General weekly Tarot reading Spring edition;21st-27th What are we working with here?


Hello my lovelies,

it is officially SPRING, and i am so happy to be springing with you all.

Well actually, in all honesty, this past week, the energies have been incredibly shaky, and what i have found is that, the beginning of spring actually shines a pretty intense light on the shadow self, and all of the shadow aspects of the self. Look out at this time for projections of your shadow self present within others, particularly family members who hold the karmic model for all of our pre-coded patterns, that we are now working to burn away, and tear away from.

If you have been dealing with relationship trauma/drama’s, prior to this, then you will be granted the opportunity this week to see what role you have been playing in this, especially when it comes to engrained patterns, and beliefs about love.

This is very much your re-birth, spring has so much to offer us..Moving away from the darkness, and the coldness of winter, and embracing a period, just before Summer, a period that celebrates our new found selves, and our growth into this higher state of being, although, not quite yet the, ‘light being’, that summer is..We must learn to embrace, and harness the growing pains, as they shape us considerably along the way.

Death, The wheel of fortune, Eight of wands, King of pentacles, Three of pentacles, and main theme, the fool.

So, i have found it symbolic, and pretty amazing that one of the themes that presented itself to us in the reading this week is death, because that is essentially what Spring is all about. Death, rebirth, growth, transformation, blossoming, and emerging from the darkness. We are dealing with very karmic energies here, as presented by the wheel of fortune, and we will actually find ourselves this week, in situations that will allow us to challenge the negative karma that we have built up.

Last week showed us how much it no longer serves us, even if this was in pretty heavy, and callous ways. We are learning that just because something has been a practised pattern for so long, does not mean that we need to stay with this negative pattern, and we are faced with the option to allow this old parts of ourself, and our old ways, to die.

The eight of wands represents the fast revelation. We have been living blinded by our own entrapment for so long, that when the revelation finally does come through, it hits us like a lightening bolt, flying in, like ‘Hello?! I have been trying to get your attention all of this time!’

This is much about a quickening of the paces to get our lives, and ourselves into shape, there is this sense of urgency, almost like spirit is forcing us, pushing us toward our highest selves, and moulding us to leave the old, damaged ways behind.

We know what we want now. We know what we do not want now, and we are well aware of how to get it – by going out, and getting it, as presented by ‘The fool’.

We may have previously been plagued with feelings of not being good enough, not being experienced enough, or not knowing how to make our potential manifest, but this week, we are done asking all of the questions. All we are concerned about, is opening ourselves up to the world, and to opportunities, and trusting the journey to take care of us.

Afterall, you cannot expect the world to embrace you, if you shy away from it. This is our wake up call to begin our journey, no matter how frightening, unknown, or uncertain it may seem.

The king of pentacles suggests a quickening also in our desires to manifest abundance, security, financial stability, success, and longevity. We are very much excited about our journeys, and the new roads that we are about to take, however, we are also sick and tired of the previously rocky natures of our lives, and we are more than ready to taste something of substance, something that we can rely on, whether this is in the working area, or in matters of relationships, and emotional stability.

We really wish to seek this type of control, and balance over our lives, and plans may be made this week to ensure that we do not have to worry about fluctuation so much anymore. All we need to be focusing on this week, is how we can build stable foundations, how we can secure ourselves, and how we can establish freedom, sovereignty, and balance in all areas of our lives.

With the three of pentacles, we are very open this week to working with others to make our collective visions, and dreams come true. I sense alot of excitement about teaming up with like minds, maybe you all share different attributes that are necessary to make your visions a reality. Perhaps you recognise how others hold key ingredients that you are missing, and you also feel comfortable with what you can bring to the table, that will be mutually beneficial to all involved.

Whatever is happening here, you really have that added support now, that is making you feel a little more comfortable to embark on this new journey, of change, and transformation. Maybe you are even finding your clan, opening yourself up to relying on others again, and building a family type of dynamic that enables you to have the community support that your biological family may not provide you with.

The knight of swords at the top of the deck, actually jumped out to me whilst i was shuffling, and does signify that we are all systems go this week, we have received clarity about our position, clarity about wanting to change our lives, for the better, and once, and for all, and we are ready to let absolutely nothing stand in our way!

Yes, there have been so many bruises, and pains along the way, but it is time for us to stand in our truths. It is time for you to claim what is rightfully yours.

What has ALWAYS been yours, even whilst you had not the eyes to see.


Blessed be, my sacred beings ~

Join me again, next week for my then weekly tarot reading update.

Alternatively, if the twin flame weekly reading also appeals to you, then look out for that post, a little bit above this one.

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