Monthly Life Path Reading For All Life Path Numbers; Liberation, and inspiration. – June 2016.

Hello my lovelies! Because this reading is so late, I have changed the focus question from what should we be expecting this month? – To what themes, perspectives, lessons and messages should we take from this month in order to make next month better.

If you do not know your life path number yet, then just try my trusted method.

Add your entire birth date together, until you reach a single digit number, unless the sum of your birth date comes up to the numbers 11, 22, or 33, in which case – you do not need to simplify them once more because you are one of the master numbers.

Example – 10 December 1992

(10+12+1992) =  2014.

2+0+1+4 = Life path number 7.

General monthly reading – What was our focus for this month of June?

gen life path

Queen of swords, King of swords, Eight of swords.

Wow, so this month we were in our mind space ALOT. With two powerful representatives sat side by side, the queen of swords, and the king of swords shows that this month was really a bout liberating ourselves mentally, especially from this theory of entrapment that continues to manifest itself within our lives. This is about balancing, the marriage of the oppositional minds – You cannot escape your mind, so you have to find some harmony in there, somehow. The king of swords represents this clarity – knowing what to do to lift, and relieve your mental suffering, which is through being clear in your actions, and intentions, and expectations of others. This also represents growth, and maturity, you understanding that you cannot control the actions of others, or outcomes, you can only control the ways that you react to it. You got to know your shadow self a little bit better this month, and this does help you to keep an eye on your negative traits, and habits, including making things far worse within your mind than they need to be.

The queen of swords also suggests that this month you learned the importance of self expression. If you do not voice your truth, then how will others know how to respect you, and how not to cross boundaries? You cannot keep things trapped within yourself, because this is how negative experiences manifest. This also represents the balancing of the intuitive mind, with the rational, and logical mind. You realise the importance of both, so you really wish to organise yourself in this way. If you were once too harsh, this month saw you softening up a little, if you were once too soft, this month saw you sticking up for yourself a little more./


Life path 1(0). 

life path 1 june

Ten of cups, Two of pentacles, Justice.

This month life path 1, you were hit with some much needed realisations, and home truths. You spent a lot of this month realising, and sorting through what is really important. At heart, you are a family person, the heart of your community, and you take pride in standing up and caring for others in this way, but that has really taught you that you must be somewhat selfless in your actions – something that you were not so ready, and willing to own up to before. The ten of cups speaks of your desire to cultivate a happy family home, and to find some type of happiness that is deeper than day to day chores, and responsibilities. You need balance in your life. Perhaps you realise that your focus on money has driven you to neglect other areas of your life, including who, and what is important to you, and now you are determined to do things by the book. Justice speaks of your willingness to make a few tweaks and changes to yourself in order to become a better person, and to be a better provider, listener, or carer to those who depend on, and love you. This is nothing more important than family, and loved ones, and you are really coming to this realisation, and break through this month.You are asking yourself the bigger questions, What really matters? Who am I? And what am I doing to make sure that I am creating harmony, and balance, and not allowing my mind to get the better of me. This is a time where you are very desperate to play by the book. You are done with sneaky, underhand, or suspicious roles, and you just really want to balance your mental/material desires, with what is right, and what your heart speaks to you.

life path 2 june.jpg

Queen of wands, King of swords, Ten of pentacles.

This month, my darling number 2, you really do NOT want to be the push over anymore. You do not wish to be the one who blindly accepts everything, and you realise the importance of voicing your truth, and speaking about what really matters to you. The queen of wands is this sense of awakening that arises within you once you learn to be vulnerable in the RIGHT ways. Yes you are very sensitive, but this does not have to be an ailment. You realise with the king of swords that as long as you express your needs, and wants, and you are clear about what they are, then there is no reason for wires to be crossed, or for people to take advantage of you. You are growing a little more comfortable with that balance in the sense that you can tap into your intuitive side, and you can gain access to your rational mind, without compromising the two. Balance has been the most important for you this month. This is also about no longer being afraid to ask for help, or admit that in the building stage, everybody does require some assistance. Perhaps you held fears about others coming in to your life to introduce instability, but now you have realised that actually? It takes more than one to build something of substance. You may be healing fears, and issues that you have about members of the opposite sex (opposite energetic attraction), and perhaps you are now looking for somebody to share your success with. Success is boring alone. You need to be more balanced. You need to admit that sometimes you do need taking care of, even though you are highly independent, and there is no shame in that.

life path 3 june.jpg

Ten of cups (reversed), Knight of wands, Nine of cups.

Life path 3 – Do you feel as if you keep hitting the goal, but missing the target? Are things not moving fast enough for you? Have more patience my love. The 9 of cups does suggest that in the back ground all is well, and you are reaching a period of resolution, and fulfilment, perhaps you just want all of your eggs, in one basket, and you want it now.You have been feeling highly motivated, and inspired this month, and that is great, and that is beautiful, but you need to take time in remembering that not everything falls together at once. Appreciate things now because they are in that process of working out, do not be so hasty to have everything mapped out – nothing works like that. And this may even be a divine lesson in patience. For some reason, whatever you have been building, whatever doors you have been knocking on, spirit says that you are still just not ready, and that is why these things have not come to you – not because they are not GOING to come. You have to direct your enthusiasm in the right way, or you will become overly cynical, jealous, and critical of others who are walking through doors that you believe you should be walking through. For next month, I truly suggest that you take a step back, wait, take some time to do more planning, strategise more, learn from others in similar fields, and do not take this as a blow to your self worth, or your capabilities. Remember, that every great person once started somewhere.

life path 4 june

Ace of pentacles, King of pentacles, Ace of wands.

Lovely number 4 – You have been quite fortune this month haven’t you? Quite the journey that you have been on. This planning, and organisation thing, you truly have down to nearly a T. Something that you had been working on for a long time, gave you some results this month, and you are truly feeling yourself because of it. You started an entirely new journey, and this mirrors not only your financial pockets, but also how you are feeling inside. You are feeling much more hopeful because of this, and you must know that this is a new beginning, and in order to maintain it, you have to remain true to your spirit. The money, and the abundance will grow as long as you are doing what you enjoy, and as long as the focus is not only on the money. Your status, and your wealth is changing, and improving, and whilst you are enjoying this, do not forget about the ‘little people’ who helped make this a reality. Do not get too big for your boots, remember this is the beginning, and if you are careless with what you have, you may not see longevity. This could be a new job, new business venture, a raise, a promotion, or a project that has absolutely taken off. You currently have the power in your hands, but I do advise you to delegate it appropriately. Like I said, do not get ahead of yourself, do not belittle anyone because of your new found success, and remember, that it takes a team to build a house on solid ground.

life path 5 june

Six of cups, Ten of pentacles, Nine of wands.

This month number 5, it seems as if you may be healing financial wounds, and fears about not being good enough, or not being deserving, that stem from childhood. The six of cups sees you revisiting childhood for some reason. Maybe the loss of somebody from childhood, or the triggering of a childhood memory, has caused you to take a look at your journey. How far you have come, and who you are now. The six of cups and the 10 of pentacles outlines your desire to create a shift from who you were in the past, to who you can be in the future. You really do want financial freedom, but this is only so that you can ensure that you paint the life that you have always desired. You are reaching the ending of a cycle, and you can manifest an entirely new life now, but you will need to be honest with yourself about the things that are holding you back. you claim to want this freedom, but are you free first within yourself? Or, are you still a prisoner of the past, and of your mind?

You could be receiving inheritance from a family member that passed away, and the 9 of wands may be encouraging you to stay strong on this beaten path.You could be experiencing a much needed break from all of the trouble, and the struggle that you have been through by landing a new job role. If so, it is really important for you to gain ever greater independence. You have been thinking about your own family structure lately, and you are quite determined to create the happiness, and the togetherness that you yourself have not known. Perseverance is your mission. You have goal, you have drive, you have determination, you just need to ensure that you are not letting the past interfere with you.

life path 6 june

Knight of wands, Wheel of fortune, Seven of cups.

This month, number 6, you have some changes, and shifts occurring for you. Maybe life long dreams are becoming more apparent, and more tangible for you to see. The wheel of fortune is spinning in your favour, and you have had all of these options, and realisations being made apparent to you. Perhaps you have been in the midst of spiritual transition, and awakening, as your path and your purpose becomes more clearer for you. The knight of wands is all about your drive and your determination to see manifest your deepest goals, and desires, whilst the wheel of fortune is the universe cheering you on in your quest. You have had this illumination, where so much has become clear to you, and where you once felt a little trapped, now you are realising how much is actually at your disposal, should you want it. Stop at absolutely nothing. This is the making of you, and after all that you have been through? My do you deserve all of this.. It is important for you at this time to be focused, and plan each step of the way. If you get a little bit too overwhelmed with all of the options being presented to you, you may just end up not hitting any targets, or not reaching for anything. Do not be aimless in your desire for success, and happiness, know where you are going, and go there with joy, and enthusiasm in your heart. I feel that this is karmic pay back arriving to you for much of the good work that you have been putting in, for yourself, and for others.


life path 7 june.jpg

King of swords, Four of swords, Six of pentacles.

This month, my fellow 7’s and I, had a lesson in CLARITY. The king of swords assisted us to realise just how poisonous it is to be passive aggressive. We have had a lot of internal fights, and conflicts this month, and this was mostly because of our issues with expressing ourselves appropriately. We may be known for being loners, but that does not mean that we have to push everyone away, just because we do not know how to deal with them. We spend so much time stuck in our head, that we can often forget to be grounded, so this month, did not tell us to get outside of our heads, but told our heads, to get outside of us! Say what we really mean. Voice our truth. Our mind can be a danger zone when we make up theories, and expect people to know what we truly mean. If our needs are not met, we can not blame anybody else but ourselves, if we have not clearly dictated these means, and boundaries. This month was about speaking up, or practising the unleashing of our throat chakras. The four of swords indicates that what we really needed to do this month, was to rest, and contemplate. Fighting ourselves, and fighting others is futile, and only leads to mental exhaustion. We have healing that needs to take place, in the form of just calming it down, and toning it down, not everything has to be an ultimate battle for survival. We will only find the stability that we need, if we first have stability within ourselves. The 6 of pentacles addresses our give, and take relationship. With the four of swords, this talks about not being a push over, but not being overly domineering either. It is important for us to find that specific balance. Know when to speak up, but do not feel so reactionary, that you always have to pick a fight. Learn to express, without being venomous.  Share with others, and allow them to care for you. Do not shut the world out, but do not let too much in.

life path 8 june.jpg

The sun, Two of pentacles (reversed), Knight of swords.

Life path 8, this month, you are all about taking matters into your own hands, and creating your OWN happiness. You are sick of being and feeling imbalanced, internally, and externally. You have devoted so much time to acquiring wealth, and making sure that you are financially stable, that often you have forgotten to nurture yourself emotionally, and mentally. The sun card arrives to tell you to be a little more care free. Do not be so worried about instability. This comes from a place of fear, and you will find yourself working even when working does not fill you with joy – just so you do not have to face the demon that is LACK. Well..Surprise, surprise, what you are doing, is still deriving from that exact demon of LACK. You are fearful about not being enough, so you work yourself to the bone. Calm down. Enjoy the sun, Summer is coming, so maybe let your hair down a little, book a holiday, and actually see it through. Do not cancel because somehow you believe it will cut into your working time, or interfere with your career. Stop being boring – life really is for living. The knight of swords is all about you charging forward with actions once you realise what it is that you have to do. You realised this month, that you have to find some balance, because you have been over worked. Now that you know what it is, you need to ensure that you make some vital changes.


life path 9 june

Judgement, Knight of pentacles, Six of pentacles.

So this month, number 9, you had the chance to really look at your TRUTH. Who are you really? The good,.and the bad. You may have become aware of certain aspects of your shadow self that you were trying to suppress. The judgement card indicates this stripping of you so that you can come to see the reality of your situation, and your actions. Were there fears that you held about not becoming good enough, that actually kept you from expanding, and excelling yourself in many ways? Now, with the knight of pentacles, you are really looking toward a new horizon in terms of finance, and career. You have had a little boost of energy, and inspiration since you have done this soul searching, and realised what it is that you need to accomplish. You really want to be involved in service work, whatever you do, you want to feel like you have EARNED your money, and you are making a difference. In order to nurture others, you do need to nurture yourself, but not to the point of being oblivious to others needs, and wants. You need to be very honest with yourself at this time about your inability to be fully open, and receiving. You could be shutting off some of your blessings by being reluctant to be vulnerable to the truth of who you are. Your work purpose likely lies with healing, but you cannot step into this role fully, unless and until you are willing to heal the part of yourself that has doubts about who you really are, and what you should be doing.

life path 11 june

Seven of swords, Three of wands, The moon.

I am very proud of you this month number 11! You are making that LEAP into adulthood. The seven of swords suggests that even though you still may be looking back, you are only looking back in order to gain clarity about what is ahead of you. You have been mature enough this month to look at yourself in a light that puts yourself on blast. This is honesty about why your life situations, and experiences played out a certain way. Likely, you were not being fully true, or honest with yourself, about who you are, what you have been through, and what you truly want. The three of wands speaks of manifestation, and broadening your horizons. You have worked through a lot of the fears that you had about being too small, or being stuck in a sense. You may be booking a holiday, going travelling, or stepping outside of your comfort zone in some way. You are no longer interested in depriving yourself of life, and all that life has to offer, and this truly WILL reward you. The moon card suggests that you are getting rid of a lot of the delusions that you had about yourself, and the world. You are very powerful. And the world is not unjust. You create it, as you want it. This also speaks of your feminine nature becoming more conscious. You are allowing yourself to be loved more, and treated better by others, by loving and also treating yourself better. Perhaps this new chapter in your life has actually been triggered by you making peace with your more emotional nature. Emotions do not have to be bad. Your intuition is actually your best friend. Listening to your subconscious mind is healthy, especially when you make it conscious enough to heal you, and bring you truth. It is the suppression of this vital aspect of yourself that has previously kept you entrapped. Well done to you!

life path 22 june.jpg

The fool, Judgement, Seven of cups.

This month, number 22, you embarked on a new journey, and this journey was all about self realisation, and working through your karma. Whereas you previously may have shied away from working on your karma because you felt it would be too painful, you have been so much more honest with yourself this month, and it is paying off, because of how many doors that it is opening for you. Thank God you are a breath of fresh air away from the time where you once thought that you were cursed, and the universe was out to get you. Now, you are realising that what you thought was this curse, was really your own self perpetuated habits, and belief systems. This new journey that you are on, is going to allow you to see that life is full of enchantment, and wondrous things. You have the ability, and the opportunity to construct this life that you desire. You are the MASTER builder, please do not forget this because of stains of the past. You have to walk away from the past, and walk into the truth of who you really are. Look at yourself in a profound light. Do you really offer yourself the services that you wish others would offer you? Do you use your intense brain power to build, manifest, and motivate, or do you steer it toward mourning over the past, and looking back at what no longer is. You just need to be honest especially in terms of relationships, and past painful relationships. Why did they happen? What role did you play in their happenings? There is no victim of circumstances here. Rather energies were at play for specific reasons. The seven of cups arrives to show you that you can have a new beginning in life, and in love the moment that you want it, you just have to come out the other side of your realisations, and REALISE this.. There is so much on offer for you.


life path 33

The magician, Eight of swords, Ten of swords.

Life path number 33 – This month, you are arriving at the realisation that you do have the power to pull yourself out of your funk – and the universe has been showing you this using synchronicities, and signs that will make sense to you. You are the magician, powerful beyond belief, and capable of intense manifestation, yet you choose to play small sometimes, and just want to stay in your mind getting hung up on the things that you think that you cannot do, or cannot achieve. You are wasting valuable time, and with the 10 of swords, it appears that this is because of how unlucky you have been in love. In some ways, you have always sort of struggled with self esteem, and this relationship, or partnership has not helped in making you feel less than. Please know, that if you perpetuate these feelings, then you will manifest experiences that do back this up. Your powerful manifestation can go either ways. You can create great things, including yourself, or you can destroy yourself. You need to get up, and out of this victim, and poor me narrative. There is only one way to go when your heart has been pierced so severely, and that is up. But you must be willing to pull yourself up, and see your life blossom in these ways. Do you even believe that this is possible? Because if you do not, then nothing will really change. You do have this power. There are signs, and symbols everywhere for you to follow, so do not say that you have no idea where to start. You start with you. It all starts with you.


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What is the quickening?

What is the quickening?

The quickening can be described as a time when vast revelations, realisations, and enhanced perceptions are coming into play.

It is a point that most of humanity reach within the matrix, where it becomes apparent that there is a clear divide between the world of illusion, and the world of truth, and one of these truths become the one thing that once seemed illusionary, and slightly delusional – ‘Anything is possible’.

This is referred to as a quickening because traditionally, such revolutionary ideals about human consciousness, and the transition/progression of humanity as a collective took hundreds, even thousands of years to cement, and take place, however during a quickening, everybody seems to catch on pretty quick, and experience this grand, and vast change simultaneously.

This is a movement for the human psyche, although it may affect some individuals far more greatly, and the effects of the shift may be more apparent in those who were already accepting of this coming change, rest assured, it WILL have a profound impact on everybody.. And you will notice within the coming days many people who seemed as anti conspiracy, and anti hippie as possible spewing revolutionary ideals.

Once the veil of illusion has been lifted, people get to see that if the life they have lived has been a lie, then what is the truth? Beckoning them to go out in search for their OWN truths? Calling them to detach from the pseudo reality that has been served to us, and pursuing the manifestation of their own reality – no matter how wondrous, or complex.

This, is the quickening. Once they have made this desire to tap into their own inner worlds, their ability to tap into their dream dimension, and bring it into fruition, will have them living in a state that almost appears as a dream world. This is because it is..

Unplug from the collective dream of agendas, and dogma… And step into your own.

The world is y(ours). 

There is no way that you have not felt the new wave of ascension & elevation energy that has/& is currently pouring through.

This energy tends to arrive with, or rather as a pressure, pushing things intently to the surface& pushing other vital things away, in response.

This is all about no longer having the wool pulled over our eyes. Our rose tinted glasses are officially being removed& we are being asked to see the truth of ourselves, our lives, our governments, our parents, our societies, and our cultural backgrounds.

This is the truth coming in an a large scale& as we see hirearchal systems crumbling apart&not being as stable, trustworthy, or reliable as we once thought, (think brexit), we are being asked to take a deeper look at how we govern ourselves, and even better… Why we have allowed all of these systems to rule & control our modes of thinking&being, when there is nothing remotely perfect or sound about them?

This is the ultimate reclaiming of self.

Relationships falling apart at this time ARE a blessing.

I can almost guarantee that these will be relationships that mirrored past relationships, or, you may have noticed that conditions only grew worse because you once again, did not learn to hone your intuition.
Those of us who have been doing this work for a while, empaths& highly sensitive old souls will acknowledge we have broken through the thresh hold of duality, yes, we still experience moments of old triggering& alerts to the inner child (who is recovering, at its own pace), but we have become much more adapt at being aware of what our inner child is trying to say, and how to soothe/nourish it.

Our manifestation abilities are absolutely soaring, as we realise that the 5th dimension& the path to true soul evolution/magiks, has always been encoded within the mind, and within the self.

You must see your shadow self, in a new light, face to face, in order for you to know what to leave behind.

This is not the process of becoming, this is the process of un-doing, coming home to the self& returning to whom we always were.

The remembrance&the quickening – call it what thou will. 

Twin Flame Weekly Reading 27th June-3rd July; The dynamics of destruction, and creation.

twin flame end june.jpg

Main theme – The tower, What is occurring for both twins – Page of wands, Masculine – Ten of cups, Ace of wands, Ten of pentacles.

Before I begin, I would just like to note once again, that this reading is not limited to those who identify with the term twin flames alone, and high level soul mates should find great solace in these readings. Once again, the terms masculine, and feminine are actually interchangeable, and not always dependent on one’s gender. A woman may identify with the masculine side, perhaps because she is the masculine energy in the relationship, and vice versa. Even if you do not identify with being a part of a divine love connection, you may check in with the energy that you resonate with, to see what themes you are influenced by this week.

Numerologically speaking, we  are moving through a period of the ending of a cycle, and lessons learnt 27th June  (2+7=(9) to, a period of creation, exploration, and manifestation (3) rd July.

This week, BOTH  twins have money on their minds, and have set their sets on exploration, and expansion. 

The tower, speaks of the type of destruction that must occur in order for creation to give birth. Think of child birth – arguably a very traumatic experience, the mother could die during labour, but out of that suffering, strife, and chaos, a beautiful child is born, and the cycle continues itself. This week is all about that cycle, and both sacred lovers harmonising with this, and not being thrown aback by the break down, or swift changes in different areas of their life.

This is more to do with the destruction of the ego than anything else. I feel that the tower represents the ego, and all of the illusions, and expectations that we hold up about ourselves, that can usually cloud ourselves, and our visions in love. The tower asks this week that we let go. All the stories we tell, all the dreams of perfection that we conjure. This does not mean that they do not exist. It simply means we need to be more aware of how certain ideologies and perceptions about the world, and ourselves entrap us. The tower clears things out of the way, pretty swiftly, in order for new things to come together. What you once knew is changing, you are recognising, acknowledging new things. This is much about the quickening that I referred to last week. Things are happening pretty fast this week. Sudden realisations, and epiphanies that shatter what you once thought you knew. This is all about transformation – the element of fire, strength, wisdom, courage, and knowledge being learnt through the rubble.

The page of wands refers to the strength of the spirit that is born through this type of transformation, and life awakening. The page of wands does represent a fairly younger figure, and for this reason, I dub this symbol the inner child symbol. This is the message to become more at home, and one with ourselves once we have shed the ego self. This is the creation of the original self, the self before all models of the ego were introduced through fear, and pain.

Over on the side of the masculine, he is coming to the end/completion of a cycle, and getting ready to embrace a new period within his life, as depicted by the ten of pentacles, ten of cups, and the ace of wands. This is all about a new direction of spirit, he is looking at the bigger picture now, what it really means to be whole, and what it means to be himself – his true self. Emotionally fulfilled, and nourished, without fear or pride. He is experiencing transformation. Perhaps he recognises the importance of creating the family home, and setting that he never had, and he realises that in order to do so, he must first start with himself. 

He truly wishes to be a responsible figure now, and he is thinking of investments, homes, pension plans, stock markets, you name it. He wants his name in the sand, and in there permanently, but I do get the feeling that he realises that all of this is futile if experienced alone. He is mature enough now to take this new direction, which will require him to leave old things behind, and venture in unfamiliar territory.

As for our lovely feminine this week, she too is also feeling the call of the wild, the desire to spread her wings, and branch out. She is experiencing a little bit of spoilt brat syndrome this week with the four of cups, and the seven of pentacles. The four of cups suggests that she is just not seeing the amazing opportunities, and the promise of a new and fulfilling life that is before her. Sometimes, she acknowledges it, and places energy towards it, other times, she criticises, and doubts herself, and still gets caught up in the old ways of thinking/feeling. The world card shows that the world IS hers this week, what more could she possibly want? The wheel of fortune is turning in her favour, but perhaps not as fast as she would prefer.

Whilst she is anxious, and impatient to get out there and show the world the great gifts that she offers, the masculine is thinking about settling down, and setting up shop, which once again shows the sort of role reversal in energy dynamics – symbolic of the balancing out that has been occurring over these past few weeks. She ( the feminine), believes in herself now, and she is ready to explore this, but she must remember, that if change happens too fast, then she will likely miss the journey to the top. It is the JOURNEY that is most important, this period is very significant, and if she rushes it, she will look back one day and wonder where it all went. 

The seven of pentacles speaks of her waiting for the harvest. She has worked so hard over this period of time, especially since the course of this year, and she can feel, even taste the change, and this has only enhanced her hunger for more change. Relax butter seed. Your change is here, it has come, it has arrived. Stop waiting for it as part of a huge sign, of writing in the sky. Just LOOK….And you will see.

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

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General Weekly Reading 27th June- 3rd July ;Moving through the stages of darkness.

general weekly.jpg

Main theme: Nine of wands, Surrounding cards: Three of swords, ten of wands, four of cups, six of wands.

The theme of this week, is heart break, and the resilience, and the strength that it builds.

Perhaps this week you may be recovering from some bad news that you received, some disappointment, or trying to recover from something that triggered an old, but opened wound within.

The main theme, the nine of wands ensures that you practice the strength, resilience, and courage that you have picked up from dealing with this situation, or something similar multiple times in the past. You are no stranger to adversity, in-fact you have built quite a spiritual rap sheet just from your ability to endure pain, and turn it into triumph, and this is no different from what you will be expected to do this week.

Numerologically speaking, we are moving through a period of the ending of a cycle, and lessons learnt 27th June  (2+7=(9) to, a period of creation, exploration, and manifestation (3) rd July.

You must take all of the lessons, wisdom, and knowledge that you have acquired from your experiences with pain, and mishap, and use this to your advantage now. The nine of wands is all about the completion of a cycle, (as is this ten of wands), standing strong, and effectively changing the course of your karmic destiny, and history. No more are you willing to abide by the martyr complex. You are saying goodbye to something that enables, and perpetuates your narrative of pain. You are recognising that you DO have a conscious decision whether to engage in low vibrations, and cycles of deprivation, and you are refusing to be this emotional sponge that just soaks up everything.

There is something that is occurring within the background, and playing on your mind, and where perhaps in the past, you would have given your full energy to this matter, and let it overcome you, you are now, today, this week, fighting with everything that you have just to reclaim your piece of sanity.

You have come much too far to lose it all now, and watch it unravel, and I believe that on a very, very deep internal level you know this. You are very determined not to let the minor things effect you anymore. Well done for realising that they are minor – only a few months ago, they may have sent you off the deep end! Growth – make sure you are noting this!

The three of swords signifies a new chapter in love, and matters of the heart. You are changing the way that you view love, and being in love. There is a lightness that wishes to emerge within your heart, that no longer wants to cling to certain depictions, and fairytale-esque endings. You realise how this deprives you often of seeing the reality of love – whether this be good, or bad.

The six of cups shows that this is a childhood issue, and perhaps in childhood you may have imagined the perfect partner who would come and rescue you from all of your doom, and gloom. It is time for you to recognise, that the only one who can save you from such is yourself, nobody is perfect, and putting that amount of pressure on somebody in love, only beckons disappointment, and reeks of manipulation.

The six of wands is all about your battle cry, and your victory roar. I feel like the 6 of cups, and the 6 of wands are truly communicating here. It is your recognisation of childhood triggers, and this fear of losing in love that will allow you to set yourself free, and see the bigger picture here. You have grown so very much, and you are accomplishing so much in such a short space of time. You are very strong this week, and you are learning the importance of no longer being so easily rocked by life’s events.

Life does move on. Things do go on.

Even if this does not speak of a romantic situation this week, and points to our grievances with family, or friends, do not count your losses here, because spirit shows there is something far bigger, and more significant occurring in the background. Do not let the smoke, and mirrors fool you. There is an energy currently of political, and global unrest, and no doubt that that has something to do with the added toxicity in the air.

Try not to get too distracted. Remember that you are  constantly buying energetic experiences based upon your own energetic vibration. If somebody keeps treating you as a victim, perhaps check the ways in which you are stepping into this victim role, and giving them the energy that they need to ‘dose up’ their narcissisms, or energetic vampirism.

Please keep your head afloat, and above water my lovelies! I encourage much rest, much meditation, and much nature for you this week..Try to stay in tune with yourself, as much as possible!


Happy healing my sacred beings ~

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Twin Flame Weekly Reading; 20th-26th June – Powerful healing and acknowledgement.

twin flame last june

Main theme – Four of cups, What both twins are going through – Eight of cups, Masculine – Eight of wands, King of wands, Seven of cups, Feminine – Two of cups, The star, The chariot.

Before I begin, I would just like to note once again, that this reading is not limited to those who identify with the term twin flames alone, and high level soul mates should find great solace in these readings. Once again, the terms masculine, and feminine are actually interchangeable, and not always dependent on one’s gender. A woman may identify with the masculine side, perhaps because she is the masculine energy in the relationship, and vice versa.

This week, both twins find themselves delving a little bit deeper into themselves, still. The four of cups is all about this period of self assessment, and self analysis. This is tuning out of the world, and dialling into one’s self. If the twins have previously been running from themselves, and running from their truth, then this week, is the week that they will finally face their own selves, their selves in totality – their darkness, their demons, and their light. This is no longer focusing on one aspect of the self, but rather the full version of the soul, and all of the things that the soul comes with. This is getting to know themselves on the most intimate level, so thankfully – this is the one thing that will bring them healing. Deep contemplation WILL bring overall understanding.

Such deep contemplation, and focus on the shadow aspects will lead both twins this week to mentally and emotionally sort through everything that no longer serves them, enabling them to let go. The eight of cups is the process of abandoning everything that is energetically binding, for negative reasons. The twins CAN see a new dawn on the horizon right now, and nothing is about to stop them from achieving this. They both want freedom at this point, and freedom looks like leaving the BS behind, and after everything they have been through? They are more than ready, and willing to do this – to go to battle FOR themselves.

The masculine this week has SO much information, and news rushing to him – this is all as a result of his self reflection, and self studying. He is beginning to piece together the bigger picture, the huge puzzle – why things have been as they are, and what he needs to do to get himself into the role of the king of wands. He is beginning to believe in himself again, and awakening to the reality of his spiritual heritage. The seven of cups is all about his spiritual process of finding, and identifying with himself. Delving deep into the self, and realising that he is pretty powerful all in his own right. The king of wands is awakening of the chakras, and aligning of each chakra. His sexual centres, are merging with his heart centre, (masculine, and feminine balance), and he is realising that this integration is most vital to his healing process, and also very vital in terms of his career.

Over on the feminine side, we can see with the presence of the two of cups that she is ALSO this week balancing her masculine side, with her feminine side, for a long time she has been what we would call hyper feminine, and this actually kept her from actualising her goals, and becoming the best version of herself, particularly career, and self image wise.

It was the masculine who triggered this balance, and awakening within her, but she is now becoming a power house all on her own, and taking that drive, and determination to be better, to the next level. She knows what she has to do now, and the chariot asks her to go RIGHT ahead, there is nothing holding her back anymore, not even herself, so with the chariot by her side, she is in control of her life now, she is in the steering seat, and she can go anywhere, accomplish anything, and make of her dreams what SHE wants. Yes, this is a very powerful position that she finds herself in this week, and I have never been happier for her..

The star card symbolises her sense of renewed hope. Things no longer appear so bleak, so cloudy, and so out of reach. She can see now that this was all a product of her mental state, and the limitations that she was placing upon herself. This is about breaking free from anxiety, and ACTUALLY challenging depression and low vibrational energies, as opposed to just allowing them to seep through, and merge with her..


Happy healing my sacred beings!

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General Weekly Reading 20th-26th June – Success is in the sights! Goodbye to fears of completion, and illusion.

general last june

Main theme – The king of pentacles, Surrounding cards – Three of cups, Six of cups, Nine of cups (reversed), Nine of swords.

I am absolutely loving the spread that we have here in front of us for this week! The MAIN theme being the King of pentacles tells us that this week – we are all about the money, and all about the status. Whatever we have been building or working on, is beginning to pay off, and no doubt we will reap the rewards. This is a direct reflection of this new found belief we have in ourselves, and our determination to succeed, and be great no matter what. We may still suffer from the occasional procrastination, but all in all, we are more focused now on the end result, and the goals that will bring us all of our gains.

It is almost as if we are awakening from a period of slumber, the not believing in ourselves, and surrounding ourselves with thoughts, habits, and behaviours that re-affirm this lack of belief that we had in ourselves. The king of pentacles is balanced in his masculine energies – he knows that in order to succeed he needs to work for it, and he is ready to put on this show, and claim everything that is so rightfully his! Yes – this does apply to us no matter what gender we associate with.

The six of cups talks about this inner child healing that must take place in order for this self actualisation, and driven determination to occur. We need to actively work on old issues that we have to do with fear of not being enough, fear of being too much, and fear of everything coming together, as shown by the 9 of cups in reverse. This is a fear of completion, a subconscious fear of everything being perfect, and finally coming together. We fear that if this were to happen, then we would be devastated should everything fall apart.

The 9 of swords mentions this type of mental worry, and it should be noted that the number 9 in itself is a number representing completion, and wholeness, and this is exactly what this week hopes to achieve for us. We are recognising that all of our anxieties, and negative thoughts about ourselves stem from child hood patterns, but this gives us the advantage to heal them, and make light of them. What was hidden in the shadows, will be revealed to us this week.. We just need to take the time to listen, and be patient with the self on the quest for all that we have always longed for…

The three of cups suggests a more care free nature developing in us this week. We are more open than ever to sharing our light, our gifts, and our talents with the world, and showing others what we have to offer through meeting up with friends, and being a little more sociable. This goes hand in hand with believing in yourself – you are starting to recognise that you actually do have a lot to offer others, a long way away from your depressed days of thinking that nobody wanted to spend time with you!

Everything that you desire is coming to you love bug – keep your head up. Healing is as much about triggering, as it is about, well – healing. So do not take anything that comes up to the surface to mean regression, you are getting there – BOY ARE YOU GETTING THERE!


Happy healing my sacred beings!

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Life Path 22 – The master builder.

If you know me, and you know about my numerology/spiritual dedications, then no doubt you knew this one was due today lmao..

The absolutely, magnificent, wondrous and fantastic life path of the master number 22, could not be represented by a more worthy component.

Born 16th June (6), 1971, not only was Tupac the life path 22, but he also held the powerful and potent psychic energies of the number 7, with his birth day being the 16th (1+6). This gave him his analytical edge, on top of the intense intuitive knowing provided behind the number 22.

This number takes all of the attributes of the master number 11, and multiples, and emphasises them.

Highly sensitive, hyper intuitive, highly creative, this is the number of the MASTER builder. The bridge of the gap, the mission statement of those holding this number is to bring something into existence that does not already exist.

For this reason they are equipped with not only vast wisdom, but the desire to understand, piece puzzles together, and consume vast knowledge.

Displaying extraordinary skills from a significantly young age, they are spiritual channels, driven by their intense inner world to do Good. To bring peace, harmony, and resolution to those who have also suffered a similar fate to their own, whether it be poverty, or neglect, as it typically tends to be.

Oprah Winfrey (Life path 22).

This is a very karmic number, they always understand karma better then many other numbers, and perhaps this is how Tupac always held this sort of prophetic wisdom, that is often referenced even today in popular cultures. Interviews he gave several years ago, are still today proving themselves to be true, and apparent.

He was also very much aware of his own impending death, possibly as a result of the karma that he knew he had accumulated. 

This is, the dark warrior, the hero who arises after a series of numerous trials, and tribulations.

A true heroine of our time. This life path number is also shared by Oprah, and KRS1.