Mercury Retrograde April 28 to May 22. – What does it really signify? Do’s, and don’t s, and debunking myths.


The infamous mercury retrograde. So, we have all heard so very many things about it, but likely, most of those things have all been negative, but what is the truth? Are these brief, but seemingly lengthy periods of the months really more trouble than they are worth? And if so, then what can we do during this time to preserve ourselves, and use this planetary phenomena to our highest benefit?

For those of you who are not quite familiar with mercury retrograde, it refers to a period of time when Mercury passes the earth, slows down, and creates the illusion of stopping. Ofcourse this is just an illusion, but all the way up there in the universe, even the energy surges can get a little complicated, and hazy! And that definitely reflects for us down here, both internally, and externally.

Because Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology, these are the areas that are most likely to be affected by this strange illusionary period of time. I have found however, that it is communication issues, and break downs in these areas that cause the most turmoil, affliction, and confusion during the period of retrograde.

Not only does Mercury appear to halt, but time in general seems to slow down, and we may grow frustrated with how long things take to come into fruition, or with the ways in which others are dealing with our requests for progression.

This particular retrograde, is centred around the themes of identity, self empowerment, and finances, which means that these will be the areas highlighted the most in communication, travel, and technology, but as I mentioned earlier, particularly in the areas of communication.

Although retrograde tends to get a bad rep, I see slowing down, as a period of time in which we may re-assess, re-calculate, plan, strategise, and come back stronger than ever, so take all of the mishaps that occur during this period as learning tools, and developmental ideas for better expansion.

The issues of identity likely to come up around this time will be centred around how others see, and treat us. In terms of communication, it is likely at this time that we become more aware of manipulation tactics, or coercion used against us, or even the ways in which people’s attitude changes, and shifts with us. Perhaps a new lover suddenly cuts communication off with us, perhaps, we recognise that somebody speaks to us with a little less respect than we deserve.

Now, for other people, this may be seen as a bad thing, and retrograde legend tells that we would usually lash out at this person, perhaps irrationally, and then regret it later for our approach. However, let us look at this from a different angle..

Retrograde highlights our ability to see, to be in the know about these areas. So, instead of reflecting this knowledge outwards, and creating a scene where one does not need to be created, we can choose instead to work on ourselves, realise how we may be aiding this person to affect us, or trigger us in this way, and reflect that internally, and work on changing some things about the ways in which we respond, and communicate with others.

Self empowerment comes in here by reminding yourself that you are worthy of love, respect, and appropriate communication. Once you realise this, you can begin living your life in a manor that reflects this full circle. It is likely that when people do not treat you with enough respect, and consideration, you are giving your power away to them, and allowing them this opportunity for energetic violation. Keep an eye out for the way that people address you, but also for the ways in which you address, and respond to them.

Do you stand up for yourself, and voice your opinion where necessary? I do not mean in an aggressive manor, but rather an assertive, and self actualised one. Let people know who you are. Let people know what you are worth. Stop giving your power away, and then wondering why people do not see it.

Self empowerment also arrives in the case of travel. When you are travelling, are you prepared? Do you arrive on time? Do you give others the impression that you are well put together, thorough, and presentable? Or is your foundation still a little shakey? If you are constantly turning up late to places, and being tardy, people will treat you like somebody who doesn’t have their life together, because that is exactly what you will look like. Tidy it up. Live like you are the boss, and you will be the boss.

In terms of finances, we are fast coming into this awareness that financial stability, and longevity is very necessary for self empowerment. If you want to be able to rely on ourselves fully, and maintain our sense of self power, and autonomy, then we do need to ensure that we have valuable, and valid resources. Perhaps a business transaction that you are trying to push through is taking a little longer than you would have appreciated, and because others can not work with your deadline, you may grow even more frustrated, and angry at others, and yourself.

How about making sure that next time you have the essential tools that you need, so that you can operate on the tasks at hand, with, or without the input of the people that you are trying to make this happen with. I am not saying that you can do everything on your own, because of-course you will need some support in some elements, but, your business and your career will be far more secure if you do not need to rely too much on external efforts. Remember this is YOUR livelihood, and YOUR passion, and you need to treat it as such.

You can go where you want. You can do what you want. You can be who you want, when your finances are in order. Now money, may be a little bit of a difficult, or touchy subject for a lot of empaths, and this is because money has a lot to do with issues of self esteem, and a lot of empaths, and highly sensitive souls actually have very low self esteem, and issues surrounding feeling worthy of receiving, and accepting money. This will be challenged during this retrograde. If you continue to play small in this sense, then others will continue to treat you this way.

Tarot reading – How to flourish, as opposed to survive this mercury retrograde period.

Page of swords, Eight of swords, Ten of cups.

  • The page of swords is all about bravery, honesty, and communicating one’s thoughts, and feelings effectively. Instead of lashing out when you identify some inconsistencies in a person’s behaviour, or ways of relating to you, check in with yourself to ask if you have been fully present, and honest with yourself first. If this is a relationship of value to you, then it is absolutely imperative that you make it clear, in an assertive, consistent, and honest way with the person.
  • Do not stew in your perceived victimisation regarding this individuals actions, and end up entrapping yourself in harmful thoughts as depicted by the eight of swords. Rather assess the situation for what it truly is. Sometimes, others do not even intend to be disrespectful, or disregardful of us, and we can help them to correct themselves by drawing our true feelings to their attention, NOT by snapping at them, or making irrational, and impetuous demands.
  • What we truly desire is the type of fulfilment signified within the 10 of cups, but this type of fulfilment only arrives when we COMMUNICATE that it is fulfilment that we desire, and map out a clear distinct plan on how we are going to achieve this. Communication is everything, in terms of boundaries, respect, having your needs met, and building strengthened bonds, and relationships. You may find that during retrograde many people from the past return to you, and take heed, because they all have a message relating to communication. Did you fall out with them because you overreacted instead of communicating about a particular situation? Did you give them a chance to express their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions? Or were you too one dimensional and self centred in your decisions to make sense of what was really happening.
  • Reflect, reflect, reflect. Be patient. Do not make any hasty decisions PARTICULARLY in love. No, do not send that, ‘You obviously do not care, so I think we should just forget it’ text during retrograde ladies.. Work on yourself. Ask yourself why you have so much time to even be concerned with such happenings?
  • Do not jump to conclusions. Remember, you never have all sides of the story, and you cannot control the actions and outcomes of others. All you can do is work on yourself to create the best, most solid version of yourself, particularly internally.



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