Twin Flame Weekly Reading 2nd-8th May 2016 – Learning to believe.

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Now, every week, I realise that I receive more followers, and for those of you who are new to these readings, I do the twin flame weekly reading every week, alongside with the general weekly reading that you can also find here []. I do suggest reading them both to get an overall view of what is in store for you this week. If you do not identify with the twin flame term, then this reading is equally valid, and applicable to high level soul mate relationships also.

Please also do note that the terms masculine, and feminine are in relation to energies, and not necessarily fixed genders. In this case, the feminine energy may resonate more with somebody who identifies themselves as a man, and vice versa.

The two cards in the middle, are the theme, and the what both twins are experiencing this week. The cards on the left hand side, represent the masculine, whilst the cards on the right hand side, represent the feminine. I have also pulled out an extra card at the very top, as a special treat for my first timers, and my loyal returning readers! This card is, ‘What spirit wants us to know’.


Main theme – Three of swords, what both twins are dealing with – five of wands, Masculine – Queen of wands, seven of pentacles, queen of swords, Feminine – Nine of swords, six of pentacles, six of swords.

So, It really appears as if this week, worry, and self inflicted doubt as at the minds, and the hearts of both twins. Things may be picking up the pace, perhaps some divine lovers are only just meeting, perhaps some are realising that their feelings for each other are growing deeper, and more intimate, and this is bringing up some questions about the past, and past hurt, and heart break. Perhaps some divine lovers are taking some time apart, and this is reflected in the themes of this weeks reading – the three of swords, and the five of wands.

These two cards in conjunction, definitely paint the picture to me that both partners are dealing with some heart revelations, heart awakenings, and piercing of the heart. However, I truly do not see this as a bad thing. Although the three of swords is typically read as a card of heart break, I believe that it can also stand in place for heart awakening, and the heart being cracked open, to allow in more light, and love. The five of wands is representative of this internal struggle in the heart. Both twins have tried to close their heart both recently, and in the past, because of all of the things that they have endured, but this week, spirit is tearing those barriers open, and encouraging twins to love, and trust once again. This process may feel painful, or uncomfortable, but it is definitely so, so necessary, for the healing of both.

As we can see, whatever is occurring within the heart, is actually causing the masculine to awaken, and become illuminated, (Queen of wands), whilst it is causing the feminine to worry, and really have some doubt. This doubt however, does seem to be more related to martyrdom, and her having to challenge all of these ideas about her being unworthy, and unlovable. These fears, and ideas that she holds, are really just all within her mind, and she needs to do the best that she can this week, to cast these fears aside, because honestly they hold no concrete truth, and this is proven by the fact that over on the masculine’s side, he IS thinking of her, and she is lighting up his life, and his path. This huge energy of illumination, and awe as presented by the queen of wands, is her.

Her heart is expanding, and her love for him is growing, and she is just wondering, ‘Is this going to be like all of the other times? Or can I truly relax into this feeling of being taken care of, and vice versa?’ This query brings us on to the six of pentacles, this is about charitable donations, giving, and receiving, and having empathy. One of her main worries, and concerns, is, is he going to give as much of himself as she is willing to give? Will this exchange be fair in the long run? As many of her previous relationships were filled with one sidedness,and selfishness.

Over on the masculine side, he is also very weary, and quite worried about this woman that he adores turning into a monster, or an ego maniac perhaps, as shown by the queen of swords. He is very aware of the multi dimensional nature of women, and he wonders, although she appears so sweet, innocent, bright, and enlightened now, will she turn on me soon? And when she does, am I going to be left heart broken, and struggling to cope?

All of these ideas, are truly just rooted in fear, and hold absolutely no evidence like I mentioned. What both twins need to do this week, is just to let go of all of the past pain, and impressions that this pain has made upon them.

Because the six of swords, does indicate that the feminine is healing. Despite all that is going on, and how scary, or harsh it seems, she is making this safe journey across her emotions, into a place of harmony, and resolution. She may not see it, because she is clouded with so much worry, and doubt right now, but everything here is working out for her, and his highest good. It should also be noted that all cards present in the feminine’s spread are ‘wounded healer’numbers 9, and 6, and numbers representative of some kind of divine order, and compassion. The six in particular is a very nurturing, and caring card. This shows that all she wants to do is just love her masculine twin, engulf him in this love, and be there for him, but she is still very cautious, and far too trapped within her mind, when she really should drop her attention to her heart centre, and what her heart is calling for her to do, which is to relax, and to allow this healing process to occur.

The seven of pentacles over on the masculine side, shows that he is working very hard. He has his finances, and potentially his business on his mind, and he is willing to share all of that with his goddess. And he does want to create the best foundation for the two of them, so that he can be the image depicted in the six of pentacles, giving, sharing, and caring. He also has a lot of love to gift, and offer her, but she needs to be ready, and willing to receive this, and not so worried about what could, or has gone wrong. Because the 7 is such an esoteric number, the seven of pentacles, could also point to him going through spiritual work, similar to what the feminine is experiencing in the six of swords. I get that they are both really balancing out karma with one another, and within themselves. They may not know, or understand at this moment however, how exactly they are simultaneously triggering, and healing one another.


Finally, ‘What spirit wants you to know’, is that this entire union, and the course of the events of this union, is based upon choices, as depicted by the two of swords. Divine intervention is not going to break you apart. The energy of failure is not going to break the two of you apart. Coincidence, is not going to be bring harm to this relationship. You must know, that the only thing that can sabotage this, is the choices that you make, and the ways in which you make them. Do not allow the three of swords, and the five of wands to hold you back, because you potentially have something very beautiful here, and you need to honour that. You can either nourish this, and support its growth, or you can allow your lower nature to take over, and cause harm, and destruction to this union. Either way, it is completely up to you.

Alternatively, there will be some twins this week who decide that they can no longer bear the strain of such an intense union, and they may feel that they are not yet ready to fully accept this type of challenge, and commitment. In that case, their decision will lie upon whether they are to stay, and see this through, or leave, and shut the door to emotional fluctuation. However, it is to be noted that you cannot escape your life lessons, and even if you shut the door to this union, the lesson will appear in another form, sooner, or later.


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One thought on “Twin Flame Weekly Reading 2nd-8th May 2016 – Learning to believe.”

  1. Peace sis, My mental has been so distracting with doubt and blocking what I truly want to feel and it frustrates me so much how I let my mind wander in doubt and self pity but I have been battling myself lower self and higher self just reaching and chasing my peace as best I can. I even have an altar up now and hold it in my mind and heart to help motivate me toward exactly what I want to see and gain. I love you so much for the details within your writing they save me so much when I remember to read up on my week with my love. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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