Monthly Forecast May 2016 – ALL Life Path Numbers.


Hello my darlings, I know that I am so, so late with this month’s monthly life path taro forecast, but I have been so, so busy, things have been so hectic as the business continues to pick up, and I just absolutely HAD to still deliver this to you, no matter how late it was. You can compare it to how this month has been so far, and also use it to map out and determine how the rest of the month will be for you. For those of you just tuning in with me, I created this version of monthly forecast as a spin on the traditional astrological monthly/weekly readings that are done, because I thought tarot in conjunction with divine numbers would really tease out interesting themes, and elements from spirit..So I hope that you enjoy! Please find your life path number below, and if you still have trouble figuring out your life path, then email me via to book a life path reading, and confirm your number! 

General Monthly forecast.

may life path.jpg

Knight of wands, Queen of cups, The tower.

So, with the month of May being the 5th month, this month was always going to bring to us some high level change, and transformation. The number 5 in numerology is all about death/rebirth, transitioning, and allowing new things to come together, where old things were once stagnant, and oppressive. This is definitely the journey of the healer, shedding old skins, and embracing new fortune. The knight of wands suggests that we have this fiery energy emerging within us this month. This fiery energy asks us to follow our deepest passions, and go where the wind blows – where spirit truly wants us to be. With the queen of wands this type of excited energy, and desire for change, will definitely see us healing our hearts, and bringing clarity to our heart centres. The heart knows that it wants now, and we need to charge forward in this month and bring our truths into manifestation. The tower card speaks all about this type of swift, and immediate change. Grab on to your seat belts this month, because it does seem as if everything that is coming, is going to come pretty fast. Come June, you’re probably going to be looking back like, woah..How the hell did all of this happen? And what the hell even happened? Well, that is what goes on when you entire the month of change..

Life path 1(0)

life path 1

Five of cups, Six of pentacles, The devil.

So, this month life path 1, it seems as if you are doing some mourning about the past. Perhaps you are looking back and realising the hand that you may have played in the break down of a relationship. Perhaps you have bad habits, and negative attachments in relation to your desire to give, and be given to. The five of cups is like crying over spilt milk, the inevitability of a situation. If you have recently experienced a break up, or some sort of loss, then you really need to learn to channel your energies, and experiences into a charitable cause, as suggested by the six of pentacles. This card is all about giving, and receiving. Maybe you realised that in this past situation, you gave far too much, and did not leave much room, or much energy for yourself. Perhaps you did not give as much as you should, and now you are regretting your actions, and wishing that things went differently. Whatever situation that you are hung up thinking about does need to be left in the past, however. The devil card shows that this attachment is actually quite unhealthy, and speaks to your lower, rather than your higher nature. You have a calling, work to be doing, do not waste too much time this month thinking about what went wrong. It is time to re-assess, re group, and get ready to move on to the next chapter of your life.

Life path 2.

life path 2

The sun, The knight of wands, Ten of cups.

This month life path 2, you have been given the opportunity, and the inspiration to go after exactly what it is that you want. The knight of wands shows you charging into this realisation, with a willingness, and a certain eagerness to change your life situation. You know what you want, and you cannot wait to make it manifest. With the presence of the sun card, perhaps what you want will arrive to you in the Summer time, even though you are sowing the necessary seeds for it now. You definitely have harmony, success, and well being on the horizon here, and I feel as if that is because of your sheer determination, focus, and inspiration. You are on a hero’s journey, a journey of getting exactly what you want, and what you deserve. I feel as if you have been working really hard lately, and your efforts are actually about to pay off. Maybe you are going on a holiday to celebrate all of your achievements recently, whether metaphorically, or literally, I definitely see you sailing off into the sun..

Life path 3. 

life path 3.jpg

Queen of pentacles, Two of pentacles, Death.

This month, life path 3, you are the financial top dog. The queen of pentacles suggests that you are, or will be experiencing some level of success, and this is the kind of success that allows you to share generously with others, whether your time, or your financial earnings. You are quite at the top of your game this month, and with the two of pentacles, it does seem as if you have to balance your working life, and this new financial abundance, with other areas of your life. Do not neglect friends, family, or leisure time in your pursuit for financial stability, and make sure that you are not too money focused, or driven. Remember money is only as powerful as we allow it to be. Use it for the right reasons, do not get lost in it. You may be experiencing job offers from multiple places, and not know which route to take. The death card definitely suggests that if the opportunity presents itself for a new job, or a job that offers you a change of scenery, then you should definitely take it. The death card is all about change and transition, so possibly this change will bring you even more abundance, and longevity.

Life path 4.

life path 4

Two of cups, Six of pentacles, Two of wands.

This month, number 4, you are being asked to focus on your ability to balance, and maintain. No two sides of the extreme, rather you must focus on an internal marriage within yourself, a balancing of masculine, and feminine energies. Perhaps you are meeting, or have met a divine counterpart who will allow you to see things from two sides of one perspective, and be less rigid in your ways of doing, and thinking. You like things to be done a certain way, and you are quite technical about everything, but you need to understand that sometimes the best ideas, and the best moments arrive to you spontaneously. The two of cups is about balance, and harmony, so stop fighting yourself this month, and stop pushing others away. It seems as if there are people around who would like to help you, but you are so closed off mentally that you would rather fight all of your battles alone. The six of pentacles suggests that if somebody comes around and is willing to help you, you really should let them, because they are in a position to offer you valuable advice, and experience. Perhaps they have even been where you have been. The two of wands suggests you may be at a cross roads. No longer where you used to be but looking forward toward a new beginning. Do not be afraid to take this leap, however, planning is necessary in this instance. You may be feeling a little lost, but you definitely have a journey ahead of you that has a lot to teach. Take a breather. Do some planning, and then get stuck right in.

Life path 5.

life path 5.jpg

The emperor, The knight of pentacles (reversed), Ace of cups.

Hello my darling 5’s! This is actually your month, and this month should impact you all, the most. With the presence of the emperor, this month, you are definitely dealing with the energies of building, and assertion. You want to strengthen your inner core, and bring out more of your masculine energies which is associated with sturdiness, responsibility, and mental strength. You do not wish to be so swayed by your emotions this month, and that is okay, because usually, you are much like water, and it does not take much to move you. Perhaps you acknowledge that this sometimes holds you back in certain areas, and distracts your focus from building the life that you actually want to. You desire freedom, perhaps you would like to leave/move out of your parents house, or go travelling, but you do not quite have the finances to do so as depicted by the knight of pentacles in reverse. You realise that it is time to get serious, and get a little tactical, and focused, so…Believe it or not, romance is actually not the biggest thing on your mind right now.. The ace of cups suggests however, that somebody is going to bring to you an offer of love. Somebody from the past may return with a message, or with the promise of old love being re-kindled. If it was any other month, you would have absolutely jumped at the opportunity. But like I mentioned, this month, you are looking to be far more level headed, and not so easily moved, nor convinced by offers of love. Keep it up..And work hard, you deserve this freedom that you so seek.

Life path 6. 

life path 6.jpg

Page of pentacles, Two of swords, Six of cups.

So this month, you are very money motivated. You have all of these goals, and instinctive plans to do with what you need to do to accomplish, and acquire in order to secure your future, and enhance your money making potential. The two of swords suggests that you have a choice, a decision to make, and maybe this decision will affect somebody who you care about greatly. This may be somebody who is very  demanding of your time, and of your resources, and it is up to you to let them know this month that you do have a journey of your own, and your own life to cater to. Be very careful of becoming the martyr, and allowing others to imprint their victim syndrome, and complexes on to you. As I mentioned you truly have this money to make, and you need to be self sustainable. This could even be your family members taking advantage of your desire to help, and to be the maternal figure for others. You need to put your foot down. It is not fair on you. And it is quite a restrictive position to be in.

Life path 7.

life path 7

Six of swords, Four of pentacles, The wheel of fortune.

This month my fellow 7’s, I have amazing news for us! We are dealing with karmic themes of healing, as depicted by the six of swords, and the wheel of fortune. It appears that somebody has appeared in our lives who is helping us with karmic lessons, and exploring matters of the heart, particularly to do with past situations. They may even be doing this by triggering us negatively, but generally, even this has a positive outcome. We are cleaning out our karmic closets this month, and embracing what this particular life cycle has to offer us. This is deep healing, I am talking about past life healing, and it is a long time coming. Along with this spiritual, and emotional healing, we are smoothing things over on the physical plane also with the four of pentacles. We have our eyes on the prize, wanting success, and working very hard in order to get it. Perhaps we are finally being recognised for our talents, and investments we have made in the name of these talents, and skills will now see progression, and instant, rapid manifestation. We are really coming together this month, and we have a lot to be thankful for, we just need to keep a keen eye on our actions, and decisions at this time – because our self talk, and manifestation possibilities are increased, and highly infectious at this time.

Life path 8. 

life path 8.jpg

Nine of cups, Two of pentacles, The emperor.

You’ve got really good things coming for you this month number 8. The 9 of cups suggests that things are finally coming together for you in the sense of completion .This could speak of financial abundance, or perhaps you are meeting an individual who offers you emotional, and mental balance. If so, this could represent the emperor, who comes across as a balanced, well put together individual, introducing some structure and order into your life. However, you could be the emperor, and perhaps you are experiencing this level of balance and satisfaction because an empress has wandered into your life. The two of pentacles does still ask you however to maintain a sense of balance. Do not get so engulfed in this union that you forget to take care of your responsibilities. If your social life is seeing expansion, then once again, do not forget to continue to nurture your craft, and build your empire. Do not get ahead of yourself just because everything seems to be looking up..Balance and maintenance is still always much required.

Life path 9. 

life path 9

Ten of wands, The empress, Six of swords.

Life path 9, there has been this real funk around you lately.. This strange, heavy dense energy that has been trying to keep you down, and manipulate experiences around you. It is time to rise above that. Say no to negative hoo-hoo, and reclaim your soul, and your sense of self! This baggage as depicted by the 10 of wands has really been playing heavily on your mind, and on your heart, and has been causing you to doubt your true self, and your inner nature. You know that you are powerful, don’t you dare forget that. Sometimes spirits of doubt only grow stronger and more potent as we give in to their choke hold on us, and actually start to believe their whispers that things will never get better. You ARE the empress. You are all about that flamboyance, internal richness, and birth/burst of life. Perhaps you need to rid yourself of some things in order to realise that again. Throw away old clothes. Buy some new clothes. Open the windows a little. Take a vacation. Change the furniture around. Let that new energy into your life, because I am telling you something old is trying to pull you back. You need to move forward right now, and move away from it. Do not look to the past, there is nothing there but lessons, and that is all you should ever take from it. Free yourself, drop all of the unnecessary karma. The six of swords thankfully, does ensure that healing is coming. Let others help you. Take their advice. Look out for songs, messages in strange places, and symbols from the universe that offer you signs of encouragement. You are not alone, and you are more blessed than you can imagine. Spirit just desperately wants this de-cluttering, and new start for you..

Life path 11.

life path 11.jpg

Knight of swords, Nine of cups, Six of wands.

This month 11, you are struck with a burst of mental insight. All of a sudden, you know what you need in order to progress, and move forward, and you are so ready to conquer the world, and conquer the field now! Armed with this new insight, and mental clarity, you will stop at nothing to manifest your desires. And because you are so powerful when you have this focused intention, the universe will surely provide you with what you want. What you have to do however, is keep this intention alive within your mind. Do not allow yourself to become negative, because your self talk as a master number is SO powerful, beyond your belief even. The 9 of cups lets you know that you are about to enter a period of settlement, where things resolve for you, and your life becomes enriched with more  balance, and wholesomeness. Happy social times, happy internal times, and happy times in regards to finance, and relationships.  This is the card of all around well being. Even if you are newly single, you will come to find comfort in that this month, and realise how this is actually exactly where you are supposed to be in your life right now. The 6 of wands is a victory card, once again reinforcing the notion that anything that you set your targets toward this month, will be prosperous, and successful. Just stay focused. Plan every single step of the way. Move with determination, and belief, and keep your thoughts grounded in potential.

Life path 22.

life path 22

Knight of cups, Nine of wands, The hermit.

So, you have been going through quite a difficult time this month number 22, and you seek salvation and healing in the form of spiritual revelation, and this is coming to you, every day in very subtle ways. You may be missing this because you are stuck looking for a huge sign, and always glaring at the bigger picture. Sometimes the help of spirit can come in the form of simple intuitive nudges, and thoughts such as, ‘Things are really not that bad..’ that seem to pass through your mind in fleeting moments. Listen out for that. The knight of cups asks for romance, inspiration, and reciprocity. You may be waiting for love, or waiting to be healed from a love situation, and you have really had your fair share of heart breaks in love, but you need to take the time to go within, and realise that maybe your hunger for love is actually a sign of a deeper issue, a need for you to reconnect with yourself, and reconnect with soul. The hermit asks you to take some time out, some time for healing, and some time for soul searching, and you will realise that all of the things that you have experienced are actually a part of the healers walk. You need to heal yourself in order to be a healer, and you need to understand this profound connection with the divine. Find solace in your past experiences, for they have made your heart, and your spirit stronger. Learn to see the positive in things this month, because life is truly not as difficult as it seems, especially once you have a clear goal and purpose. You can become a very, very wise soul once you realise the power in  your past experiences.

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  1. thank you, my dearest. I shall clear the karmic threads that bind me – no more crying over spilled milk.

    Life Path 1(0) + admirer

  2. It’s amazing how reading my life path number is EXACTLY what is going on with me.
    Thank You for sharing your gift with us.

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