General weekly reading – 28th March – 3rd April – Ascension edition.

The ascension process has pretty much picked up since Spring began. This is because Spring is known for having a death/rebirth sort of theme attached to it, and ascension is never complete without allowing parts of ourselves to die – most notably our shadow aspects, although this is not always death, so much as it is integration.

The death that we speak of in regards to ascension, is truly the death of negative, or limiting karmic patterns, and the ways in which we perpetuate them.

For those of you who do not know, the ascension is a term used to describe a time when the universal energies are all gathering and conducting toward the cause of humanity’s evolution. Being the numerological 9 year, this was always going to happen, and this was always going to come.

Alot of people are waking up, and have been waking up to the truthful spiritual core of who they are in recent weeks. Alot of light is coming in, from several different mediums. Light workers are channeling in so much relevant and healing information, that even those who previously may have been uninterested, are taking a deeper look into these matters.

Source is incredibly intelligent ofcourse, and has chosen light workers, like myself, to spread the messages to people who need it the most. We are likely to catch the attention of those who really need to see these words, and hear these things.

So, one of the things that happen during an ascension, is ascension symptoms. Most of this type of evolving work, actually takes place within our dreams, whilst we sleep, whilst we are not consciously aware, and whilst we are just getting on with our day to day activity.

We may meet people who have a message for us, a message that we have been needing, that we have been wanting, a message that will fit in to answers that we have been searching for. This is synchronicity, also called divine intervention, and helps us to learn to trust our intuition.

We may come across people who seem to challenge us, in a negative way. They may trigger certain behaviours within us that cause us to regress to our childhood natures, maybe this was the nature that was too shy, and too timid to speak up for themselves.This is the universe’s way of asking you to now speak up for yourself, to use your voice, to activate your throat chakra, to break this karmic mould.

I mean, there is a lot going on right now, that is trying to mould us into our best selves, as we cross over into April, this will be made more apparent, and once again, the gears will be turned up a notch – or two.

Ascension symptoms, means crazy dreams, chaotic, post apocalyptic, feeling extremely tired/lethargic throughout the day, experiencing mood swings, waking up multiple times a night, and feeling a sense of disconnection with the world, and others.

Ascension is a very personal process, and differs for each individual. This is the reason that you may find yourself feeling isolated, and misunderstood during this period. It is because you can never fully, or  truly articulate to somebody else what it is that you are feeling, or experiencing.

My advice for this period, would just be to listen to your body. Get enough sleep to be well rested, drink a lot of water, meditate alot, record your dreams, listen to your intuition, and take the deepest breaths. This is the difficult part, the ‘death’ essentially of Spring, and you just have to ride the wave, and wait..For the birthing period.


9 of cups, 2 of swords, lovers (reversed), four of swords, the chariot, two of pentacles.

The 9 of cups suggests that this week, the issue of completion, and wholeness is heavily on our minds. We are ready to tie up all of the loose ends, we are feeling as if we are ready to settle down, and take things to the next level.

This is all about sowing seeds, happiness, projects coming together, and finally feeling that sense of accomplishment, and happiness.

This is really what we want.

But are we doing everything within our power  to get it?

The two of swords suggests choices. There are things that we need to act upon, if we are to get this sense of completion, and wholeness, and fulfilment that we want. There are multiple paths that we can take, but ofcourse, not all paths will lead to this freedom that we seek, this week is all about coming into the awareness of what things we need to leave behind, what avenues we are going to need to take, and what parts of ourselves can not make it with us on our journey of progression.

The lovers reversed may indicate some troubles within the romance department. Perhaps some of us are realising that the situation we are involved with is actually a karmic attachment, and is holding us back from establishing the kind of growth that we need.

Perhaps we realise that we are the ones with the negative karmic baggage and drama, and we are bringing this into our relationship, and causing unhappiness, arguments for arguments sake, and a general loss of happiness between us, and our partner.

The time has come to make a decision.Is this situation helping, or hurting you? Is it time to leave somebody behind, maybe because they do not bring you joy,maybe because you are the one who does not bring them joy, and you feel as if they may deserve better.

This may be a relationship from the past, that still plays on your mind.

You are caught inbetween thinking that this person is the one who will complete you, and complete your circle of life, and worrying about whether they were ever truly yours in the first place, and if they ever cared, judging by the ways in which things ended.

You crave resolution now, but you do not know whether to continue waiting for this person, or whether, your time together, is up.

The four of swords, suggests that you take the time, to come out of your mind a little bit. Perhaps you are over thinking the situation, and it is actually your thoughts about the issue that cause negative emotions, and cause you to feel as if you are stuck, and must make an immediate decision.

I feel that during the course of this week, you will receive the answer, confirmation that you need about what to do regarding this love situation. News is coming into you fast, as depicted by the Chariot, perhaps this individual will reach out to you, and attempt to reconcile, perhaps it is your intuition that will come charging through, with the messages that you need, maybe you will converse with somebody who you are just certain, is channeling information for this individual. A period of rest, healing, and solitude is needed.

Before you make any rash decisions on your journey, take some time out for meditation. I know that you are in a rush to create the life that you want, and you have grown tired of old ways, but fretting, and fussing, is only going to keep you entrapped in the old cycle of resistance, and struggle.

The two of pentacles suggests balance. Balancing your period of action, with your periods of reflection. Too much external activity, could mean that you are suppressing your internal voice, in favour of just getting things done, and making progress.

Where has that got you in the past? Not very far. Do not think for one second that you can forsake your emotional or mental well being in pursuit of active change. Your insides need to be in tip, top shape, if you are to perform to the best, and the highest of your ability.


Blessed be, and happy healing my sacred beings ~


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