General weekly reading 4th-10th April. What is going on for us?


In the middle, we have the main theme for this week, which is the wheel of fortune. This card for me, stands for karma, and is a very karmic card, all about the way that the wheel of life turns, and the lessons, and the experiences, that it brings to us. So all of the things that we are enduring this week, are actually to do with karma, and our karmic patterns.

The karma that you may think that you know, essentially is not the true karma. Karma is whatever imprints that we take on in this life, from our parents, from our society, and from our culture. This could be beliefs about love, about yourself, about members of the opposite sex, and beliefs about your worth, and level of deserving.

So, pay attention, this week to any thoughts that spark reactions within you. Pay attention to your mind, and where your thoughts are directed. Are your thoughts continuously negative? Do you put yourself down with your self talk? Or do you lift yourself up? Whichever stream of thought dictates your mind, is actually your karma talking to you, and allowing you to know if you are clearing, or remaining in a lower, and denser state.

With the sun card, we are dealing with issues of growth, happiness, and abundance. Perhaps this is what you desire, on a conscious level, but on an unconscious level, you may be manifesting the opposite, with your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas, about love, yourself, and the world. If you want to grow, and receieve this illumination, then you have got to break the shackles that bind you, as presented with the devil card.

The devil card is all about unhealthy bonds, and negative temptation. Are you trapped within your own karma of self defeating thoughts, and behaviours? Pay attention to the life that you create with these thoughts. They all create a ripple of manifestation.

You need to transcend, and break free from this patterns, if you are to experience the happiness dictated with the sun, so this week, you may find yourself tested to resorted to old methods of self soothing, such as giving up, and wallowing in self pity, all together.

The 9 of cups, and the empress card, suggests that even when you experience difficulty, or friction this week, the under lying theme, is resolve, and completion, as depicted by the 9 of cups. You do want this emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental balance, and it truly is trying to find its way to you, but you have to be willing to work along with it. Invite it into your life with the thoughts, and the daily practices that you cultivate.

This is really, really important.

The empress represents somebody who is in charge, luxorious, beautiful, and respected. But tell me, how will you be respected if you are acting out of the little self, the ego, and the negative, destructive patterns that you thought that you broke away from?

Spirit is testing you here – to get to the 9 of cups, and this sense of happiness, and satisfaction, you still need to clear a few webs in your closet, and they may make themselves apparent if you come across triggering situations this week.

Remember, you can either be your own best friend, or your own worst enemy.

I choose to be a cheer leader on the team of myself, won’t you do the same?

You can create you, or you can destroy you, and the options, are entirely up to you, and not your experiences, i promise you this much!


Happy healing, my sacred beings!

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