Twin Flame Weekly Reading – Spring edition 21st-27th March 2016.

I feel as if spring time is going to be particularly significant for twin flames. There is massive amounts of healing happening particularly on the side of the feminine twins, and i am receiving the information that a lot of them are awakening to the reality that the twin flame union was largely about one of their parents, and the relationship model that they hold with their parent, very likely to be the parent of the opposite sex to them.

However, i do feel like this is all helping in weakening, and eradicating any blockages that present themselves, and stall progression, or keep that twin trapped in repeated, harmful cycles.

This time may be very difficult for both twins, as they experience a dark night of the soul-esque dilemma, especially the masculine. I mean, the feminine twin, ( does not necessarily have to be a woman, but the one embodying mostly receptive energies), has been dealing with this for along time, and her alchemy began long ago. Actually, many twins began their separation period around this time, last year, so we can see that spring is very powerful in anchoring the twin flame dynamic, and assisting it through the stages.

All of the darker aspects of ourselves, that we do not really appreciate facing, or we have tried to run away from, will really become apparent to us, not just in this week, but within the last few weeks of March, and the first few weeks of April.

The easter holiday coinciding with this time of Spring energies, is incredibly symbolic, as i feel that the Christian faith used the metaphor of Jesus Christ being crucified, and resurrecting exactly 3 days later, to predict, or rather, prophesize, what goes on during this period.

We are trying to crucify our shadow selves, so that we can emerge, a lighter, more faithful, and evolved version of ourselves.

So without any further ado, here is your twin flame weekly reading, of this week..


King of wands, King of swords, The Chariot, Two of pentacles, Queen of cups, The world, Seven of swords, Seven of cups, Six of cups, The emperor.

Okay, so in the middle, at the top, we have the main theme, that outlines what is influencing the behaviours of both twins at this time, as presented by the emperor.

In the lower middle, we have what both twins are experiencing this week, as presented by the queen of cups.

So, this week, the theme for both twins, is all about establishing order, structure, balance, and some kind of social, or societal respect, as depicted by the emperor. It seems to me as if both twins are awakening to the truth that their lives, have been less than in perfect shape. Maybe they have been pulling the wall over their eyes, and have failed to see that all of the progress that they have made, whilst still being progress, did not touch on the true issues that existed at hand, the issue of maintaining balance, order, and equilibrium within their lives.

As the emperor also represents a paternal figure, they may come to the realisation this week, that they are the way that they are because of their father. Maybe they inherited some abuse, intentional, or unintentional, that may have stifled their growth, or their ability to thrive. Perhaps abandonment was thrown into the mix, and now, with the, ‘queen of cups’. they both attempt to heal these wounds, using self compassion, consideration, and a kick start in to ‘drive’ mode.

On the left hand side, we can see that the masculine, is feeling pretty masculine this week! Maybe he has awakened to the realisation that he has been too passive in his life, letting opportunities, goals, and desires slip by him. Maybe he was filled with the knowledge that he was not good enough, or that he could not actualise his goals, but this week, we see him shaking off these beliefs, with the presence of the king of wands. This is all about inspirational energy, and creativity, with the will to carry out your desires.

The king of swords suggests his clarity in acknowledging what his desires are, whilst awakening to tactile strategy of how he may make this a reality for himself. He really does not want to waste time anymore because he sees how much time he has wasted in the past, and all he is looking to do now, is find positive solutions to any problems that present themselves to him at this time, in order to establish the order, and the rule of the emperor. He likes the finer things in life, it was only his lack of belief in self that deprived him of these.

The chariot really suggests that he knows what he wants now, and he is so ready to go charging forward and claim it. Last week, we spoke of the chance for promotion, or elevation within his work field, maybe now he is in the processes of working hard than ever, in order to make his dreams of excelling in this field a reality.

Perhaps he has become inspired by watching others achieve their vision, and he is fast coming into the awakening that he is no less deserving than anybody else, nor any less skilled!

With the two of pentacles, we are asking the masculine, not to forget his feminine. Balance afterall, is the overall key here. Yes, he wants this money, and this success ,and this new, transformed image of himself, but he has to remember that there are also other priorities in life, and to neglect them, and to neglect his inner self, will mean possibly reverting back to old ways, acting from a place of unawareness.

I believe that it was this queenly influence that enabled him to look deeply enough within himself, to realise how passive, and self defeating he had been.

Over with the feminine now, we definitely have healing occurring for her with the presence of the six of cups – she is learning the benefits of forgiveness, maybe forgiveness of her father, the emperor, or perhaps moving to a place where she no longer holds all men responsible for the misdeeds of her father. Whatever she is seeing in her minds eye, she is moving towards calmer waters, and it appears as if there is somebody with her, steering her, supporting her, or holding her hand during this time, so she feels safe as she transitions.

Moving into the seven of cups, this is a very spiritual time for her. Anything from day dreams, night dreams, intuition, flashes of vision and insight will be made apparent to her, because she is becoming more open to herself, and the world around her. Learning to trust her battle wounds, and the wisdom that they bring her.

Whilst i said that the masculine is being very masculine this week, she is actually being very feminine this week, delving into emotions, and intuitions, so one might say that both twins are truly tapping into themselves, their divine feminine, and divine masculine roles, and this all somehow ties into one another’s destinies.

It may seem as if the masculine no longer has time for her, or the desire to entertain her, but he is truly busy trying to become the vision of masculinity that he was never taught to be, and this is actually intended on coaxing the feminine into reaching into herself, and also realising the ways in which she has been sabotaged, by self, and by learned patterns.

The seven of swords can suggest for her – going it alone. If you cannot find your ‘clam’, if others do not support you, if you feel as if you are doing everything by yourself, and failing to get others to see things from your perspective, then it is time to walk away, and take your own route. The seven of swords is sometimes seen as a card of dishonesty, but i do not feel it dishonest to put yourself first, and look after your own back.

This is going to seem, ‘sneaky’, and underhand to alot of people, but the feminine is SO used to putting everything, and everyone first, that this is truly the best thing for her at this time.

However, if the opportunity presents itself for her to have to face any issues of confrontation, or speaking her truth, then she must rise to the challenge, and not cower away from challenges that may cause her to stand in her masculine power. She is not to forget what she has learnt, and is learning.She is to confront all of her fears now. And she is to be honest with herself about the things that are coming up – even if they are painful.

The world card introduces a spiritual tone into the feminine’s reading this week. Perhaps she realises just how important her journey of healing is, because it is tied into the journey of so many others. There are people relying on her, to be the beacon of light in her community, to speak out, and to be a source of good, and how will she ever do this genuinely and honestly, if she is yet to fully heal and discover her own wounds?

There is so much more at stake now, and she cannot risk falling apart at this interval. In the past, when things got too heavy, she allowed herself to remain too passive, and to cave in on herself, now, she sees the bigger picture, how many people she will be letting down, how many things will fall apart, if she does not face her demons, once and for all.

I also find it particularly interesting that the world card holds the infinity symbol, very similar to the original card depiction of the two of pentacles, suggesting that once again balance is the most important twin flame lesson of this week, and finding harmony, amongst their dual natures.


Blessed be my sacred beings, i wish you all happy healing upon this journey!

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