Twin Flame Weekly Reading 11th-17th (April – Proactive measures.)

Hello my darling twin flames!

I am back for another week of, ‘What the hell is going on with me?’ We kicked off this week with an 11 number, so if things aren’t already always twin flame focused, then they definitely were today, and probably will be for the remainder of this week. Spring energies really force us to take a look at our heart centres, and what we are manifesting, and why..

Without further ado, as always, the two cards in the middle will represent dual energies for both twins. For example, the top middle card represents the theme of the week for both twins, whilst the bottom middle, will represent what both twins will be dealing with, this week.

twin flame weekly..jpg

Themes/Dual energies: Queen of cups, seven of swords, surrounding cards, MASCULINE TWIN – Ace of swords, Seven of wands, The fool, FEMININE TWIN – King of cups, The magician, Two of pentacles.

So this week, with the theme of the queen of cups, both twins are looking at healing their heart centres, and making peace with their feminine energy. This is a card all about healing, so just like with the general weekly reading, the focus this week, is very much on love, and matters of the heart. Although the queen of cups does represent a balanced heart chakra, and a balance of emotions, I am getting the picture that this week, this queen is a little imbalanced. There may be alot of activity in the heart chakra this week, but this is because both twins are expanding their capacity to love, and to understand love. This is all about receiving, and the ways in which they have not allowed themselves to receive love in the past, especially to do with self love.

The seven of swords, now this is quite funny, because this card appears in literally every twin flame reading that I do! If I have ever done a twin flame reading for you, and this card has popped up, or you have done one for yourself where it has popped up, then you should remind me about it, and we should laugh, and laugh about it!

With this card present this week, I do feel like now is the time that twin flames are looking to go it alone. They may have one eye on the past, but they are still walking away from the past, and willing  to leave things, and others behind that do no serve them, even if this may be seen as some sort of a betrayal. The seven of swords can be interpreted as a card of doing it your own way, and going it alone. Taking lessons that you have learnt from situations, and using them to guide you along the way. I feel as if both twins are awakening to the knowledge that they ARE power houses, all on their own.

Masculine – Whilst I usually do the feminine first, the masculine was really shouting out to have his voice heard this week. Now, for those of you who are first timers tuning in, the masculine is not always the man in the twin flame union, as this union is not always between a man, and a woman, and can include a wide spectrum of sexual orientation. When I speak of the masculine, this could very possibly be the female in the relationship, or the one who identifies most with having masculine energies. We can articulate ourselves as complete different energies, from the genders in which we were born.

Anyway, this week, on the right hand, side the masculine is dealing with ideas, and inspiration of the mind. He is really awakening to something, a sharp idea, something that has struck him out of nowhere. This could be about his love, maybe he realises that she is the one for him, and she is the one who has been holding this heart space for him all of this time.

With the seven of wands, he is definitely struggling against something. He could be struggling against himself, to allow himself to have this realisation about his twin, or he may just be showing his conviction to stand strong, despite whatever life throws at him.

He is going through a moulding process this week. He is going to be ready based on this new information that comes to him, to embark on a new journey, and begin to show more of his true self. I get the image that he is quite excited about this new him that is emerging, and he is ready now, to say HELLO, to the future ahead of him! Whatever trials that he has been enduring, he is really learning that life is about the journey, and the lessons that we collect along the way, not the pain!

Over on the feminine side, we see with the King of cups, that her love is very much on her mind! It’s funny, to have the queen as the theme, and then the king on her side. This really demonstrates her inner willingness to heal her core, and to balance both of these energies. Even though she may have spent so much time without him, she is really interested this week on being okay without him, and having other things going on in her life, so she is not imbalanced in matters of the heart, or empty without him. Becoming whole in her heart centre, is very, very important to her at this time!

With the magician present, the feminine this week is really focusing on manifestation, what she CAN control. She is turning her head away from the things that cause her pain that are outside of her control, and she is realising that she is really a powerful manifestor, and she can manifest this masculine healing into her life, even if it does not come in the form of her twin! She may even be healing him, by sending this energies of love, and content, as opposed to emotional hunger, and energy vampirism!

The two of pentacles further outlines this balance that she is going through.Balancing her heart chakra, with masculine and feminine properties. Balancing her life, so that she is fulfilled, and happy within herself FIRST, and foremost, and balancing her love life, with her career, so that she stands strong in her power, and actually uses her pain to her advantage, rather than allowing it to consume her. She is really channeling the strength that IS the masculine, and this is the essence of sacred love – to become ONE. Not necessarily one with each other, but one within yourself, which sets the template for oneness with another.

Liberation, and empowerment are the key themes for both twins this week. Awakening abilities, manifested possibilities, and universal support! Twins are doing the work, they are transforming, and It does look like they are learning to be far less harder on themselves, and this is amazing stuff!


Happy healing, and blessed be my sacred beings!


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