Twin Flame Weekly Reading. 14th-21.

First of all, Hello my lovely darlings!

I hope that you are all having a fabulous start to the week, I have so many twin flame related things in store for you this year, seeing as it is the 9 year, all about completion, and I am right here, and READY to do this all with you guys!

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I look forward to connecting with you all in this deeper way..


The tower, The hanged man, Ten of wands, Eight of cups, Two of swords, Queen of pentacles, Queen of swords, Ten of swords.

As always, at the head of this reading, we have the main, ‘theme’ for the twin flames, representing what both twins will likely be experiencing, and what will be the driving force behind their situations of this week.

At the bottom, we have what both twins are feeling, this differs from the theme, because this directly relates to a shared experience between the two, rather than underlying issues, as presented in themes.

On the left  hand side, we have the feminine, what she’s going to be dealing with, and any issues that will present themselves to her.

On the right hand side, we have the masculine, and all of the fun things that he will be getting up to, and going through, this week!

The first thing that i have to say about this reading, is wow! Both twins are seriously experiencing some combustion this week, and a lot of things will come apart, and become revealed in the name of karmic attachments, and karmic situations.

If any, or both twins, as suspected are still encountering karmic situations that do not mirror their new found growth, they will come across some intense friction, and conflicts of belief this week that will force them to re-consider their actions, and how much longer they can truly put up with these situations.

In the theme presented this week, we witness, ‘the tower’,  which is a complete break down of ideologies, situations, patterns, and though streaks as depicted by the fire in the castle, fire always represents transformation.

Whatever these twins have been putting up with all of this time, is about to blow up in their face, maybe they finally come to the realisation that all of this is restrictive, and no longer provides them any room for growth.

Perhaps the belief systems associated with why they put up with these situations in this first place will become apparent, bringing their illusions crashing back down to reality.

‘No, this is not what i would like to associate myself with’, is just an example of the types of phrases that may spring to mind.

This could also represent a break in routine, or some sort of belief that kept the twins tied into a specific way of doing things.

On the feminine side, we see that she is learning to let go, and let be, with the presence of the ‘hanged man’. She is probably sacrificing something that she does not need, and realised that she no longer has to carry on in her life.

With the ten of wands, this probably relates to the martyr syndrome.

Allowing others to take responsibility for themselves, and their own lives is going to save the feminine from so much inner turmoil this week. Coming to the realisation that she no longer needs to take on all of the troubles of the world in attempts to fix them, will clear her energy and welcome more healing, and embracing energy, should her twin be preparing his arrival.

Letting go, and detaching is very much the theme this week, with the 8 of cups presenting itself once again for the feminine, suggesting her desire to leave things of the past behind, and to ditch all of the experiences she has associated with trauma, and loss.

This is the queen who is now ready to become the phoenix!

She has carried all of this stress, trauma, baggage, regret, and misery around her for long enough, and she is realising that only in letting go, can she welcome to her the kind of life that she deserves, and the kind of love that she deserves.

Perhaps she has been thinking about old love lately, karmic attachments, the way in which things have played our previously, and she now realises the roles she played in all of these situations, and how they were all preparing her for this moment now.

Thus, she is preparing to embrace a period of peace, but first, there are still some pressing things that she must rid herself of!

The question is,

is she prepared to take this next step?

Two of swords, is all about these decisions that she faces, and the choices that she must make at this present stage in her life. Yes, this week is all about choices. What will you do next? Do you have enough truth about the situation yet to make your move?

Perhaps you do not, and there are still some key details that you need to brush up, before making any rash, or hasty decisions.

If you wish to leave a job that may be toxic, or draining to you, do you have the resources to survive whilst pursuing your dream job?

If you are considering breaking up with somebody you perceive to be a harmful karmic attachment and you live together, do you have somewhere else to go?

Being ready to move on and leave the past behind is one thing, being prepared for such a life transition, and being willing to face the music, is another.

Preparation here is key.

Over with the masculine, isn’t he ever so sweet? We see that he still has his queen, (queen of pentacles), on his mind, and he is still inspired by her new found success, and creative, inspirational energy!

The more she lets go of the extra baggage, and the things that do not serve her, the more clearer her energy becomes for him to be able to perceive her, from so many breaths away.

This week, whenever he thinks of her, he is inspired. As depicted by the queen of swords, he has become aware of her speaking her truth, making her intentions clear, and standing up for herself, and this is more attractive to him than you could ever imagine!

As he watches this strong, and bold woman grow, and come into her own power, and abilities, he becomes stricken with the thought, ‘am i living in this same bold truth?’, ‘what am i doing to reflect who i am? And establish my own independence and boundaries?’.

As usual, this week, the feminine is paving the way, and allowing the masculine to see the steps that it takes to become self actualised, and he is watching, in awe.

With the ten of swords present, perhaps this week the masculine is going to feel a little worse for wear.

He may be becoming aware of not so truthful, and honest motives around him.

Perhaps he is also coming into the awareness of a karmic situation that is not serving him in anyway, and he is left feeling defeated, depleted, and void of energy.

I feel as if the masculine will now come to realise the ways in which he has also been involved in an unhealthy situation, perhaps his kind nature has seen his so called, ‘friends’ taking advantage of him, and it is possible that those same friends may also be blockages to reunion between the two.

However it stands, choices, do present themselves to him this week with the, two of swords, can he realise that this is no longer the way to go for him?

Or will he still remain so afraid of change? Of elevation, of seeing what lies on the other side?…


Let’s just hope we find out next week, eh!

Blessed be, my sacred beings ~


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Twin flame reading testimonial.

Thank you so much for this!!!! 😭 Well worth the weight and it was very thorough and thought out I really appreciate it. I was feeling so much anxiety and not anxiety if he was my twin but more about if what I had been seeing and feeling as “the truth” was really the truth. It just confirms my intuition and I’ve realized I do have psychic abilities and they are very real and powerful. And I thank you so much helping me realize that.

I’ve been in major cleansing and death of my old soul. I was so sad about him moving to Germany that I couldn’t sit around and wallow I had to figure out why and what I was feeling. I got a journal and drawing pad and my life has been changed for the better. Missing him made me change and I’m so thankful for that pain. This has been more about me then me and him. I know he has tons of work to do but I know he has to seek out the answers and I can’t just tell him what I already know to be true.

Everything was spot on. Funny that you said a travel over water because I wanted to move to Germany from the U.S. but not for him but just so I could be on my own, in school, and with my art.

Maybe he’ll recognize how much I love him and want to be with me but i need to focus on myself. The world and universe needs me at my best self. I need me and I will show up for I have been given the gifts and power to do so.

Thank you and love you!! ❤️

T. E


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  I wish you happy healing!

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