Life path number 5 – the revolutionary visionary.

The life path of the number 5 is an absolutely INCREDIBLE life path number, and actually, I feel pretty honoured to pay homage in this way, and honestly? There is no better individual that I would prefer to dedicate the number 5 to.

Everybody who knows me knows I am pretty much a Tupac fanatic, raised on his revolutionary linguistics. But before the honourable prophet, was the prophetess queen who birthed him.

It’s pretty ironic actually, we happen to be in the 5th month, and the life path 5 is all about change, Revolution, transition, death/rebirth, evolution, and liberation.

The life path number 5 is usually born into pretty restrictive circumstances. Whether this is politically, socially, culturally, or in terms of family, the number 5 is usually placed in oppressive, and dogmatic circumstances. But this is exactly what lights a fire within them, to become a language, a voice, and a movement for the neglected, downtrodden, and oppressed.

They have an inner desire to bring freedom, change, and light to the masses, and this enables them to be powerful, passionate souls with distinct abilities to both influence, and appeal to the problems, and the issues of those in any cause that they choose to fight. Another notable 5 with such mass influence and leadership ability, was Hitler. This number is typically given visions from the divine, about their mission, and how to carry it out.

Filled with compassion, and empathy, this soul will stop at nothing to bring healing, and transition, no matter the sacrifice.

Afeni spent most of her life being a voice for the black liberation movement. Long before many of us took to social media to share our experiences of ill treatment within the community, she used her voice, and her vision, risking life, and limb, and what an amazing legacy she has left before us today. Truly a queen, there is nowhere else now that beckons her, but paradise.

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