General Weekly Reading; 23rd-29th May; Growth and realisation.

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Six of pentacles, Queen of wands, Two of swords (reversed), six of swords, two of swords (reversed).

Hello my lovelies! Once again, I am back to deliver to you the themes, and the energies for this week. I do this weekly because I feel that it is very important for us all to have some guidance, especially the most highly sensitive of us, who usually go through our days/weeks/minutes, and hours, thinking ‘AAAH, what the hell is wrong with me? What the hell is happening to me?’

So, this is what is wrong with you this week, and this is what is happening to you..I hope that you all love, and enjoy these weekly readings that I do, because I surely do, and I put a lot of time, and effort into each, and every one. If you find these particularly useful, and you would like to invest in my craft, then you can always make a donation to me via my tumblr page, or through to my paypal account,

All of the proceedings always go back into the craft, and back into my work for you guys.

This week, is an absolutely brilliant week for us.. We started this week on a  number, (23), the number of change, and as we are also in a 5 month, this is pretty symbolic stuff right here.. We have healing on our side, divine awakenings for the feminine, the potential for vast success, and we are finally shutting down age old rumours about men, and women, and what the masculine, and the feminine templates are all about.

Also, I would like to mention that the week ends on an 11 day (29), which is also the breath of illumination, and spiritual transitioning.

With the main theme being the queen of pentacles, I definitely feel as if the divine feminine this week is experiencing an energetic boost, on a major level! Lately, she has realised just how drained, and worn out she had previously allowed herself to become. Maybe she lost herself to one of the many things that we women may lose ourselves to, love, dysfunctional love, attachment love, martyr complex, and over doing things to the point of exhaustion. With the power behind the queen of pentacles, she is reaching for everything that she deserves. Maybe she gets a promotion, sees a rise in her business, builds a new business model, or takes a leap of faith with a new travelling opportunity..However she is doing so, she is liberating herself, and truly creating a name, and a brand for herself on the working front.

Although the queen of pentacles tends to represent feminine energy, this does not mean that the males are not in the least bit inspired by this energy also in this week. We may see a lot of men delving more deeply into their feminine, subconscious, and softened nature. In order to be successful, and innovative, the masculine will always need this essence of creative expression, that must be drawn from the feminine genepool. So he is healing. She is healing, and we are all filled with wonder, and mystery about what it means to finally be all that we truly are.

The six of swords brings us back to this element of healing. Perhaps it is recent realisations and revelations that have come to pass through painful experiences that now allow us to fully step into our element, and allow ourselves to be illuminated, mentally, and spiritually.The six of pentacles encourages us to reap those rewards. This card of fairness, balance, and charity suggests that the more we give out, and put out into the world, in terms of resources, energetically, financially, or professionally, will be returned to us for our efforts, and it is definitely about time for us all to be served. We must ensure that we are doing the necessary work here, and if we are putting our fair share in, then of-course we should expect no less than to witness bountiful results.

The queen of wands re-iterates the queen of pentacles stance and brings to us a sense of pride, power, knowing, and determination. In conjunction with the two of swords in reverse, it looks like we have finally laid something to rest. We made a decision to take charge, and this was most likely of a situation that has been holding us back, and even draining us, for a while. Do not feel guilty within yourself for only ‘just’ taking action now, you are growing, so wise, and so bold, and this is an amazing advancement in the right direction.

Something was lingering on your chest, something probably to do with the past, a past action, past behavioural trait, or a relationship with somebody you have been dealing with for a while now. You held a certain habit, a certain instinct, a certain characteristic, it lingered, perhaps it was procrastination, hoarding, avoiding confrontation, or allowing your shadow self to get the better of you, and you knew that that was NOT good for you. But you kept doing it..

It is your recognition of this recurring theme that allows you to awaken in the ways in which you are this week. There is child hood healing at place this week, so maybe this is something you have been carrying with you as a result of your childhood, something that you may feel stunted your growth a little, and now you are really breaking out, and stretching free from its grasp.. Maybe you were too negative, and you kept drawing negative situations to you, maybe you were too passive, and allowed people to take control of your decisions, maybe you were the constant victim, perhaps you feared true success..

Whatever it has been,

I salute you.

I commend you.

This is an action of power, and your growth, whilst not yet fully visible to you, is ever expansive, and awe-striking at this present time.

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