Life Path 9 – The creative visionary ðŸ”®âœ¨

So I have already composed a piece on life path 9, using the late, great Bob Marley to illustrate my piece, but I just felt like this needed to be done, and yes, there is another 9 who deserves all of the attention, and all of the glory that all 9’s so rightly receive… The life path of 9 is the creative visionary. This is the soul who is granted the ability to see life in colourful patterns, not so easily available to the rest of us.

This is because 9 represents completion, so anywhere that the 9 is present, so will be the Holy Spirit.

The life path 9 is rigged with earlier life troubles, if not a physical ailment, then an emotional or psychological one that places them directly in path with the divine, and extra sensory gifts.

In the case of prince, when he was younger, he was born with epilepsy, and would have seizures.

One day, he walked into a room with his mother, and told her that he wasn’t going to be sick anymore. She asked him, how he knew this? To which he replied, ‘because an angel told me so’. The number 9 is born with the rarest gift, not only humanitarian qualities, but the ability to be a channel of inspiration, monumentally, consistently, and so effortlessly.

This is a number composed of care giving (6), and creative expression/manifestation (3), and 9’s are always drawn to spirituality, simply because they have no choice – spirituality? Is drawn to them… Born on a 7 day, the magnificent prince has the extra edge of mysticism, and esoteric living.. Never to be forgotten.
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3 thoughts on “Life Path 9 – The creative visionary ðŸ”®âœ¨

    1. Hello my love! I would definitely say that the past week many people were walking away from bullshit that no longer serves them – so yes indeed this may very well include karmic situations & relationships! Blessed be ~

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