Twin Flame ( Soul mate ) Weekly Reading 9th-15th May 2016 EXPLOSIVE LOVE.

Hello my darlings! Thank you all SO much for keeping up with all of my readings weekly, and for your comments, and likes, and shows of appreciation. It really does mean a lot to me, and I would love for you all to know that I truly do enjoy these tarot readings that I do for you, and I do put my heart and my soul into doing so. It pleases me so much when you leave comments, and write into me saying that my readings have resonated with you, so please, feel more than free to let me know when you are enjoying, or have enjoyed my readings. If you would like to make a donation, then that can be made via my tumblr page, And please know that all donations will inevitably go back into the craft, purchasing taro cards, divination tools, courses etc.

Now, every week, I realise that I receive more followers, and for those of you who are new to these readings, I do the twin flame weekly reading every week, alongside with the general weekly reading that you can also find here []. I do suggest reading them both to get an overall view of what is in store for you this week. If you do not identify with the twin flame term, then this reading is equally valid, and applicable to high level soul mate relationships also.

Please also do note that the terms masculine, and feminine are in relation to energies, and not necessarily fixed genders. In this case, the feminine energy may resonate more with somebody who identifies themselves as a man, and vice versa.

The two cards in the middle, are the theme, and the what both twins are experiencing this week. The cards on the left hand side, represent the masculine, whilst the cards on the right hand side, represent the feminine. I have also pulled out an extra card at the very top, as a special treat for my first timers, and my loyal returning readers! This card is, ‘What spirit wants us to know’.

may tfs.jpg

Main themes – Ace of cups, The wheel of fortune, Masculine – The hermit, The high priestess, Knight of wands, Feminine – The magician, The lovers, Eight of swords, What spirit wants us to know – Three of wands.

So, this first thing that I have noticed about this spread, and the first thing that I would like to say, is WOW, what an absolutely powerful, and special energy flow that we have with divine love this week! The main theme being Ace of cups, is all about this renewal, and rebirth of love, and intimate energies. This is all about getting back in touch with the self, falling in love with the self, and allowing others to also fall in love with, and recognise this sense of self. With the wheel of fortune thrown into the mix, this is an issue of karma, and dealing with karmic transaction, karma unfolding, and destined encounters. Nothing this week is by chance, especially not the over flow of this new, and enlightened journey of love!

I am definitely getting the message that a lot of you this week have met somebody new, and this person is definitely a divine counterpart, this may feel fated, you may have had some strange synchronicities surrounding your meeting, or your union, and even if you already identify somebody as your twin flame, and you are not together, it is not unheard of for you to experience duplicate twin energies with other souls whom resonate with yours. You are a divine being, your journey is about divine love, regardless of with whom, or within any fixed structures/templates.

Because I can already see the eight of swords over on the side of the feminine, I think it is important to let her know that because of the presence of the wheel of fortune, this union actually IS pretty destined, and there’s a strong message here of her being deserving of this, after everything that she has been through, so although she may feel sceptical, and doubtful of this sudden union, does not mean that she should entrap herself with mental chatter, and try to over analyse, and assess what is happening here, and what this all means for her.I mean, she has the lovers card, which is not only indicative of a partnership, but also relates to her balancing her masculine and feminine energies accurately. This union is an opportunity for her, an opportunity that she has actually manifested for herself, judging by the magician card, this is something that she has been wanting, and has been dreaming about, and now..It’s right before her very eyes. But this might actually be the reason that she is so doubtful.

She is definitely a powerful medium, and conjurerer, and her love recognises this also, as on his side, he has the high priestess. This gives me the impression that he is aware that this lady is very deep, that there is more to her than meets the eye, and he sees her as this powerful, old soul-ed healer sorceress type of woman, and he is absolutely thrilled by this! This is just what he has been looking for, and this is his karma, because he too has been through a lot, and actually really deserves this new period of change, and transformation!

This is apart of BOTH of their divine destinies, and karmic imprinting, and with the hermit appearing on the masculine side, it seems as if he actually acknowledges this, perhaps even more than the feminine, because she still seems so sceptical, and slightly reluctant to fully give herself to all that this means.

The masculine has gone within himself, he has done some deep soul searching, and it was this soul searching that caused him to pray for this divine counterpart, and now she has arrived, he is sure of exactly what her purpose stands for in his life, and why she has come for him at this time. He is extremely wise, and extremely spiritually inclined, just like she is, and there are no coincidences here whatsoever.

The knight of wands does show that he is not too willing to let this situation go easily. There may be some back and fourthing with her trying to push him away, and his energy still charging through with passion, and determination. This may manifest as highly sexual energy, because this is a lot of the time how men express their internal emotions towards their lovers, (apologies for the generalisation). But he also has big plans, I am getting here. He has a lot of big plans, not only with her, but for the future, business wise, finance wise, this masculine energy is a go getter, and an ambitious provider, and this is exactly what the feminine needs, as she too is trying to establish herself, and expand in these ways.

Which brings us to the final card, ‘What does spirit want us to know?’

Three of wands; The three of wands denotes expansion, a new beginning, and a new path unravelling for us, on a broader scale. This is a pretty large scale, unlike anything we have witnessed before, and it is in direct relation to this divine union that is taking place at this time. Perhaps these are two individuals who will build a life together cultivated around serving others, a business mentality, and the perfect flow of masculine, and feminine balance needed to enhance such richness, and longevity. This speaks of expansion also on a mental, and spiritual level, and perhaps this is the type of healing that is invoked by both parties coming into the knowledge that their luck is finally coming in. They are both powerful manifestors, and they are both gifted by divine light, and previously, the only thing that was stopping them from conquering the world, was a slight, but persistent disbelief in themselves, and a block in the flow of energy. This block, is now officially coming to an end, and a new dawn sets itself infront, and above them..


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