Twin Flame Weekly Reading 28th March-3rd April – Ascension edition.

Right, this week’s twin flame weekly reading is centred all around the ascension, now the reason for this is because, the ascension has really taken the centre stage for me, and has been governing, and influencing everything that i have been thinking, doing and feeling.

For those of you who do not know, the ascension is a term used to describe a time when the universal energies are all gathering and conducting toward the cause of humanity’s evolution. Being the numerological 9 year, this was always going to happen, and this was always going to come.

Alot of people are waking up, and have been waking up to the truthful spiritual core of who they are in recent weeks. Alot of light is coming in, from several different mediums. Light workers are channeling in so much relevant and healing information, that even those who previously may have been uninterested, are taking a deeper look into these matters.

Source is incredibly intelligent ofcourse, and has chosen light workers, like myself, to spread the messages to people who need it the most. We are likely to catch the attention of those who really need to see these words, and hear these things.

So, one of the things that happen during an ascension, is ascension symptoms. Most of this type of evolving work, actually takes place within our dreams, whilst we sleep, whilst we are not consciously aware, and whilst we are just getting on with our day to day activity.

We may meet people who have a message for us, a message that we have been needing, that we have been wanting, a message that will fit in to answers that we have been searching for. This is synchronicity, also called divine intervention, and helps us to learn to trust our intuition.

We may come across people who seem to challenge us, in a negative way. They may trigger certain behaviours within us that cause us to regress to our childhood natures, maybe this was the nature that was too shy, and too timid to speak up for themselves.This is the universe’s way of asking you to now speak up for yourself, to use your voice, to activate your throat chakra, to break this karmic mould.

I mean, there is a lot going on right now, that is trying to mould us into our best selves, as we cross over into April, this will be made more apparent, and once again, the gears will be turned up a notch – or two.

Ascension symptoms, means crazy dreams, chaotic, post apocalyptic, feeling extremely tired/lethargic throughout the day, experiencing mood swings, waking up multiple times a night, and feeling a sense of disconnection with the world, and others.

Ascension is a very personal process, and differs for each individual. This is the reason that you may find yourself feeling isolated, and misunderstood during this period. It is because you can never fully, or  truly articulate to somebody else what it is that you are feeling, or experiencing.

My advice for this period, would just be to listen to your body. Get enough sleep to be well rested, drink a lot of water, meditate alot, record your dreams, listen to your intuition, and take the deepest breaths. This is the difficult part, the ‘death’ essentially of Spring, and you just have to ride the wave, and wait..For the birthing period.


Eight of wands, five of cups (reversed), the sun, page of pentacles, the wheel of fortune, four of pentacles, three of wands, eight of cups, the knight of pentacles, and the seven of swords.

So, as always, the top card in the middle, is the theme for both twin flames, this week.

On the left hand side, we have the feminine, what she’s working with, and how she’s feeling.

On the right hand side, we have the masculine, what he’s been up to, and what he is, and will be dealing with, this week. And in the middle, bottom row, we have what is actually occurring simultaneously for both twins, which links in with the theme.

So, to round off this weeks theme, we see that both twins are dealing with the seven of swords. Now the seven of swords has multiple interpretations, but in relation to this week, right here, this is all about shrugging off responsibility. Now, because this card relates to the bottom middle card, wheel of fortune, and this is a card all about karma, i feel that this theme of shrugging off responsibility, or maybe not facing up to things, has been a theme for both twins, over their past lives, and especially their past.

Twins are being asked this week, for the sake of ascension, and the sake of renewal, to pay closer attention to these things that they have been running away from, and refusing to face. This  may be in relation to taking responsibility for things, this may be, them fighting through their insecurities, and deeply embedded wounds. Perhaps in the past, they preferred to brush things under the carpet, and pretend that everything is fine, but this week, the universe is saying, ‘no way, sweety..You need to take a look at this. You need to ask yourself why, this is the way that it is, and you need to begin fixing this’.

This will not be an easy task for both twins this week, and nobody likes facing their shadow selves, or confronting the less than evolved parts of themselves. But this is necessary for progression. You cannot progress some parts of yourself, and leave the rest in the freezer.

So, twin flames, you have some digging today. Everything that you are currently dealing with, and balancing, is in relation to your karma, that you have been carrying, and you really do need to break these bonds. A light will be shone straight down on them this week, until you do.

Speak up. If this is to do with issues of avoiding confrontation, because of an inactive throat chakra, or feelings of anxiety, then this is something that you need to work through. Twin flames are leaders by nature. A leader needs to have a very powerful voice. The universe is not trying to punish you – just trying to get you out of your comfort zone, so that you can fully step into your role.

Feminine twins – 

(Please keep in mind, as always, that this is not necessarily the female twin, but the twin embodying the mostly feminine energies – especially in the case of same sex twins).

With the eight of wands, the feminine twin, is experiencing an acceleration in the rate of things this week. Perhaps she is seeing her dreams, and ambitions unfold before her eyes quicker than she ever thought. Part of her is wondering, ‘is this too good to be true? Can i handle all of this?’, and that fear to shrink herself, WILL try to creep in, but she must do everything within her power to quell this. This is whispers of the past about not being good enough, or somehow being unlucky, and they do not hold any concrete truths, so sister girl…Shake it all off!


Five of cups in reverse, means that this lovely queen this week, is no longer crying over spilt milk. Maybe she is building an empire fuelled from the painful past experiences that she has had, and she is now beginning to realise, that these were actually all apart of karma, divine destiny, and, are not so bad afterall. She is waking up this week, to shut down all of the memories she has to do with shame, mistakes, and careless whispers from rumours.

Maybe she has been carrying shame around about her sexual history, her relationship failures, people of the past who are no more, but this week, she will realise how everything fits into place perfectly, in accordance to the divine, and she will start looking ahead, not backwards at what has been, and how painful it has been, but forward, toward all that she can, and is ABOUT to be.

The winds of change are blowing, wild and free.

And this is articulated perfectly with, The sun. This is care free happiness, days spent with hair blowing in the spring soft winds, and sunshine beaming down on her face. Spring comes with a certain rejuvenation quality, and this week, the feminine twin is most definitely going to feel this! She is going to feel in charge, like the future is bright, and like she truly does not have to worry about the past, or things in it so much anymore.

There is growth, and liberation, afoot. The page of pentacles shows, that maybe she is feeling so excited and enthusiastic about the future because she has a brand new project underneath her belt. She is working towards a goal now, a promising one, and this truly ignites feelings of childhood wonder, and excitement. She can feel that this could be something big, something that wound solve the answers to not only her financial woes, but also her internal feelings of accomplishment, and desires for a better tomorrow.

Embrace it. Welcome it. REALISE that your struggle brought you here. Nothing else.

Masculine twins – 

Our lovely masculine Mr this week, also has new ventures, and money on his mind, as shown by the knight of pentacles. Going back to the theme, and the linking cards, seven of swords, and the wheel of fortune, it appears that he is realising ways in which he sabotaged his own cash flow before, by being way too passive. Now, because he wants to self actualise, and he wants to change his karmic pattern, he is ready and willing to look a little bit deeper into matters.

With the eight of cups, he is leaving something, or some things, behind. In realising that behaviours, characteristics, and internal patterning have not been his friend whatsoever, he is making that ever so brave journey of healing himself, at a core level, and becoming aware of exactly what it is that needs healing.

This is brilliant news for the feminine twin, because this is what her love was trying to get him to do from the beginning. In realising that it is these templates that keep him from moving forward, he is also about to realise that it was these same templates, that made him refuse to face his twin (seven of swords). This is the relation to feeling as if too much responsibility will cause him to make a mistake, and therefore, he would rather pass up the opportunity to have consistency, or to have somebody rely on him.

In the three of wands, this lovely, lovely man is now also looking toward a new dawn, just like his feminine counterpart with the sun card.

He knows that he is on the brink of a new beginning, this is what the eight of cups was all about for him – making room for that. This week, he will experience feelings of nervousness, this is a big change to make, and he does not really have a tight rope supporting him. He is really pushing himself out into the unknown, and ofcourse, that is always terrifying, but, he does have a sense of adventure, and excitement about this journey, that he is about to take, and where it might take him.

Four of pentacles, means, money, money, money. He is really worried about losing this new financial stability that he has just come into. He is worried about old patterns creeping up, and his old karmic imprints messing things up for him again. This is why it is SO essential for him to follow through leaving these imprints behind, and continuing to look out to the future, as opposed to the past, particularly childhood, which gave him all of these complexities.


Please, fear not, my darling twins – I know that ascension is very heavy, feels gooey, scary, and outside of your comfort zone, but April, is going to help you with the energies that you need to be a courageous warrior. Meditate like crazy at this time, please do. Also, take baby steps if you have to. Yes, you do have to change, but nobody says that it has to be over night.

Blessed be, my sacred beings,

and happy healing ~


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