.


Life path 3.

Knight of cups, The Hierophant, The wheel of fortune.


It appears as if we are to see a very spiritually inclined month for you, but you are no stranger to this. This spread, is all about spiritual law coming to pass, and the messages that you are consistently channelling at this particular time. It is no surprise that you are even more in touch at this time, for you possess double your own energy, with the influence of March (3) also present.

The knight of cups pertains to some kind of spiritual, or emotional break through, and revelation.  This card, is all about messages, in any many ways you are the messenger, who translates internal themes, of wisdom, compassion, and forgiveness. You may be extra sensitive this month, and seeking greater answers to what lies around you.

Perhaps you have been let down by somebody, or something, and you need to take the time to travel within yourself, and tend to your wounded feelings. Because the wheel of fortune is also presented in this reading, i believe that what you are going through, and the answers that you seek, are rooted in karma – spiritual law.. You may be dealing with a past life issue, or something about your quest relates to spirituality, and fulfilling a specific destiny.

If you tap into the feminine, intuitive feelings that reside within you, you should be able to make some sense out of the messages being presented to you by the hierophant. The hierophant is the ruler of spiritual law, and ensuring that it is passed down, directly from the heavens, to the masses. It is karma for you to live out this role, it is karma for you to hear the messages being presented to you. Do not deny, nor ignore them. Some serious gems may be on their way for you.

Your destiny is in your hands, and your moves for this month, could potentially be very shaping. By considerate of your steps, you are probably being asked to carry out some sort of spiritual law, effectively bringing about balance, and maybe even change.

Life path 4.

Eight of wands, Seven of pentacles, Ace of swords.


Woah! This truly looks like an impacting month for you! Have you been working really hard at something? Well, as a 4 – you probably always have! But is there a specific goal that you have been working toward? An action plan that you had set in motion? Something that you are waiting to see take off the ground? If yes, then this is definitely the month for you!

The seven of pentacles is all about the cultivation of hard work, waiting for our fruits to manifest, and working vigorously to ensure that we get what we need, and what we deserve. You have been chipping away at something for a while, and perhaps even losing patience, or faith in your work.

Fear not, for the eight of wands rushes through with news for you, maybe an important message of the break through that you have been working so hard for. You will reap your just desserts.  The eight of wands is all about swift, vast change, so if you have been working considerably hard for a long time, then you may be stunned by how quickly things may suddenly speed up, and take effect.

There is change, and clarity within your grasp with the presentation of the ace of swords. A quick moment of clarity. An ah-hah moment, perhaps you finally find the missing ingredient to concluding what you have been working so faithfully on.

If you are presented with the opportunity of a new business venture, or some promise of financial advancement, i suggest that you take it, because it is in relation to what you have been working towards. Trust that your hard work will pay off.

The truth of matters is about to burst free on its way to you. Perhaps there has been a key element of your work that you have been missing, and the ace of swords will clear up any confusions that you had.

The eight of wands could also point to travelling. This could be travelling mentally, or even  physically, if you feel that this may benefit your work, or your career path in some way.


Life path 5.

Page of cups, eight of swords, page of pentacles.


So, this month, i sense a little bit of romance within your sights. But i feel intuitively, as if you may be blocking this, in some way. Are you failing to open yourself back up to love as presented with the page of cups? Perhaps you fear being too naive, being taken advantage of, so you do your best to conceal your sensitive internal nature.

You may have been hurt deeply in the past, and this month, you could see yourself caught in the memory of past mishaps, as presented within the eight of swords. Try not to focus too much on what could go wrong in love. Love has been on your mind heavily lately, and perhaps you are nearing a time where you would like to settle down, but there is still that persistent feeling of love being laced with pain, and disappointment. Maybe something triggers you, to remember a time when you felt more relaxed, more emotionally open in love.

Perhaps, you are experiencing the opposite however. And you may be giving your all emotionally, without seeing the truth of the matters, as the eight of swords also pertains to being trapped, and blinded.

You may be offering your heart, and your truth, and your vulnerability, without quite taking the time to see what this all means for you.

On the other hand, there is an opportunity for a new beginning, and potentially new earnings with the page of pentacles. If you are offered a job prospect, or an opportunity to expand your education, you may want to do so.

Do not get so caught up with your love situation, or your thoughts, and your worries about love that you fail to take new opportunities that are presented to you.


Life path 6.

Six of wands, six of swords, the devil.


First of all, can i just say how amusing i find it that with the 6 of swords, i pulled both the six of wands, and the six of swords – alas! The universe DOES have a sense of humour.

Okay, so the six of swords suggests that you have recently suffered some sort of emotional blow or traumatic period. Perhaps you lost something of value to you. A dear friend, or went on a spiritual journey of healing, sparked by this emotional turmoil that you have had to endure.

With the six of swords present you can be sure that you are moving toward calmer (karma) waters. This may actually relate to a physical move, or change, in which you up root, and travel to a location that offers you more  bliss, and peace of mind.

You have definitely had it hard, and perhaps nobody quite knows that like you do. The six of swords indicates that you will achieve success, and victory, throughout all of your struggles, and strains. This is definitely a positive reinforcement in terms of situations improving for you. On a mental, and emotional, and perhaps even physical level.

There have been a lot of challenges recently, especially so early on in the year, but things will definitely improve, and solidify for you.

This is a very spiritual number, and for the devil card to appears, means that you are in some way blocking off your spirituality, and keeping yourself in ignorance. There are greater depths that await you, but you cannot tap into them whilst you cling to the material, and to the subconscious habits that keep you placed on a physical level.

This could be some sort of addiction that you desperately need to release, or some habit that keeps you entrapped in lower beliefs. You need to exercise your strong mental, and spiritual power this month and break free of certain bonds. This will help to mend your wounds.


Life path 7.

Queen of wands, queen of cups, nine of wands.


Hello, my fellow life path 7’s! It really looks like we are in for a spiritual attuning this month – though aren’t we always?

With the queen of wands, we are absolutely on fire, with our passionate, fiery, creative,  communicative, sexual energies. The queen of wands is vibrant, and commands attention, and energy wherever she goes. This month, we are awakening a little bit more to our gifts, and that which we posses that nobody else possess. If there was ever a time that we doubted ourselves, this month..Will NOT be it.

Matched with the queen of cups, we are able to tap into our emotions, as we please. and draw from our intuition to bring us spiritual truths about matters, and situations. Because of this access to deep sensitivities, we are able to draw fourth information, that is not actively available to others.

Even if you are a male, this energy this month is very much about tapping into the divine feminine that exists within you, in order to maximise your healing, and psychic potential. Much work is required of you this month 7, people are really relying on you, and you need to step up into the full size of your shoes – and yes, they are some big shoes, but you were chosen to do this.

With the nine of wands, completion is right within your grasp. Whatever you begin this month, will manifest into financial, spiritual, emotional, and mental earnings. You are rounding up this month, and all of your goals, and ambitions will take fruit from the implementation that takes place this month.  You are about to get all that you deserve.


Life path 8.

The hermit, the four of pentacles, the page of swords.


The hermit suggests that you will take this period of your life to rest, go within yourself, search for answers, and grow closer to spiritual truth. You may have been too involved with the fast paces of life lately, and focusing too diligently on patters of the heart, and matters of the mind, (the page of swords), whilst neglecting spiritual truths, and perceptions.

With the four of pentacles present, you need to be aware of materialism. You are a very spiritual number, though sometimes you do not get credited for it, because you are also the number most likely for financial success, and you may forget to balance your spiritual with your mental, leading to an unfair exchange of energy flow.

You need this hermit card right now, there may be some truths that you have been ignoring on your quest to achieve financial security, and it is likely that you are coming into the realisation that financial stability alone is not fulfilling. There needs to be more..And there is more, much more.

Let go of the material world that you are holding onto so tightly. It does not have to be forever, but it is important for you to know that your money will not run away from you.

The page of swords encourages honesty. You have a sharp mind, and a lot of mental clarity, and you actually have a lot to offer to others. This month, you may find yourself delving into spiritual truths, and internal matters, in order to allow others to also see the light of day. You are much like a messenger, and a philosopher this month, and you need to remember. You may even find yourself teaching others about how to balance the spiritual, with the material, and the importance of this.

Life Path 9.

The sun, Two of wands, King of pentacles.


Things are looking up for you this month life path 9! Perhaps you are experiencing a period of growth, or expansion on a material, and physical level. If you have been spending a lot of time worried about money, and self image, you may expect to see an improvement on old ways.

The sun represents growth, happiness, nurturing, and healing, vibrant energy. There are choices that you desperately need to make, as you watch on, and see the kind of life that you would like to create in your minds eye. You are an idealist, and you do see a perfect vision for your life, and now, with the influence of the two of wands, you are observing your surroundings, to see how you may make this fulfilment a real life possibility.

Prepare for happier times ahead. Maybe you will finally achieve a break through in your financial strains, maybe you will finally make the decision to push forward with something that you have been avoiding.

The two of wands is really about decisions, and transitioning, and your transition will take you into the king of pentacles, who represents wealth, balance, status, and security.

You may even receive an idea about what decision to take, and what journey is best for you, in order to achieve the stability that you are after.

Master numbers –

Life path 11.

The seven of cups, the empress, king of swords.


This month, you are dealing with very powerful, and potent energies. It is your opportunity here, to balance your masculine, with your feminine, as shown by the presence of the empress, and the king of swords. BOTH are needed, and necessary in order for you to achieve abundance, and completion.

The seven of cups points to day dreaming. It may indicate mental fog, confusion, withdrawal into the self, intense self analysis.

You are naturally quite a perceptive person anyway, but lately, you have been delving a little deeper into the unconscious than usual, perhaps you are searching for your ability to manifest rapidly, and consistently into your life. You know that this ability lies within you. It is where all of the nervous tension comes from.

In seeking deeply within, you may find that balance is needed. The empress represents a woman who is strong, passionate, maternal, loyal, luxurious, and sexual. She holds within her all of the attributes that you would love to see in a wife or a mother. The nurturer grows things, by watching over them closely, and filling them with love, care and attention. Perhaps you will grow to become more in touch with your feminine side this month. You will see how this plays a vital role in manifestation, through the hidden arts, internal perception, and sacred knowing.

However, you are not going to escape balancing this esoteric feminine nature, with your masculine side. The number 11 is all about balance, and the king of swords, is most certainly balanced. He holds immensely strong mental clarity, and ability to problem solve. He can cut through any conflict of the matter, and bring about a logical, thorough, and concise plan, in order to save the day, and to get the work done to a high standard. When internal knowing, (feminine), is matched with precise execution, (masculine), you are almost unstoppable this month!


Life path 22.

Five of cups, Four of wands, Ten of cups.


Have you found yourself caught up in thinking about the past, and day dreaming about what used to be? I know how sensitive you are feeling this month, and with the eclipse, i can hardly blame you..But you must remember that the past is in, the past for a reason, and not mourn over spilt milk, as the five of cups suggests. Regret, only exists as regret because we fail to see the lessons, and the experiences that we have taken from life events.

The four of wands, encourages you to keep your head up! You will attend a social event this month, perhaps a party, that lifts your spirits, and encourages you to meet up with like minds, and enjoy the company of those who allow you to feel as if you can be yourself. You have something to celebrate, or, you are around others who have something to celebrate, and you are happy to join into the festivities with them. Perhaps this is something that you should look to do more often. It may help to get you out of your shell, out of the house, and out of the mindset of dwelling on the past!

The ten of cups indicates that some emotional fulfilment is on the cards for you. Perhaps a relationship? Perhaps a marriage, maybe even this special event that you attend is a wedding – perhaps even your wedding! You may meet the man/woman of your dreams this month, or somebody with whom you can see yourself starting a family, and living a fulfilling life. This is even more reason why you should not pay too much attention to the nostalgia, and emotional regret depicted within the five of cups.

Do not focus too much on the past. Look at the present, and the future, for it holds so much to offer.


Life path 33.

Ten of pentacles, five of pentacles, the lovers.


This month, you are a little juxtaposed. Money is definitely on your mind, but perhaps, not for all of the right reasons. The contradiction of the ten of pentacles, and the five of pentacles, may suggest that rather than being stable, your money may be fluctuating at the moment, and you cannot seem to find even ground. Perhaps you have not yet quite found that occupation, or that skill, that keeps the money rolling in.

Whilst the ten of pentacles speaks of affluence, riches, success, fulfilment, and prosperity, the five of pentacles speaks of begging, poverty, misery, and sickness. Are you flying in and out of the two? Or perhaps this even relates to your world on a physical level.

Do you find it hard to maintain balance? Do you exist at two extremes? Extreme happiness and gratitude, then not only a while later, extreme sadness, and pity. Perhaps your world is so scattered because of the presence of the lovers card. Is there somebody on your mind who steals your focus from building the life that you want?

Whilst love is on the cards for you, and on your mind, you need to think about the ways in which you can establish balance throughout your life, this is the only way any relationship will achieve balance for you.

Work hard this month, but work for stability, rather than immediate gratification. It is something long lasting, and long standing that you require now. Perhaps the kind of finance, and wealth that you can pass down for many generations. Perhaps you seek with your lover this kind of fulfilment too. I see the worries of finance dictating the glow of love, and romance this month. So your challenge for the next month, is to clean this all up.


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