Twin Flame Weekly Reading – Compassion, and understanding transition ~ 25th April-1st May.

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Now, every week, I realise that I receive more followers, and for those of you who are new to these readings, I do the twin flame weekly reading every week, alongside with the general weekly reading that you can also find here []. I do suggest reading them both to get an overall view of what is in store for you this week. If you do not identify with the twin flame term, then this reading is equally valid, and applicable to high level soul mate relationships also.

Please also do note that the terms masculine, and feminine are in relation to energies, and not necessarily fixed genders. In this case, the feminine energy may resonate more with somebody who identifies themselves as a man, and vice versa.


The two cards in the middle, are the theme, and the what both twins are experiencing this week. The cards on the left hand side, represent the masculine, whilst the cards on the right hand side, represent the feminine. I have also pulled out an extra card on the side, as a special treat for my first timers, and my loyal returning readers! This card is, ‘What spirit wants us to know’.

Main theme – The lovers, What both twins are experiencing – Seven of pentacles, Masculine – King of cups, Five of wands, Page of swords, Feminine – The hierophant, Three of cups, Knight of cups, What spirit wants us to know – Seven of cups.

Okay, so, with the theme of the lovers, this week, twin flames, or high level soul mates, are truly coming into the knowledge that the love is genuine, and reciprocated on both sides. This is all about achieving harmony, and balance, within themselves, and each other. This is a time for intimacy, though this does point also to balancing feminine, and masculine energies within oneself, and the sacred marriage that can take place when we accept and embody all aspects of ourselves, without shame or doubt.

The seven of pentacles does suggest that both twins are highly interested in this time, with establishing themselves, and gaining financial freedom. With the three of cups over on the feminine’s corner, I feel as if this money that she wishes to manifest, is more in relation to her having sociable outtings, and good times with those she cares about, as opposed to the masculine, who really requires this money in order to survive, and live, almost out of desperation, and this is causing him some frustration, and struggle, as shown by the five of wands. Once again, this may relate to societal perceptions. And how society expects men to be self sustainable financially, and not only provide for themselves, but also others.

With the king of cups on his side, healing, especially heart chakra healing, and achieving balance within himself is a key theme this week. He hasn’t really been feeling himself lately. He has a lot on his mind, and even though he is very tough, and may not show him, it is potentially starting to show cracks within his character, and his sense of self. He really does want to be the image of the masculine embodied in the lovers card, but he just has so much going on, so many things on his mind, and the page of swords suggests, that perhaps he is not communicating this as well as he should be.

He is used to being alone, and handling things within his own mind, so be patient with him if you recognise his signs of frustration, through odd behaviours, and slight inconsistencies, though he does not outwardly come out and tell you that there is a lot on his mind. Know that the challenges that he is facing this week, are all for the purposes of shaping him into the best version of himself, and pushing him to be more open, and honest about his feelings. Something that will heal not only himself, and the feminine within him, but will also by all means benefit the union.He really does need to learn to articulate himself, and he is on a journey towards this, otherwise, he will not win the internal battle coinciding within himself. He needs to learn about vulnerability, and he is finding ways to do this this week.

Over on the side of the feminine, we see with the hierophant, that she is fast experiencing a process of spiritual awakening, and spiritual illumination. Her level of awareness is expanding, and perhaps this is allowing her to see her own faults from a different point of view, and causing her to work on, and focus on herself, in ways that she hasn’t really been brave enough, or equipped enough to do so before.

She is definitely aware that her masculine twin is dealing with something, and this has been causing her a lot of anxiety, and to seek answers from within. And one of the conclusions that she has come to, is that she needs to focus on herself. She is so concerned about him, and what he is, and is not doing, because she is just NOT nourishing her own plantation enough. The three of cups attempts to get her attention to show her that there is really a thriving world, with a fluent social life out there available to her, and she really needs to cultivate balance, and stability outside of the lovers union. The union will always be there in the background waiting, as is her love, and this week encourages her to develop her explorer spirit, and free spirited nature, once again.

The knight of cups, represents the masculine twin, and how he is very much the centre of the feminine twins world, this week. Well, he always is. But likely, she is feeling so much angst because she is channeling, and tapping into his own energies of worry, and doubt. Do not fear. Do not mourn. He is going through a process of awakening, and this is really something that he needs to figure out on his own. The most that you can do is extend your care for him, but this is just work, that you cannot complete for him. The knight of cups shows the masculine twin, kneeling down, praying for salvation, and holding out a cup in hopes that it will be filled by the divine.  Divine intervention is coming, but he does need to want it.

I am getting that the more the feminine twin expresses herself outwardly, and gets her own thing going on, the more the masculine will be drawn toward her, in awe of her, inspired by her, and more willing to open up to her . It is the energetic balance. As she becomes more masculine, he will balance himself femininely. Thus, the sacred union fulfils its purpose.

The seven of wands, does indicate that spirit wants both twins, to go within themselves deeply this week. They have a lot of work to be done, and this requires a lot of quiet down time, and self reflection. This is a very spiritual card, and can point to one trusting their own intuition, and being led by their internal guidance system. This is a card of soul searching, seeking to understand one’s self, and implement changes into one’s life style, and ways of thinking, and doing, for the better. With the seven of pentacles, and the seven of cups, and seven representing spirituality, and the master thinker, there is a lot of mental activity, and deep thinking occurring this week.

Do not be hard on one another. You are both truly finding a space within yourselves where you can love each other freely, and openly. The way that love is intended to be.


I thoroughly hope that you  have enjoyed this reading my sacred beings!

And I bid you all a happy week of healing ~

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5 thoughts on “Twin Flame Weekly Reading – Compassion, and understanding transition ~ 25th April-1st May.”

  1. This really touched me. I’ve definitely been wanting to reach out because I can feel so much heaviness from him and I just know that I can’t. Praying that he feels me sending love. I’ve also been trying to redirect my attention when I want nothing more than to just lay in his arms all day. You’ve done it again, girl!

  2. I really feel the message about focusing on herself and the masculine energy within her. I believe one of my last steps is to really own my masculine energy and balance the two. I know to take my mind and my worries off of him at this time. He will be fine. By focusing on myself, it’ll help me become the woman that I am supposed to be and always move this journey forward. Thank you Cindy!

  3. I feel this & its all intuitive. but you put it in words as to what ive been feeling. like i have to go out & do my own thing. the divine is with us & i only like to speak for myself.. telling me to be in my heart & go beyond bc the mind doesn’t quite know what to do. its been easy so far i just have so much energy & not really expelling it so i’m harvesting it in a sense.. you’ve confirmed it tho.. I have to go out & have fun.. alone.

  4. Woah. So I just read the months of being in union as I have been bogged down with worry, not my worry though and this makes perfect dense to me… Even though it feels as if my heart is breaking, full of yearn I have to be strong… Thank you so much for this

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