April 2016 Monthly reading – Transitioning + illumination -ALL life path numbers.

Hello my lovelies!

Last month, I hit you all up with the first season, shall I say, of my monthly tarot card life path readings! Now, in-case you missed it the first time, I explained that this was going to be an original take on the traditional taro forecast readings, that consisted of horoscopes, divulged either weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Life path numbers, and numerology in general, are somewhat my speciality, I mean I definitely HAVE dabbled in astrology, and I do have quite a substantial understanding of sun signs, however, numerology has truly captivated my heart, and made a home within me.

So, whether further ado, if you are still unsure about your life path number, or how to calculate it, I will give you a brief synopsis below.

I am currently working on my new website, which will have an efficient tool for you all to calculate your own life path numbers.

In the case of my master numbers, (that would be the life paths that add up to 11, 22, and 33), I do actually include you specifically in these readings, and I do not expect you to find your headings underneath life paths 2, 4, and 6, however, If you feel comfortable reading and comparing both, then that too is perfectly fine.

Depending on what website you have used to calculate your life path number, as a master number, you may have come up with several different conclusions. This is why I feel that it is best to calculate your life path for yourself, using an at home calculator.

I do find that when the numbers 11, 22, and 33 are the end result on your calculator, (even if there are zeros separating the numbers, then there is no need to further add the two left over numbers, and you do indeed cross over into master number territory.

I hope that I am making sense here? Also, you can be sure that you are a life path 11, and not a number 22, if the left over numbers, before the final addition, is something like 83, or 74, in this case, you know that you must add both numbers together one last time, 8+3=11. 7+4=11, and vice versa.

How to calculate your life path number.

I am the life path of 7.

My birth date, is the 10th of December, which is the 12th month, 1992.

So in order to calculate my life path,  I must add, 10+12+1992 = 2014, (try this with me on your calculator). But this number is far too big, and we need to simplify, once again, so in order to do so, we have to add once more,

2+0+1+4 = 7.

Now you try..

Okay, so now that we have got all of that cleared up, let us get right back down to business.. Before I start, I will just do a general overview of what we can ALL expect this month, and then you can subtract your individual life path readings from this, for a much stronger picture. If you would like a stronger picture yet, please do check out my numerological 9 year reading on this website, to see what this very spiritual year has in store. Also, keep up to date with my weekly general readings, and always keep a keen eye on what is going on with you, and for you.

General April 2016 reading.

Two of swords, death, the fool, king of cups, three of cups, and the five of pentacles.

So, this month, with the themes being death, and the three of cups, we are dealing with very transformational energies. We are on the brink of experiencing a new period, perhaps this is transformation in our relationships, the way that we relate to others, and the ways in which we allow others to relate to us. If we have previously had our barriers sky high, then this month will cause us to assess why we have had our barriers so, and perhaps we can look on towards more happier social interactions, more fun times, and just getting out there more in general!

The fool suggests that we will have this eagerness to embrace all that life has to offer us, once we shed this old skin, and these limiting habits and beliefs that we have about ourselves, and the world. The two of swords suggests choices that we have, inevitably if we are to move on from the past, there are some tough decisions that we will need to make.

Who do we leave behind? Who makes the cut with us, and who doesn’t? What deserves to join us on our fools journey, and if we are to pack lightly, then this month is truly about a process of elimination, and illumination.

With the king of cups, it is likely that we will be experiencing some romance. If you are a heterosexual woman, then it is likely that your partner, or somebody who you meet will embody strong characteristics of the divine masculine. Maybe he is healing himself, maybe he is coming to a place where he realises how wonderful it feels to openly express such love, and appreciation for your partner.

If you identify with embodying mostly masculine energies, then it is likely that YOU are the one who will experience a period of healing this month. Something, or someone will burst your heart open, and you will have this opportunity to leave behind, old preconceived notions of yourself, and what love should be. But, as shown with the two of swords, this is a decision, and you need to WANT this to happen.

With the five of pentacles, we are asked to keep a keen eye on our finances. Perhaps all of these new social nights out on the town are eating into your pockets this month a little more than you would like. If you are focused on starting your own business, then you need to be very wise, and conscious about where your money goes. Do not get so caught up in transitioning that you forget to keep an eye on your bread, and butter this month.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing difficult times because of a reluctance to let go of the past, and this results in disappointments, and the feeling of lack. If you hold on to what wants to die, then you will inevitably suffer. Maybe this card warns that the ‘fool’ on this journey, needs to make sure that his, or her money is up, whilst they are so eager to embark on all of these conquests.


Life path 1(0)

taro 1o.jpg

Two of swords, Ace of cups, King of swords.

So, for this month of April, my number 1, I see that you have quite a lot of mental activity occurring. You may feel as if you are caught in a cross roads, no longer where you used to be, not where you want to be, but envisioning where you would like to be. Yes, you have some decisions to complete this month, what are you going to do about your journey thus far? You do have things that are calling out to you, but perhaps you have grown far too safe in your comfort zone, and you may not be so ready, and willing to reach out for these things. If your trusted methods have worked for you so far, then you may find yourself wondering, ‘Well, why should i try anything else, and potentially mess this up?’

The King of swords does suggest that you will be experiencing some clarity, and truths about matters, maybe you are trying to think too logically about things, as you do, and work everything out within your mind, however, the ace of cups, asks that you do not forget to incorporate your emotions, and your feelings in all decisions that you make.

If you have been blocking off your intuitive, and emotional side for a long time, then this could well be the card that signifies healing. This is all about a new beginning, one of love, intimacy, and closeness. This could even indicate the birth of a child, or the birth of a new love for you. Try not to mess things up by thinking too logically as you do, and getting too much in your mind, allow your awareness to be with your heart centre, and do not forget to listen to your intuition, at every step of the way.

Maybe the choices that you must make are in relation to this new love that has come into your life, you need to stand up now, and be this strong, reliable, and problem solving character depicted within the king of swords, but I feel as if this should not be too much of a struggle. If you combine your thought processing, with what you know deep within, then you should absolutely be able to arrive at a truth that is best not only for you, but for all others involved.

Life path 2.

taro 2.jpg

The ace of wands, The hermit, The ace of pentacles. 

Woah! So this month number 2, you are definitely dealing with a new beginning as shown by TWO aces here! The ace of wands, and the ace of pentacles. This suggests that perhaps you are working on starting a new business that you are very excited about, that will take off the ground well, and offer you both the internal, and the material satisfaction that you need.

Perhaps this is something that you have been thinking about accomplishing for a while, and you have had to dig very deeply to find both the courage and the motivation to do so. Walk forth in this courage, and confidence, as I do see this as potentially being very successful, and lucrative for you. Do not hesitate to carry all of your creativity, and enthusiasm into this new project, as it will provide you with a lot of the substance that you are seeking.

Your spirit is ready, and buzzing for this new beginning, just as much as you are, this is what will shake your fire, and awaken you from your doom, and gloom.

The hermit can show that you will receive a lot of spiritual insight, and information in the form of intuition about what you need to do to make this project, or business a success, so definitely look out for images in your minds eye, and ideas that seem to just float by. They are more than just ideas, they are actually whisperings for successful expansion. Try to carry a note book around with you at all times if you can, in order to track these flashes of insight.

If you have been waiting for the right time possibly to conjoin spirituality, and a business venture, then spirit is giving you the go ahead with the hermit, and the ace of wands in conjunction. You have spent a lot of time thinking about this, and you have collected the information that you need, so there is nothing left for you now, than to press go!

Life path 3.

taro 3.jpg

The sun, Nine of pentacles, Four of swords.

We have a very good looking month in store for you this month number 3! It appears as if you are experiencing some sort of rejuvenation, or period of growth, and enlightenment, as depicted by the sun. This is moments of care free fun, growth, excitement, passion, and enlightenment.

You are definitely getting ready for Summer – in spirit, and if you have been previously dealing with some hard times, you can expect things to lighten up quite a lot, especially in the financial department. The nine of pentacles is all about financial, and material abundance, so maybe these joyous times spent, could be in celebration, of a new job offer, a new move, a promotion of some sort, or something that allows you to feel more fulfilled, accomplished, and one step closer to your goals.

The four of swords suggests a healing period, or a period of rest, this could be from the difficult times that you were experiencing prior to this, or any self doubt that caused you to believe that what you will experience this month, will never come. It will come. In-fact, it is already coming.

You can really relax this month, the money is coming in, and the sun is coming in, which means that healing is coming in, and maybe you find that you can provide better for your family, which causes you to feel more care free, and less burdened.

Enjoy this period of growth, I do feel as if you have earned it, I do feel as if you have waited a long time for this.


Life path 4.

taro 4.jpg

Knight of swords, Eight of cups, King of swords.

So, number 4! This month, much like usual, you are all about cutting through the BS, and diving into the truth of the matter of the situation. As shown by the knight of swords, you definitely know what you want, this is very clear in your mind, and this month will see you charging after it, and making your ambitions a reality.

You are all about planning, preparation, and goal orientation this month, as shown by the king of swords, and you have spent a lot of time thinking about just what is needed to accomplish your desires, and now, you are past the point of hesitation in making things happen.

The 8 of cups does show that you are adamant this month about leaving things behind that no longer serve you, especially emotional things that you may feel distract, or hold you back from what you are trying to build. It is very important for you at this time to stay level headed, and clear minded, and you will come into the knowledge of exactly who, and what keeps you tied into an uncertain, and unstable past.

This may even be traits of your own, such as hesitance, or lack of organisation, that you are now ready to bury in the past, as you tackle your plans with mental agility, and strength. For you, this month, it is all about clear thinking, and clear doing.

Life path 5.

taro 5.jpg

Four of cups, Nine of swords, Four of pentacles.

Okay! So this month number 5, it does feel like you are experiencing some sort of mental anguish, and emotional turmoil. I get the feeling from the four of cups, and the four of pentacles, that you are holding on far too tightly to something, and you are blocking your own flow of direction of energy, and abundance.

Knowing you, like I know you, I do feel as if this is in relation to a love situation. Perhaps you got far too caught up with an image of the way in which you wanted things to be, a perfect, and idealistic image, and upon realising that your love could not live up to these expectations, you found yourself filled with worry, regret, and emotional turmoil, as depicted by the 9 of swords. This is all about sleepless nights. Not being able to move on from hurtful situations, and playing the experiences in our minds, over, and over again.

You have to let go of this situation, whatever it was, and realise that the more you resist, and the more that you hold on to this idea of failure, the more pain you will feel.The four of cups does suggest that you are missing the bigger picture here, by being far too wrapped up within yourself, and in what went wrong here.

There is a lesson in all of this, there is always a lesson, and you need to pay close attention to the death, and rebirth nature of Spring during this time also.There is no use crying over spilt milk. This situation is nowhere near as bad as you are making it out to be within your mind, and there is a silver lining, maybe there is a little bit of martyr complex going on here, and a part of you wants this to be so painful, so that it may reaffirm the painful beliefs that you have about love, and about life. Take a little time to think about that.

Life path 6.

taro 6.jpg

The king of pentacles, The three of wands, and the Ace of pentacles.

Well, number 6, it does look like you could potentially be coming into some money this month! Have you been making preparations for a new job, or a new venture that may boost not only your income, but also your social status? Well, whatever we have going on here, I am very proud, and happy for you, because it is opening the door for a new horizon, shown to us by the three of wands. This is all about expansion, and manifestation, so where ever you are currently paying your attentions to, does seem as if it will be lucrative for you.

The king of pentacles speak of wealth, affluence, status, and security. When this card appears, we can be sure that whatever money we are cultivating, is in-fact long lasting, and will see us through to the light of the day. I am guessing by the presence of the ace of pentacles, that this may be something in the direction of the new.

So, if you were wondering if you should take on a new job offer, then this reading certainly does suggest YES, that this is the path, and the way for you.

This may indeed be a business venture, or the kind of project that requires you to travel, maybe overseas, or relocate, for the benefit of new opportunities that do not necessarily present themselves to you in your current location.

I do feel that this year has been quite abundant for you already so far, and if you keep on as you are, you are only sure to reap even more, and more benefits!

Good luck with this –


Life path 7.

taro 7.jpg

9 of wands, 4 of swords, Ace of swords.

Hello my fellow number 7’S! I hope that you are all feeling high vibrational today. I know for a fact that we have been dealing with some pretty intense energies lately, If i do say so myself..HOWEVER, judging from this spread, I also do see that we are going to be okay, very okay for that matter!

The 9 of wands, does assure us that spirit has seen our struggle. We have the battle scars to show for it, all of the pain of the past, we will realise this month, that we really still have been carrying all of this around with us. Painful experiences that left us with certain ways of thinking, or believing, or even childhood experiences that left specific moulds imprinted on us.  The 9 of wands shows our perseverance, as 9 also represents completion, it also arrives to show us, that this difficult period is nearly over, and even more affirming, the four of swords arrives to show us that a period of rest, healing, and settling is coming. All of the upheaval will experience a calm, and we will be granted resolution from our suffering.

The ace of swords does show an intense, and brisk break through in our pattern of thought. We will be realising this month what has been holding us back, including most specifically, our very own mind. The 7’s are known as the number of the mind, and this is because we never stop, our minds are constantly working, and we are always getting in our own way. This break through is going to challenge us, by breaking free from all of the limiting thoughts, behaviours, and beliefs that actually perpetuate our misery and struggle.

We are heading towards healing, and we are heading there fast!


Life path 8.

taro 8.jpg

The empress, The ace of wands, and the hermit.

Hello number 8! So, you are naturally a number that loves, and seeks the finer things in life, and there is no change this month, as that is very much outlined by the presence of the empress card.

The empress very much represents fertility, beauty, abundance, and luxury, and this month, much like always, you really do want to treat yourself, to the best fabrics, the designer clothes, and adorn yourself with beauty, and grace!

With the ace of wands, I am getting the picture that you also may be growing slightly restless. You are always looking for the newest, and the most potent high, so you are on a journey this month of something new festering within you. You are truly thinking about embarking on a new project, and a new direction, that will challenge your spirit, bring you more abundance, and allow you to see more of this fruitful life that you so desire.

Maybe you want to join a gym, or some type of congregation where you can meet like minds, and express your flamboyance, and beauty. The world is dying to see you, as much as you are dying to be seen.

The hermit suggests also that this month you may be hyper vigilant to signs from the divine, and symbols that you are on the right path. Something is causing you to go within, maybe a slight growing dissatisfaction, or unhappiness with your current surroundings.

Perhaps you feel as if things aren’t good enough (they rarely ever are with you), and it is this new beginning, as depicted by the ace of wands, that will kick start this feeling of excitement once again, within you.

Luxury and beauty is not enough, you need some kind of outlet, you need some kind of constant change.

Life path 9.

taro 9.jpg

The devil, Knight of cups, and the six of wands. 

Number 9’s this month does look as if you are battling with your own personal demons, ‘the devil’. These are the thoughts, the behavioural patterns, the instincts, and the lower vibrational addictions that do keep you attached to a distinctively destructive way of living. The devil does refer to being chained to an unhappy situation, however, it is usually a case of self infliction, and being caught in a loop of negativity. You do require personal, and internal strength to set yourself free from this loop.

This is an incredibly spiritual life path number, however a lot of 9’s are often overlooked because they grow so attached to their own negative habits, and attachments.

If you are dealing with any negative, and harmful patterns, then this is the month that your habits are going to be made more apparent to you. It is time for you to realise how you have played a hand in your own destruction, and I do see your struggles culminating in you falling to your knees for salvation, as shown, by the knight of cups. This knight is seeking salvation, of the emotional, mental, and spiritual kind. You know that the jig IS up now, and you can no longer carry on in these self destructive ways.

Deep down, you are not a bad person, you have just lost your way a little, but, with the presence of the six of wands, there is this sense of victory, and triumph waiting for you.

This means that you CAN defeat the obstacles that present themselves to you this month, and you will endure a period of self realisation, and healing, you just have to turn to your faith, as trivial as this may sound, this will be your strength this month.

Life path 11.

taro 11.jpg

The magician, Seven of swords, Page of swords.

Okay, number 11, I definitely feel as if this month you are fast coming into the knowledge that you have vast abilities for manifestation, and transformation within your life. Just like the magician, you will come to realise this month how your actions, and your thoughts, have such huge ripple effect in your life, and the experiences that you create around you. This may scare you a little, because power is pretty scary, especially self power, although people do not always like to admit this.

Alot of us are scared of our own power, and it is this fear of your own power that may cause you to sometimes run away from yourself, and refuse to face situations that demand your attention, as shown, by the seven of swords.

There are matters that you choose to ignore, and to brush under the carpet, probably because you fear that the weight of their intensity may just crush you. As powerful as you are number 11, you are also very vulnerable, and you know this, and feel this at a core level, and sometimes, it easier for you to be not so honest with yourself.

This month, you are about to take a deep look at yourself, and the page of swords arrives to you with this message of truth. No more running away. No more scape goating. Look at your wounds, look at what you are creating, and look at what you have created, the picture may not always be pretty, but in order for you to move forward, and become a magician, of purified, and helpful manifestation, you have to identify with, and weed away the negatives.

Life path 22.

taro 22.jpg

The page of cups, The ace of wands, The knight of wands.

Well, well, well, life path number 22, this month, you are seeking a little spiritual salvation, down on your knees, and perhaps down in the dumps, you may have experienced a rough, or tumultuous love situation, or difficult life period, and now, is the time that you will turn to spirituality more than ever for answers, and for direction.

Spirit says to you – transform, revitalise, rejuvenate this month, as depicted by the ace of wands. This is a new fiery energy that will enter your life, and awaken you to your own potential. You will realise this month that your pain is your fire, your creative life force, and your spiritual flame. He who feels, LIVES.

So you are emerging from the depths of despair this month, and bringing with you a new energy, this is the energy of accomplishment, seeking to get things done, and feeling enthusiastic about the new journey ahead.

You have to leave the past behind this month, you have to realise the ways in which it is not, and has not been serving you. This new beginning that is being prepared for you, is far better than anything you could have previously imagined. The knight of wands shows, not only illumination, but a desire to get the ball rolling.

Once you receive that go signal from spirit, to get up, and get going, nothing will stand in your way, nope, not even you anymore.

Life path 33.

taro 33.jpg

The moon, The nine of cups, The ace of swords.

Greetings, my ascended masters! I have quite the taro scope for you this month… So, my lovelies, this month, you are dealing heavily with the subconscious, the intuitive, the unconscious, and the hidden knowing, so you better watch out for those little nudges that you feel, those insights that spontaneously find their way to you, and also, check in with your dreams, as this is the world of the unconscious, and the hidden knowing, working in symbolism.

I do feel a very, very feminine energy for you this month. If you do identify as somebody embodying mostly feminine energies, then you could see your intuition take flight this month, and really transform into somewhat of an ally for you – a trusted one at that!

If you do not identify with somebody who embodies largely feminine energies, then this could represent your love interest, and perhaps things are really coming together for the two of you this month, shown by the 9 of cups. This is emotional fulfilment, and satisfaction, completion, happy endings, and wholeness. So it is really coming together for you this month, but you really do deserve this!

If you have previously struggled to pay attention to your intuitive knowing, then the ace of swords signifies this major translation, or revelation, where your mind will suddenly connect with the truth of a situation. You will receive this immediate clarity, and know what these signs, and symbols mean for you.

Perhaps the key to unlocking the happiness, and fulfilment within the 9 of cups, is actually balancing this masculine and feminine nature, (unconscious knowing, with clear mental knowing).

Do not let your mind get in the way of your love life this month, but also, do not allow any illusions or careless day dreaming to get the better of you. Try to be practical about things, but do not shut off the hidden messages. Happiness awaits you.


I wish you all happy healing my sacred, blessed beings! I have taken a break recently from doing readings, and checking emails, but I am fully back, and I cannot WAIT to see to all of you..Love you so much!

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