General Weekly Reading 30th May-5th June; Healing the shadows.

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Main theme: Eight of wands, Surrounding cards: Seven of cups, six of swords, the devil.

With the six of swords appearing in yet another reading for us this week, we are encouraged to know that the past few weeks/months have been a transition period related to healing, and change. If you have kept an eye on all of my readings lately, the six of swords has made an appearance quite a few times! This allows me to indicate that this is a particularly lengthy period of healing, and transition, following a set of patterns, themes, (particularly the past), and highly evolved, or long standing wounds.

With the presence of the magician, and the seven of cups, we are also being asked to see how rapid changes are actually appearing in our lives at this point. Do not be alarmed. Do not hold onto your seat tightly in fears that all of these opportunities will be taken away from you just as fast as they have come. This is your karmic birth right. You are to grow in this way, and it may appear a little strange to you to have so many doors open for you at once, when there was once a time that no doors seemed to be open to you, despite the ways in which you may have continuously knocked.

It is normal to be a little alarmed, and perhaps suffer a little procrastination in choosing which direction to turn now. You have realised now that you are quite the alchemist, and whatever you pay your attentions to will grow dutifully, and abundantly.

The eight of wands suggests that this transition period is very rapid, and you may be feeling anxious or on edge because subconsciously, your soul is aware of just how impactful these life changes are going to be for you. You find at this time that not only is your intuition growing stronger, and more precise, but you are manifesting at a much more rapid rate than you have previously.

Once you grow closer to your soul’s purpose, your gifts will always grow, continuously, as you do.

The devil warns of allowing your lower nature, or your subconscious egotistical desires get the better of you at this time. Be careful not to fall into old patterns, and temptations, though there are many around you at this time who may attempt to trigger you into these old ways. As much as you are drawing closer toward the light, there are still many souls who are repelling this light, souls with heavy energetic density who find it difficult to make the switch into this lighter state, (as we draw closer toward Summer), and prefer to drain others in order to sustain their quickly depleting life force. The trick for you is not to allow yourself to be fed from. You know what you have to do now. You know who you are. And this was the biggest, (not the best), part of the journey. The rest now, is all about fully stepping into your role – However, this will be easy for you to do once you remember why you are doing what you are doing.

It is not a temporary role that you are stepping into, but it is everything that you have ever deserved, and desired. There is absolutely no reason for you now to allow your boat to be rocked.

As I mentioned, manifestation is very potent right now, so try to keep your thoughts most positive. If you are realising the magnitude of your power, then surely you realise the level of control you have when it comes to plummeting into darkness, or choosing to rise in consciousness. It may be comfortable on a beneath the surface level to wallow in our own misery, and to fall back into patterns associated with negative thinking and fears, but we have learnt over the years that this does not serve us in any way. We are desperate for happiness now, and this means making a greater effort towards it..

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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