Twin Flame Weekly Reading 18th -24th April Deep healing.

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Main theme – Four of swords, what both twins are dealing with – ten of wands, Masculine – Page of wands, Two of cups, The star, Feminine – Three of swords, Seven of wands, Eight of pentacles.

Hello, my heavenly twin flames! I know that I have some newbies here, so for those of you who are new to my page, and new to this reading, every week, I carry out a general weekly reading, and then a twin flame weekly reading, to let my divine lovers know what is happening for them, and why. I advise everybody who comes to read the twin flame readings weekly, to also check in with the general reading, to get an overall picture of things. I know how difficult, frustrating and lonely the twin flame journey can be, so I thought that putting these together every week could help us all stay on track, and not go insane!

Now, for those of you who do not prefer the term twin flame, If you are dealing with a high level soul mate, then this reading should also resonate. Please note that masculine, and feminine are merely energetic embodiments, and a man could easily be emulating mostly feminine energies, whilst a woman could represent the masculine energies, and vice versa. This also goes for same sex couples, in which likely, one partner would mostly embody the feminine, and the other, the masculine.

Each week, I pull out a theme card, which is the main underlying essence of the reading, to which all cards relate back to, and the card entitled, ‘What both twins are going through, as an accompanying card for the theme card.

So, this week, the theme for the reading for both twins, seems to be healing with the four of swords. This card is also about rest, contemplation, and re cooperation after a difficult, or strenuous feeling. Let’s be honest, since twins came across one another, their entire worlds have fallen apart. Even before that, they have known nothing but emotional upheaval, and life lessons learnt through strife. I am feeling as if both twins are finally learning how to heal themselves, and how to relax, and unloading all of the baggage present with the ten of wands. This is like the martyr card, biting off far more than we can chew, and people pleasing, something that both twins are all too familiar with.

This week sees both twins slowly, and gradually stepping away from all of this emotional, spiritual, and energetic waste, and overload. Quite frankly, they are over it, and they are fast coming into the realisation that they no longer have to carry all of these burdens. Life can be free, and light, and yes, this is a little frightening, at first.  They have clung to this victim notion for so long, that this too may feel like an initiation process for them, this break to freedom.

Masculine – The page of wands is all about this child like excitement, innocence, and creativity that is now stirring within the masculine twin. This is what happens when we awaken, and begin to heal. We can begin to regress to a care free child like version of ourselves, becoming more playful, happy and honest. He is feeling much lighter now, like he can chase his dreams, and he can follow his heart, and life does not have to be as grey, and as dull as he once thought.

The page of wands is all about light heartedness, and this is further proven with the presence of the two of cups. This card as I am sure that you all know, is all about romantic feelings, balance, love, partnership, and emotional renewal. This masculine, is really healing all of these wounds associated with patriarchy, he is cleansing his heart, and realising that it is actually okay to appear vulnerable, and it is not so bad to allow yourself to be loved. This is a journey for him, because this idea absolutely terrified him before. But as he lets go of the martyr complex, and allows himself to attract goodness, he recognises that this also goes for his love life too, in-fact any area of his life to do with emotions.

Love is good. It feels good. And that is okay, is what he is finally learning. The star card arrives to tell him that his renewed hope is not in vain, and now that he is dropping all of these unnecessary blockages, he can have the life that he desires, and he can be fulfilled in more ways that one. The air is getting clearer, and stars appear to help to illuminate his way.

Feminine – Very interestingly, over on the feminine side, we witness a different type of healing. It appears that there has been a shift in the balance of energies, she becoming more balanced in her masculine energies, as presented by the seven of wands, and the eight of pentacles, whilst he becomes more balanced in his feminine energies, light heartedness, and playfulness.

The three of swords in conjunction with the themes, show that she is lessening her baggage and healing in regards to matters of the heart. She realises that a lot of her pain was actually being caused by herself. The thoughts that she had, the ways in which she composed herself, and the things that she manifested just by thinking so negatively, and operating from old programmed patterns. She does not want to be this victim any-more. She does not want to be so powerless any-more, and she is showing her determination and her strength with the seven of wands card.

This is all about conviction, standing ones ground, and fighting through till the end. Okay, so the feminine is associated with passivity, this does not mean that she has to be associated with vulnerability, and she can still kick ass and be the best wife and divine mother template, and this is exactly what she is coming into awareness of!

She is ready to be her own strength, and to be her own strength means to fight for herself, to stand up for herself, and to be a warrior for herself – balancing her masculine. His healing requires softening up, hers requires hardening up, so that the two may learn to co-operate, and even one another out better.

The eight of pentacles does indicate a lot of financial success, and stability. She has been working very hard, on her business, on herself, and now she is about to reap all of her financial rewards. The number 8 is all about karma, what goes around, comes around, and she truly has been putting in so much hard work, and now she is about to see that she really can manifest anything she wants with self belief, and determination at her side! She deserves this.

With the three of swords, she may even have realised that her painful experiences are her strength, and this is what she is using to cultivate resilience, wisdom, and success, because these experiences, and challenges truly have shaped and moulded her into an amazing version of herself! And she truly does need to witness, and appreciate that now.

Well done to both twin flames! What a rocky, and heavy ride! Buckle up, because we have so much more structure, and order to tend to, before May takes us into the energy of the number 5 – the true change/birthing!

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

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