General Weekly Reading 2-8th May 2016; Freeing yourself of blockages

First of all, happy month of May my lovelies! I have been doing these weekly readings for about two months now, or a little longer I would say, and I am always so excited to be here delivering this information for you – Honestly, I get so excited to peel each card back, and see what energies lie in store for us every week. Because we are dealing with a new month, I will also begin working on the monthly life path readings, very soon. But I would like to inform you all that this month of May does come in with the energy of change, transition, and progression, so all of your efforts should definitely be focused towards how you can establish some expansion, and set some kind of foundation for yourself that implements change, or at least difference into your schedules, in particular, business (financial), career expansion, relationship progression, and self attuning.

In the middle of the spread, as always, I will have the theme of this weeks reading, which in this case, will be the theme of this week, and something to watch out for, or make sure that we are working on.

general weekly reading

Theme -Ten of cups, surrounding cards – Death (reversed), The king of swords, Five of swords, seven of wands.

So, this week, we are really focused on, and dealing with our ever lasting visions of happiness. We have been through the trenches, collected so many of the karmic lessons, and now, all that we really, and truly want, is to move on, and experience this bliss that we just know exists. The 10 of cups is all about completion, happiness, emotional satisfaction, and a new beginning that represents us leaving the old behind, and using all of our learnt lessons to build ourselves up.This talks of happiness in regards to both internal, and external relationships, and accomplishments in the work place.

We have our eyes on the prize, but is it enough to merely just want what we want? Well, the death card reversed tells us, that no, it is not enough to just ‘want’, this. In the upright position, the death card is actually an amazing card to get, because it signifies life transition, and a period in our lives where we can leave the old behind, and take on a new state, usually a more positive state, that is lighter, and transformed. In the reverse position, this points to obstacles in our path, and difficulties that make it near impossible for us to elevate ourselves in this way, and to bring newness into our lives.

We may be holding on to notions, or things of the past that keep us trapped in this cyclical depravity. This may even be behavioural instincts, imprints, and thoughts about the self that continuously play small, and do not allow for expansion. Keep your eye out for your self imposed restrictions this week, as they may be what is holding you back from elevation, and completion, as opposed to outside forces.

The five of swords corresponds to this idea of struggle, and contemplation, but I am really feeling as if this is internal road blocks, rather than anything external. Even if those in your immediate surroundings conjure up old feelings of low self worth, or karmic baggage, if it up to you to allow them to manifest, and how true you hold these perceptions of yourself, will determine whether you allow them to actually deter your path.

The seven of wands asks you to really stick up for yourself this week. You need to be your biggest fan, because you really do deserve the kind of happiness promised within the 10 of cups, but how will you get it, if you do not fight for it, and know with every fibre of your being that it is what you deserve? Step your game up this week. Believe in yourself more. Change your appearance. Rearrange your room. Try implementing a new food, or a new work out regime into your schedule. If you want change, you have to mirror this first within yourself, and it will begin to show in other areas of your life.

The seven of wands is all about standing firm, and standing your ground in the face of adversity. This card tells us, that yes, life is difficult sometimes, and often, we do have a lot of trauma, and drama in our path, but this does not have to stop us. Yes, it may slow us down, but there is no reason why we cannot stop, regroup, recalculate, and come back knocking, and stomping on that door to let us in. We know what we deserve, so why not make it more apparent to others in the way that we treat, carry, and present ourselves?

Mercury retrograde is all about this slowing down, and reassessing our lives, and ourselves so that we can come back stronger. So this really is the perfect opportunity to do this. Tune into yourself, and ask yourself, ‘What do I really want, and need at this time? And how can I make this a possibility?’ If you do not fight for yourself, then who will?

The knight of swords is this mental clarity about what matters need to be addressed, and an eagerness to come charging through with change, and conviction, regardless of what stands in our way. This is the energy that calls out to you this week, and this is the energy that you must maintain. Let’s be honest, beneath the surface, you know exactly what to do. What is needed, and expected of you, but for some reason, you take so long to do it, and procrastinate so much, and then blame everything else around you.

The knight of swords asks for some logic, and strategic approach. You want change, you get up, and you go, and get it, and let’s turn that death card upside down, and let’s collect all of those ten cups, for they belong to us, regardless!

This could also represent a masculine energy that comes into our lives and offers us this kind of balance, and logicality. If somebody new has come on the scene, then they may bring with them a level head, sound advice, guidance, and the kind of protection that we have been looking for.

I thoroughly hope that you  have enjoyed this reading my sacred beings!

And I bid you all a happy week of healing ~


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