General Weekly Reading 16th-22nd May; Letting go, and letting God.

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Main theme: Queen of wands (reversed), Four of swords, Ten of wands, Three of swords, Two of swords.

Hello my pumpkins! If you are just tuning in, then this general reading forecast is a taro reading selection that I do at the beginning of every week, just to give us some guidance toward what we are dealing with, and how we may best preserve our energies, and prepare for any energetic themes that may arise. I also advise you to check out my twin flame (soul mate) reading if you are in a relationship, or suspect you may be apart of a divine partnership, as this gives a more specified reading in regards to your love, and heart situation.

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This week my lovelies, we are definitely dealing with the energy of stagnancy, and decision making. The main theme, as presented in the middle, the queen of wands in reverse, does suggest that we have been down playing, or choosing not to listen to our intuition, and what it is sharing with us. In the up right position, the queen of wands is in charge of her throne, because she is vibrant, awakened, creative, and passionate about her needs, and desires. She is also very clear about what she wants.

In the reversed position, this card does suggest that this week we are dealing with a situation in which we are blocking, or directly interfering with our divine flow. We know what needs to be done, we know WHY it needs to be done, but for some reason, we are just not open to allowing nature and spirit to take its natural course. Judging by the three of swords, and the two of swords, if definitely appears as if this is a love situation, and involves making decisions that will inevitably affect matters of the heart.

Maybe we are terrified of getting our own hearts broken, or perhaps, it is that we are terrified of breaking somebody else’s heart. Whatever way this plays out, this decision making, and this reluctance to make a move, is really weighing heavily on our minds and on our hearts. The ten of wands is a card of baggage, strain, burden, and carrying far more than we can handle. This must be a situation that we have been dealing with for quite a long time, because it has been deterring us from moving up the hill swiftly, and with ease, yet, we still insist on carrying it…Why is this? Have we grown accustom to martyr complex?  Do we subconsciously believe that we deserve this form of punishment of extra baggage?

Because the number 10 represents both the end, and the beginning of a cycle, I truly see that if we were to confront this situation head on, and deal with it, it would open up a door way for so many new experiences and fresh breath to enter our lives. If this is a relationship, then this relationship is not serving your highest good. Rather, it seems as if you are just dragging things on because of convention, routine, and because it is what you have become used to.

Do not fall into this narrative of stagnancy, and comfortability. Life is too short not to grab the bull by the horns. Live your life each and every single day. If you need to change one thing a day, even better – fantastic, learn to appreciate this constant ebb and flow, of newness, and transition, and transgression. Let it go. I know that it is scary, and I know that you know how much your life will change once you cut this loose skin off, and that is what you are so fearful of. But my darling, aren’t you the one who always speaks of wanting a new life? Of wanting change, and wanting happiness? It is knocking at your door.

You are ignoring yourself, and ignoring your best judgement, which is telling you..That it is time to let this situation go. It is time to let the part of you associated with this situation die. You need to let yourself be renewed, and reborn in this sense. The past is gone, allow it to go. Allow this relationship, and everything that it represents to be cleansed from you. You have wanted this for so long, and if you do not take the leap, you will never reap the rewards of what lies on the other side.

The four of swords does speak of this rest, healing, and rejuvenation that we require from this tumultuous experience. You have given so much love, so much energy, so much time, so much of your spirit to this cause, and it has exhausted you, in every single way possible. You cannot live like this anymore. You have been a source of food, and fuel for this situation, and it has nearly consumed you. Spirit is so worried about you. The four of swords is screaming out – please rest, please end this, please save yourself.

There is nothing more that I can tell you. You know EXACTLY what needs to be done here. You know what decision to make. You know that you have reached the cross roads. Nobody can heal you, but you.

Nobody can make this choice, but you.


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4 thoughts on “General Weekly Reading 16th-22nd May; Letting go, and letting God.

  1. I won’t lie… this pissed me off. The universe is pointing to change and all that but my external forces and everything around me is all stagnant. I can’t freaking move so I don’t understand what I should do. There is nothing I can do but wait.

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