Twin Flame (Divine love) Weekly Reading 30th May- 5th June; Role reversal.

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Main theme: Page of pentacles, What both twins are experiencing: The wheel of fortune, Masculine: Death, King of cups, The fool, Feminine: Ten of cups, Seven of pentacles, Ten of swords.

Before I begin, I would just like to note once again, that this reading is not limited to those who identify with the term twin flames alone, and high level soul mates should find great solace in these readings. Once again, the terms masculine, and feminine are actually interchangeable, and not always dependent on one’s gender. A woman may identify with the masculine side, perhaps because she is the masculine energy in the relationship, and vice versa.

This week, with the page of pentacles as the main theme, it appears as if both twins are rather money motivated, and career oriented this week. Perhaps they have both come into the knowledge that success in relationships is very much strained when there is not balance and security in other areas, particularly the area of work. One of the most important ways to maintain healthy boundaries in a relationship, is to have BOTH partners be self sufficient, and working on nourishing something that exists outside of the relationship, as well as in.

Perhaps there has been a new idea, or promise of a business growth on one or both sides, very likely a business that involves the balancing of energies, whether this is a masculine + feminine business fusion, or whether it is the stability of learning to balance their emotions in the relationship, that has given them this new found clarity, in order to take on more work, and more opportunities.

What both twins are experiencing this week is good karma with the presence of the wheel of fortune. They have both grown rapidly over the period of this year alone, learnt many lessons, and they are now starting to implement these changes, and lessons into their daily lives, which  no doubt makes spirit very proud, and very happy to dish out a dose of that well earned evolutionary karma.

They may find this week things falling into their laps, at the perfect time, but it is very important to remember to stay both humble, and thankful. If divine lovers do not practice gratitude, or modesty, they may be cast upon, just as many lesser Gods in history have been, for getting a little too big for their boots.

On the side of the masculine, woah he is experiencing quite the big transition this week. The death card suggests a complete death of his old ways of living, believing, and thinking. When we throw karma into the mix, (wheel of fortune), it looks as if he has had the chance to face his shadow self, and think about alot of the actions in his past, and where they have led him to currently. He has probably been feeling a little bad about acknowledging who he was in the past, and some of the ways that he inflicted pain, and unnecessary damage, especially in the area of love.

This is calling for him to soften his heart even more, and to retrace where his own carelessness, and sometimes callousness came from. This is the soul wake up call that he needs. The king of cups suggests that this is a merging of his feminine nature, essentially him coming home to himself. This is the healing of the masculine template that we have actually been waiting for.

The fool actually walking towards the wheel of fortune suggests to us that his new beginning is triggered by his accumulated karma, and his desire to turn things around. He realises that in order for his life to see brighter days, and in order for him to get some of the happiness that he seeks, there are some vital changes that he needs to make, and one of them is associated with the way in which he treats people, and in expressing his emotions in a healthier sense. He is maturing, and a lot of him feels very remorseful toward the feminine template, although over on her side, she does not feel too compelled to make him suffer, and here is why..

On the side of the feminine energies, we see the ten of cups, and the ten of swords. Tens in numerology are indicative of the ending of one cycle, and the beginning of another, so much like his death card, the feminine is also experiencing the ending of one phase of her life, and the beginning of an entirely new one.

With the ten of swords she is letting go of something that has been keeping the feminine for captivity for a very long time. This is martyr syndrome. Allowing anything, everything, and anyone to hurt you, just because the narrative of being hurt has become so consistent, and inherited within you. The feminine is realising that the wounded template does absolutely nothing but to actually manifest even more wounding. And ironically enough, in doing so, and finally giving up this desire to ‘punish’ the masculine for his mistakes, he is finally really feeling remorseful, and reflective over past actions.

This is not about, ‘I stopped caring so that you would run back to me’. This is really about the feminine standing strong in her own right, and finally returning home, to her. The one place that she has always needed to be. The seven of pentacles shows us that hard work, learning, and growth are at the forefront of her desires right now. For the first time, love does not need to be the centre of her realm, because it exists around her, within her, for her, as it always has.

This week, is not about the masculine feeling bad, and not about the masculine feeling punished. It may be a little hard on him, but this is all about prepping him for manhood, and stepping into bigger challenges that will cross his path on this journey. One of them being fatherhood, repeating the entire cycle, all over again.

Happy healing my sacred beings..


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One thought on “Twin Flame (Divine love) Weekly Reading 30th May- 5th June; Role reversal.

  1. I definitely resonated with this reading. Especially this statement, “This is really about the feminine standing strong in her own right, and finally returning home, to her.” Thanks for your wonderful insight as usual!

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