Romantic life path calculation + Tarot – Sample.

Now, this was quite an interesting twist on the usual types of romantic life path calculations that I do, because this one included a tarot selection, and the client wanted to calculate the life paths of both his current, and previous partner.

I never mind the challenge of taking on interesting tweaks, and turns on the existing readings that I offer – so if any of you have any specific ideas for unique reading types, merging any of my readings together, I rise gleefully to the challenge of taking them on!

One of my most favourite readings to do, was actually a client who asked me to combine their dream interpretation with a tarot reading, in order to ask their subconscious what their dream was trying to tell them.. Amazing, no? No doubt I had the most amazing time completing it!

Typically, my romantic life path calculations are the calculation of both the client, and their love interest’s life paths, and any underlying themes, perspectives, experiences, and motives that this may present to the two in terms of union, and how they may hope to smooth things over.

If the client prefers more information, then we combine this with a tarot reading. Intuitive (channeled) reading is a form always used throughout all of my reading types, regardless of the request, this comes automatically.

I usually use some type of numerology in all of my readings, combined with my knowledge of subtle psychological influences, and spiritual intuition, I would say I am pretty accurate when it comes to discernment, and teasing out minor detailing.

I call this particular reading a sort of love trio, so here it is. The dates of birth have been removed, and the names changed to protect the clients identity, as well as all parties involved. Strict confidentiality is the policy that I swear by, as I know how sensitive matters of the heart, especially spirituality can be. Vital aspects of the reading have also been removed. A standard reading with me is usually 3000 words, or slightly less.

You and current partner – Romantic life path.
Birth dates – Yours; Hers.
 = Life path 22.
 = Life path 1(0).
Tarot card drawn for theme – Two of cups.
Darren, congratulations, because i am very happy to tell you that you hold the master number, and the powerful vibration that is behind the number 22! Now, i am not sure that you know this, but in numerology, the master numbers are usually dubbed the most spiritual numbers among the bunch, and are called master numbers.
This relationship is very heart centred, and involves a lot of emotions, especially the digging of much childhood emotion.
Your current relationship does attempt you to grow comfortable with expressing yourself more in this way, with your partner having the number 3 present in her birth sequence, which is all about manifesting, creating, and the expressing of one’s self.
She is most definitely a karmic lesson to you also, having the number 8 in her birthchart, and i feel that she holds some similarities that you also may recognise from previous relationships that you have had. You really need to look out for the themes present here, because i feel that there is a message that the universe is trying to articulate to you, and this is in terms of balance. Balance is a very major theme in your life, and i know that if you look deeply enough, you may say this played out consistently within your life.
There is also an issue here with masculine and feminine, balancing those two energies.
Perhaps you both held complicated relationships with your parents, or had parents who held complicated relationships, and you have both come together in attempts to heal, and understand, and make peace with the former damage that has been done.
Ironically, the number 10 life path, is all about achieving that balance. The number 10 in numerology represents two opposing sides, trying to operate as one.
I do feel as if you are attracted to people who play out these themes of balance, because they help you to witness and see how out of sync you can be with yourself at times.
Whenever somebody with the number 8 comes into our lives, they are asking us to take a look at ourselves, our patterns, our behaviours, and any karmic imprints that keep us tied to a lower state.
Perhaps she brings out your shadow self, or reminds you of issues that continue to crop up for you in relationships, within yourself, in life circumstances.
This may be an issue of commitment, of being responsible, and seeing through what you start.
You are a magnificently intuitive, and psychic number, but you really need to trust alot of the information that comes to you, even if it seems to arrive in coincidental, or strange ways. The universe is a strange place. You have a very masculine energy which seems to struggle against your internal knowing. Like i mentioned before, i feel more as if that is a product of conditioning, and upbringing, rather than something fixed, that you cannot change.
Maybe you need to learn how to be at home with yourself, how to listen to your intuitive (feminine) nature again, and how to make peace with that which you know, but cannot prove.
The two of cups – is all about balance so balance is a very important lesson in this relationship.
You both need to attain balance, and silence your ravenous minds. Communication is a beautiful thing. You may have grown up being used to keeping everything bottled up in side, but this is terrible, both for you, the person that you are trying to love, and the people that are trying to love you.
Try not to escape your emotions by throwing yourself in to work, or by trying to be too logical, linear about everything.
You do have the number 4 present, which is all about order, and structure, and being thorough, but sometimes, when you’re so eager to get straight to the point, you miss all of the important detailing and influences along the way.
The two of cups is romantic feelings, partnership, but most importantly nourishing one another.
Trust issues is something that can, and does crop up when we do not communicate properly. I am getting that the communication of emotions is VITAL here.
I feel intuitively as if your love has had a difficult past/childhood, and that may be the cause of a lot of her behaviours, listen to her about this, don’t freeze up, don’t get scared if they remind you of a place within yourself where you may identify with her painful experiences.
This really is a beautiful love, do not try to rationalise it, or overthink, and pull in problems.
Take everything one step at a time, look to the present. Allow the future to unfold itself, and learn from the past, do not drag it everywhere that you go.
You and former partner – Romantic life path.
Your birthdate; Hers.
 Life path 22.
Life path 1(0).
Tarot card drawn for theme – Two of wands.
First of all, I must just say, i hope that you see the huge signalling from the universe, and the synchronicity in both your current partner, and your former partner sharing the same life path number.
As this is the number of balance, and co-operation, and unity, i hope that you are now seeing a pattern emerging with the lessons of integration that you are being asked to learn.
I also find it very interesting, that also very similar to your taro draw for your current partner, the taro draw for this theme is the two of wands, once again, that number 2 popping up, which as i mentioned ALSO stands for balancing, the union of masculine, and feminine energy, and integrating two halves of yourself.
Ofcourse, as you now know, this is also your life path number, so you can see now that balance, and merging is apart of your soul mission, and soul contract.
So, i definitely feel as if you had a very strong attachment to this individual, also a very spiritual attachment, that may have at times felt dark.
There is still a pull there, but i sense that it is more curiosity on your behalf, and a lingering feeling of, ‘what was that?’
That was a spiritual relationship, and a heart activation relationship, and you having the number that you do, will find that all of your relationships have spiritual intention, and this one especially!
Likely, this union would have taught you a lot of lessons, and a lot of your habits, and traits would have been put on display.
This may even have been the relationship that caused you to start wondering if you should trust your psychic/intuitive abilities, because of how well you picked up on things from her, and were able to read her, and vice versa.
You both have the number 7 imprinted in your birth sequence, you under (25), and her under (16), now the number 7 is a very potent spiritual number, and for this reason, you both hold highly psychic energies, and the capacity to see what is unspoken.
This may have made it easier for the two of you not to communicate so well, because you just sort of came up to the conclusion of things in your mind, and knew that your beliefs/answers were right.
But now, your current relationship is asking you to do away with that learnt habit.
Communication IS very important, so that your needs are met, both boundaries are respected, and you know where the other is coming from.
I feel at times there may have been darker elements to this relationship, and you looking back, may be you looking back on who you used to be, and what you used to be, and missing aspects of that person.
[I have tried to simplify your questions, and keep them as straight to the point as possible. Some of the questions have been tweaked slightly, just so that they are easier to work with].
Tarot reading.

The emperor, Judgement, Page of cups, Ten of pentacles, Five of cups, The fool, Queen of wands, Knight of wands.
How will I know when I am ready to commit to marriage?
The emperor.
The emperor is a very noble card. This is a very masculine energy, and this speaks of somebody who is structured, ordered, organised, and respected for these attributes. It suggests that he did get to where he is by keeping a sense of restriction, discipline, and planning.
He is balanced, because he is on level ground, he has maintained an orderly schedule, and he is quite fixed in his ways.
This card could represent who you need to become, and what you need to have ready before you are ready to commit to a marriage.
So perhaps, you do not currently see yourself as this sturdy figure, who would make a good, reliable husband, or even a reliable father – which is very important to you to be.
I feel that you find marriage attached with this elusive sense of adulthood where the partners involved have everything figured out, and have the entire package, the home, the house, the car.
Yes, marriage is a huge commitment, but i feel that the type of balance that you need is more to do with your internal state, than the items that you posses.
You do need to have a stable life, but this stable life will reflect what is happening for you on the inside, mostly.
What do i need to better understand myself?
The judgement card is all about spiritual assessment. This is the point in our lives where we truly sit down with ourself, (our higher self), and analyse and assess our life up to this point, including how we got here, our past transactions, our habits, patterns, and behaviours, and if we are truly happy with where/who we are.
This is much like the biblical description of the apocalypse.
One world ends, and another begins, but before we are braced with a new world, and a new beginning, we must face our former self, (usually our shadow self), and take a deeper look at what it was that kept us tied in to our old world.
This is a very karmic card. It suggests that in order to understand yourself, you do have to be fully honest, and open with yourself.
You have to be willing to identify your faults, your childhood belief systems, how they impacted you, and be ready to endure a rebirthing process.
This can involve asking for forgiveness, if you do not feel comfortable praying (asking a deity for forgiveness), then this is something that you must seek from within yourself.
This is a huge opportunity for transformation, and growth, should you really look into the core of who you are, and what motivates you, including pains, and gains.
You will realise how, and why you have been running away from the self.
What is keeping me from being honest with myself?
Page of cups.
The page of cups is a messenger, and brings with him the message of truth, intuition, and honesty.
Perhaps the universe sent you a message, a message possibly in the form of a romantic connection, that asked you to really see yourself in a truthful light, an innocent, and child like light, but you may have rejected to witness the lessons that were being presented to you at that time.
The page of cups is sometimes called naive because he is very much in touch with his emotions, sometimes to the detriment of being too emotionally open, and quite vulnerable.
I feel as if you are afraid of this type of vulnerability, and being honest with yourself does involve you to be this emotionally open, and raw.
You need to look into your wounds, you need to look into your heart, and you absolutely need to be honest about what you find in there.
This is very much an inner child issue, you are quite possibly ignoring your inner child, maybe this was a tactic you learned, and you grew up with a parent, or parents who ignored you as a child, and now as an adult you perpetuate this neglect of the self.
Was i supposed to leave Haley to go to Cairo?
Ten of pentacles.
The ten of pentacles is a card of fulfilment, wholeness, and completion.
This is the type of life that we have cultivated once we have our life in balance, and everything has fallen into place.
It does suggest that your move to Virginia was the right decision, and you will really find the fruits of your labour manifesting and taking shape here.
This is an ending, and a new beginning for you, and this is all about finding your balance, and your independence.
There is still, however much more to come, but you are working on that, finding yourself, and figuring it out everyday.
Learn to just trust the journey, enjoy the process, and throw yourself into it.
There is really a lot for you here, a lot for you to discover, and a chance for you to build the type of life that will make you proud, and leave a lasting legacy.
This does also speak of financial security, but the kind that brings other benefits, like the chance to set up a family home, get some pets to make the house complete, and host events, such as  house warming parties, having friends, family over etc – just a very, very happy ‘cliche’ ending.
Am i following my intuition correctly?
Five of cups.
The five of cups speaks of emotional regret, sadness, and loss over the past, and situations that ended badly, or are no longer within one’s control.
Your intuition may be slightly blocked or tampered with, because you are focusing too much on the past, and what you have lost, instead of seeing what is right infront of you, or the messages that the past attempted to gift you with.
Quite possibly, you could be picking up on somebody else’s pains, and sense of emotional loss – maybe even your ex partner, if your intuition is telling you this, and this is why she has been on your mind again recently, then perhaps you need to think about mentally, emotionally, and spiritually detaching yourself from those bonds, and learning to separate your emotions from that of others.
If you feel that your ‘intuition’ is pulling you to look backwards, then this could be a signal to you that there are parts of your story left unexplored that you do need to learn from, especially the more painful situations.
Just learn to trust what comes to you, and to rely on yourself to understand, and to make sense of what is happening around you, and i doubt that you could go wrong.
Trust in yourself is very, very imperative.
What aspect of myself do i need to re-integrate?
The fool.
The fool represents a thirst, a deep internal desire, a hunger for new experiences, a fresh start, and a willing enthusiasm to pursue a new beginning, and a new way of living.
The fool is often dubbed the fool because of his naivety about the world, and the journey that lies before him.
He is mostly concerned with gaining new experience, and with tasting all of the pleasure, and the adventure that life has to offer him, though he does not necessarily have a planning, or a structure table of how things will unfold, and how he will cope, and rise to any obstacles that he may meet.
Perhaps this represents a youthful drive that you had in the past, maybe in childhood, or early adolescence.
All of the plans, goals, ambitions, and dreams that you could one day pursue, and the excitement that you felt upon envisioning them.
It is usual during rough periods when coming into adulthood, to lose our sense of idealism, and belief in a new/embracing/exciting world.
This does not mean that you should lose hope however, or that the plans that you dreamt up, and imagined during childhood cannot still be conjured right before your eyes.
Do not be worn down by the strains of life, or what we would refer to in the spiritual community as, ‘karma’.
Karma is more to do with the imprints that we take on, and the  beliefs that we integrate to become our destiny, than some pre-determined, and fixed soul plan.
You must regain your sense of wonder, and pursuit to venture out, and grab life’s opportunities by the bull’s horn!
Getting hung up on the past, and painful experiences that we cannot change is one way that we block our universal flow from accepting, and experiencing new beginnings, and fresh opportunities.
Dream, dare, and do not be afraid to dream big.
Your awe, sense of excitement, and desire for the world must be reborn.
What are my restless thoughts trying to tell me?
Queen of wands.
The queen of wands presents a fiery energy, an all embracing warmth, delicacy of the heart, and highly vibrational temperament. Your restless thoughts are trying to get you to awaken to the reality of the divine feminine gifts. These are gifts of intuition, enhanced perception, and emotional, and spiritual harmony.
The queen is a mentally illuminated being, as depicted in the tarot by the yellow sun/halo that sits around her crown chakra.
This symbol represents vision, the ability for discernment, and awareness, of one’s self, and the universe.
If you listen to your thoughts, instead of resisting them, you may find that they offer you valuable solutions to the problems that you seek, and vital information for you to share, and build with others.
No doubt there are problems within your community, within yourself, and aspects of the world that you would love to change!
Try to see how your own restless thoughts, and shadow self provides you with insight on how to challenge these obstacles, and to build a brighter future.
As i mentioned in your life path calculation, you do have quite a large capacity to think, analyse, and categorise. This is because you are a channel for divine inspiration, and guidance, but things do tend to get  a bit muddled, and overwhelmed when met with lower vibrations of worry, and doubt about the past and the future.
Of-course, this entire process is just that,  a process, and you will not be expected to so quickly un-wire several years of mental programming.
But the goal is to allow yourself to be illuminated in this way, and to accept both love, and forgiveness, both a gift from the self, to the self.
The queen also represents the ability, and the inspiration to take action.
Her courageous spirit speaks of feeling confident, and ready to both take on and handle tasks.
As the master builder you will need to make similarly bold, courageous decisions, and stand in your leadership role.
However, one musn’t forget that this card speaks of feminine energy, and this could very well be related to the heart centre, getting in touch with your intuition, and becoming attuned to your warmer, more empathic nature.
What type of people should i be attempting to attract in order to remain balanced?
Knight of wands.
The knight of wands describes an energy that is passionate, enthusiastic, goal driven, and committed to meeting deadlines, and charging forward into life’s challenges.
You are a highly inspirational, sharp minded, and intelligent individual as it stands.
However, you can tend to be dreamy, keeping your bright ideas trapped within your mind, instead of ensuring that they are visible, and manifest for the world to see, and to appreciate.
Being around individuals who are consumed with deadlines, organisation, and determination, will also motivate you to approach life in the same ways.
The most successful people in life are those who are able to leave the past in the past, where it belongs, making peace with it, and accepting that life presents new challenges, fresh experiences, and brand new opportunities for happiness.
With a strong team of go getting individuals around you, you will be able to disperse some of the energy that you inherit from channeling, by keeping a steady focus, and demand for new creative vibrancy.
These are people who are on a journey, a journey of life, and do not shy away from any of the experiences that may present themselves.
You will attract these kind of people when you too begin to set boundaries, structure, and discipline into your life.
I do feel as if this is your life’s purpose, to integrate your internal chaotic nature, with an equally productive outer structure, so i do not think that this is something that you need to worry about cultivating, or achieving.
Take everything one step at a time, look at the ‘issue’ like a pizza, each time that you go to tackle a slice, you focus your attentions on that slice alone.
This does not mean that the rest of the pizza does not exist, however, you understand the importance of providing your attention to the slice that you currently hold.
There is no use attempting to eat the pizza whole, now is there?
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