Twin Flame Weekly Reading 4th-10th April


Four of cups, six of wands, the hermit, temperance, seven of wands, nine of wands, three of wands, four of swords, three of swords, and the star.

Hello my beautiful, lovely, and angelic twin flames! This week, I bring you a very much needed message, and just in time also! Okay so, now, I just feel like I need to tell you that I am right with you. I know that the energies from last week, and this week have been extremely heavy, talk about dark night of the soul right? Well, what can i say? I did tell all of you that Spring is all about that death and rebirth, but as usual..All that you were looking toward was the rebirth, and you did not stop for one second to think about that harrowing death.

Spiritual awakening can be painful. Actually, scratch that, the truthful, and best forms of spiritual awakening, is more painful than anything you could imagine. It mimics the feeling of actual mourning within you, because it DRAGS all of your unresolved wounding right back up to the top, and forces you to deal with all of that. This week, we are dealing with energies of deep healing, and deep purging. We are going to the root cause of the situation, yes parental wounds especially, and karmic wounds.

If your relationships, prior to the twin flame union have all been heart awakenings and have followed a similar pattern of pain, and destruction, and ultimate healing, then this will be brought to your attention again. You will be triggered to feel that pain ten fold, and you will be asked, ‘Is this the feeling that you would like to sit with? Or, is it finally time to allow all of this karma, all of this baggage to die?’

And truthfully, the choice of yours. This week will be pretty difficult, I can assure you that, but this lingering pain does NOT have to last. The feminine is really asked this week to save herself, and to stop looking for external saviours, because this is where all of her pain comes from.

Maybe in recent weeks she met somebody else who was like a spiritual spokesperson for her twin, and she used the same tactics that she has always been using, to drive this person away, the same way in which she drove her twin away.

The masculine, is being asked to let go of all of his pain, and wow does he have so much. He needs to know, and to believe that this pain is not his, it is part of the collective, and it is time for him to let all of that go. Only then, can his heart awaken, to the seeds of true love.

This week may very well be reminiscent of depression, but I do feel as if the feminine twin will shake this off a little easier than the masculine will, so he definitely needs that healing space, of understanding, and receptivity – if only energetically.

Do not feel as if you are regressing, or as if your recent healing techniques have been in vain, this is truly clearing out tiny remnants, of pain, confusion, and destruction.

This too, shall surely pass..

Also, in numerology April, being the month of 4, is all about creating structure, order, business, organisation, and balance.

Okay, so those of you who follow my twin flame work every week, will know, that there is in-fact a method to the madness.

In the top middle, we have the theme, which represents the theme behind the entire reading, the card which all cards will relate to, and for this week, this card is the seven of wands’. 

Now, what this card indicates, is that all twins have been dealing with a really intense period, of struggle, burden, and challenge. This week, and the last, twins have really been asked to rise to the challenge. I mean, I have always believed that when you are on the brink of spiritual awakening, darker energies will test you ever more, they will be even more attracted to you, it is almost like they are saying, ‘oh no, we are not going to lose this one’. This is especially true of twin flames, because most of us exist on the boarder of immense creation, and immense destruction .

The number 11 represents this union for a reason, because we are all to maintain a lasting balance. No more extremes.

So, the seven of wands, is about perseverance, standing your ground against struggle, and conflict, and going after what you want, anyway.

In the past, everything rocked us. EVERYTHING was the worst thing that had ever happened to us, and everything kept us chained to an unhappy ending. We allowed ourselves to be prisoners, and slaves of our emotions. Now, we have hopefully realised, that there is so much counting on our piece of mind, and our strength, and no way in hell can we afford to be so easily defeated anymore.

Things are really tough this week, as they have been recently, but the cards are just asking that the twins have a little spiritual faith, count their blessings even still, and just hold on, a little bit longer.

On the bottom middle, we have something similar to the theme, this is, what both twins are dealing with, and we have, ‘the nine of wands. So there are a lot of wands this week, meaning the twins are really dealing with spiritual phenomena, and actions of the spiritual level, as opposed to maybe just mental, and emotional changes. This is very much spirit based.

The nine of wands tells us, that although things have been difficult, we are really reaching a period of resolution. 9 is all about completions, endings, and wholeness, (9 year in numerology 2016). So, even though we are dealing with all of the strains, and the struggles in the 7 of wands, the 9 of wands, does assure us, that things are coming to a smoother ending, this is not the be all, and end all, behind the scenes, reward does actually await us, we just have to get through the work, and stop using scapegoats.

We have, the feminine, on the left hand side, and the masculine, on the right hand side.

The four of cups with the feminine, does show that she really is enduring a period of self reflection. She is picking herself apart, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and she is really taking a real, and honest look at herself. No more smokes, and mirrors, no more lies, ‘Why am i the way that i am?’ she asks herself. ‘What role do i play in my own destruction?’ she asks.  She is really going inward, and she is willing to put her phone down, and turn away from the social world, in order to really seek the internal truths that she needs to go forward. She knows that this is a spiritual matter, as depicted by the hermit.

It is not anybody’s battle but her own, and if she was ever to live harmoniously with her twin, she would really need to be aware of this shadow aspect of herself, so even though it currently feels painful, she is actually doing a beautiful thing by taking this time to be more honest with herself.

The six of wands, is a card of victory, triumph, and success. So, where she may have previously allowed her emotions to sink her, and get the better of her, she is no longer doing that. She really is a warrior now, and has earned her warrior spirit, she will come out of all of this victorious, and she will reap the rewards that she truly deserves, ofcourse, with the presence of temperance, she is asked to just have FAITH.

This is the kind of faith that an angel brings to us, and the temperance card does depict an angel, bringing us a full cup. This is the knowledge that behind all of these painful trials, lies a rhyme, a reason, and a mission. It is coming to understand, that no suffering is in vain, and the divine is still very much with us, and has not given up on us, AT ALL.

Ironically, on the opposite side, the star card is presented for the masculine, ALSO suggesting that he needs to have some hope, and faith at this time, but i feel that this will not be a problem, and he knows at the back of his mind that this is more a spiritual dilemma.

Temperance, and the star, both point to salvation from the universe, from a large energy, and entity, and also inspiration from this. Though both twins are really going through it, they are being asked to hold on, and just to have that faith, and strengthen that faith, and know that all is actually working for their highest good.

With the three of wands, the masculine twin, is definitely looking toward a new dawn, and a new beginning. He also has the three of swords further down, and the number three, is all about manifestation, and divinity, so he is working toward using manifestation energy to create this new life, and this new world for himself, away from all of the traumas.

He is realising this week, that he has had a hand in his own downfall, he has been keeping these cycles of pain, just like the female twin is realising, by taking this deeper look at herself.

It just goes to show that twins really do experience the same things, I mean the four of swords, which is a card of healing, rest, and contemplation, is quite similar to the hermit, and the four of cups card on the side of the feminine. So they are both taking this time out after a very difficult period, to get closer to themselves, and to understand themselves more.

The three of swords does suggest that the masculine has really been through it these past few weeks, and his heart may be weakened by the events that he has encountered, but upon careful consideration, and self analysis, he will realise that the divine is still very much with him, and just trying to show him the light.

His heart breaking open, is a sign of him allowing his feminine aspects to seep through. He is no longer so guarded, and boarded, he is realising, how the masculine veil of strength, has actually been causing him to lie to himself.

He is feeling quite hurt this week, BUT, as mentioned earlier, the star card arrives, to tell him that he has absolutely nothing to worry about. This is all apart of his awakening, and his life lessons, and he needs to get out of his mind, and stop thinking small! He needs to stop thinking that this is all his fault, and a result of his worth. This is bigger than that. This is his salvation.

It is very important for both twins to sort of pull away from the world this week, because they are dealing with very, very spiritual energies, and spiritual revelations, and they need the rest to make sure that they do not miss a beat.

This is about growth, healing, and resolve. The nine of wands, and the seven of wands, both being very spiritual numbers, just indicate the level of elevation available for both twins this week! Please, keep your eyes, and your mind very, very open, because you are being asked to do a lot of clearing, a lot of healing, and a lot of renewal work.


If you would like more information about what is going on for you, this week, and this month, you can check out the weekly general reading also on this site, and make sure that you calculate your life path number, so that you can keep up with your monthly life path number forecast, that will also be posted later!

Blessed be, and happy healing, my sacred beings!


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