Twin Flame (Divine love) Weekly Reading 16th-22nd May; Money, and the masculine.

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Main theme – Death, What both twins are experiencing – Four of pentacles, Masculine – Seven of cups, Eight of swords, The world (reversed), Feminine – King of pentacles (reversed), Knight of cups, Nine of swords, What spirit wants us to know – four of wands.

Before I begin, I would just like to note once again, that this reading is not limited to those who identify with the term twin flames alone, and high level soul mates should find great solace in these readings. Once again, the terms masculine, and feminine are actually interchangeable, and not always dependent on one’s gender. A woman may identify with the masculine side, perhaps because she is the masculine energy in the relationship, and vice versa.

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So, the theme in the middle definitely does suggest that everything that divine lovers are experiencing this week (at this time), is intended for the purposes of transforming their lives, and allowing them to step into new energies, and more vibrant, uplifting settings. They have had a pretty hard time at the beginning of this year, and now, they should be fighting the last of their demons as it were, as they get ready to truly embrace this Summer period, which actually does invite light codes into their life – literally, and energetically speaking.

It is time for them to leave the past behind, to adopt new characteristics, ways of thinking, and ways of doing, and they are actually supporting one another in this, whether or not they are physically or currently together. They will need to shed a lot of habits, and perspectives this week, in order to maintain harmony, and I do feel as if they will reap so many rewards if they actually successfully do so.

The four of pentacles suggests that finances, and money maintenance are also heavily on the mind of both lovers this week. Perhaps there are some money struggles and concerns, particularly on the side of the masculine, and this could even be affecting the way the feminine operates. She may have to step up financially for him – in his place, or she may have to reassure him this week that even though things are not going in the best direction for him, she still has his back, and will still stick by him. In relation to the death card, maybe BOTH twins previously had money blocks that were related to their own self esteem, or blockage of energy flow, and now, they must confront these issues in order to attract, and welcome abundance into their lives in all areas. Money is energy, so the flow of money is in accordance to the flow of self.Both of them require stability, and longevity now, and this will benefit their well being, their lives together, their self esteem, their sense of success, their independence, and everybody knows, that with money being one less thing to worry about, the truest joys of life may begin to shine through.

This issue of finance is once again highlighted over on the side of the feminine, with the presence of the king of pentacles in reverse. In the upright position, this king is the king of his castle literally. He is successful, in charge, and also possesses a high level of authority, and respect socially, and culturally. This is the archetypal dream for every man in the upright position. To have respect, success, wealth, and to be able to share it with a community, denoting strong leadership skills. Because this card shows up in reverse, it definitely gives me the impression that the masculine is dealing with some financial woes, that block his ability to be able to be seen as this provider and this leader of his kingdom. This is very important to men, to be viewed in this way, so although this may not be causing the feminine too much stress, she does seem to be quite worried about the effects that this is having on her lover, as shown by the  9 of swords. Both the king of pentacles reversed, and the knight of cups show that this week, her mind is on her man, (energetically speaking).. And this is causing her some worry..

The 8 of swords over on the side of the masculine also shows that he is dealing with mental chaos, and a lot of self inflicted strain. He is likely feeling trapped this week, perhaps trapped in his situation, or feeling as if his time is running out, or as if the world is on his shoulders, as shown by the world in reverse. This card showing up in reverse is all about a lack of balance, feeling overwhelmed, or feeling as if one’s purpose in life is our of reach, or too far in the distance. It is very important this week for the feminine to be supportive of the masculine as he experiences all of this mental entrapment, and internal worry. Ofcourse, not to her own detriment. And if for any reason, he is taking his strains out on her, their union, or refusing to give her as much consideration/attention, then it may be best to give this support energetically, from afar. I still believe in the power of prayer, or rather focused intention meditation, so this may be a way that she can offer him some love, and divine support/guidance. He really does need it this week..

The seven of cups on the side of the masculine does suggest that maybe the reason that he is experiencing all of this financial, and structural difficulty is because of his scattered mind. He may be lacking key organisational skills, which is a very masculine trait, but with the divine masculine, who has so many elements of the divine feminine, sometimes his ability to balance, and remain centred is flawed. He may be spending far too much time thinking about the plans, and the schemes that he would like to implement, and not enough time actually implementing them, and executing them. Actually, this is a problem with many light workers/star seeds, who have so much mental activity that sometimes, they can get ahead of themselves, and end up not really doing much at all.

The knight of cups suggests that he needs this salvation, he needs this new beginning, and he also needs love in his life..This week, we are dealing with the masculine who is much like the little scared, and lost boy. This is not the lion persona that he puts on to the rest of the world, this is him, in his reality, in his totality, a little confused, a little scared, and lacking some direction.

Whatever he is going through, I would truly like the feminine to know that this is not about her. She may find herself feeling rejected, or pushed out by him this week, but she needs to understand that for him to fulfil his entire role in her life, there are some things that he needs to ensure are secure, and stable. He truly feels on a deep, internal level that this is his birth right, and his place as a man.

Finally, the card, ‘What spirit wants us to know’, brings us to the four of wands. This is actually a fantastic card to receive in any spiritual love reading, because this card is all about celebration, good times, and most importantly marriage. This is quite a juxtaposition to the tone of the other cards presented this week, but it just goes to show, that this is not only pushing us toward a better path, but this is all about a marriage of ourselves. Fixing all of the little bits and pieces that we need to in order to be sustainable in the future, harmonising, and balancing ourselves, and truly thinking about how we are going to create the best life for ourselves. Perhaps the masculine is so scattered because he is worried about how he is going to become this provider for his queen, and how he is going to give her this life that she deserves. Maybe he is thinking ahead, in terms of marriage, kids, settling down, and having a happy home – but he knows that this will require him to figure a lot of things out, and pretty fast. The pressure is on for him, he feels. He wants to be able to kick back, and relax, and to know that everything is fine, but at the moment, he thinks, how can he be the man that she truly desires, if he hasn’t got it all figured out..

We have a full moon in Sagittarius coming up in a few days (21st) that I will be making a post about, and this is all about taking action, so it is likely that these emotions that he is dealing with, are all just putting him in place to experience this kick start activation, as well as the feminine.. Fire signs are quite masculine, so I do feel that she needs to borrow some of his determination, and drive to succeed, which she definitely will..


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2 thoughts on “Twin Flame (Divine love) Weekly Reading 16th-22nd May; Money, and the masculine.”

  1. I totally feel all of this. I would love it if you would write a bit about what it means to be a twin flame or high level soul partners – in that it is confusing to me that all of us are acting out the exact same energies. Where has my individuality and my own unique relationship dynamic gone?? Does this only happen to people who have taken this on as part of their soul journey. Very odd to me, to feel relationship as collective rather than individual since starting the tf journey a couple of years ago. Any insights you share would be wonderful.

    1. Wow! What an absolutely amazing question to ask.. Thank you for this… Whilst it is true that each individual divine love and sacred Union connection is unique and individual in its own right.. I always believe that the universe (most high) has a let’s say plan, or schedule. We all might receive our lessons and manifestations in different ways, but the truth of the matter is that the divine masculine and the divine template are constantly being taken through lessons, opportunity for growth, messages, and life situations that best shape us to be of service. For instance, this week, it appears as if boldness is allowing the feminine to step into powerful healing work that will inevitably help others, whilst the masculine learns the value of being a trustworthy and level headed character, so that he may give spread to a rise in the consciousness of men, who currently see it fit to degrade, and downplay the divine feminine. Your divine love connection is still very, very personal to you, and there is no one destiny, however these lessons, are for us all.. I hope that this helps my lovely. Kindest regards, Seek Cindy.

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