General Weekly Reading. What to expect this week? 14th-21st March, preparing for Spring.


The empress, Two of cups, Ace of wands, The high priestess, The king of pentacles.

Hello my darlings!

Yay, i am so excited to bring to you once more your weekly reading.

So what is on the cards for us this week? What has BEEN happening, and what can we expect to happen?

Just from the first glance of this spread, i am so excited for us this week!

I mean spring is coming soon, and we are definitely springing! I am most certainly going to do a special reading for spring because i feel like so much is coming for us in spring, so much is about to happen, and the energies are already so beautiful, and so potent, i just cannot wait!

So, before i get too carried away..Let us see what we are working with THIS week.

So this week, we are really dealing with themes of self realisation, and self actualisation.

Who’s the boss? YOU DA BOSS. You’re really starting to see it now, aren’t you? Starting to realise what they tried to keep from you for so long. You are powerful. You are lit. You are it. You got the juice, no literally..

With the empress, you are indulging in some form of luxury, and flamboyance. Maybe you are treating yourself to some new goods, a make over, getting your nails done, or buying some new underwear! You are starting to feel far more sexy, comfortable, and sensual in your own body, and you really want something external that’s going to mirror this change that is happening within you. Go for it! You are a lady who deserves it, and i am so happy that you are finally coming to realise this!

With the king of pentacles, whatever you are doing, whatever is making you feel on top of the world right now, keep doing it, because it is also very lucrative, and will bring you the financial success, and stability that you desire.

Have you been manifesting like crazy lately? Well, it is because you have upped your game, and you have elevated your energy. You are beginning to attract, what you are.

HELLO High priestess! Wow, so this week you are doing  alot of digging into the subconscious, and the unconscious mind. Such powerful symbolism here with the empress also, feminine energy is definitely running rampant at this time, and you know me – i love that!

With the high priestess here, we are receiving a lot of the answers that we have been seeking to the bigger questions lately, perhaps these are questions about love, with the two of cups, where we stand in love. We may be getting ‘messages’, or an influx of synchronicity that confirms many of the feelings, and suspicions that we have had deep within.

This is the week that will make you trust your intuition, if you were previously a little doubtful.

And with the ace of wands, this new project, or vision, that you have undertaken, will really light your fire this week. You may begin to envision a future of expansion. Where these new ideas will take you, all of the money that they will make you, and the happiness, and the foundation that this will lay for you.

Enjoy the ride, it’s the 9 year of completion, this is about getting EVERYTHING that you deserve.


Blessed be my sacred beings, and happy healing ~


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  I wish you happy healing!

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