General Weekly Reading 6th-12th June; Death, birth, journey to success.


gen june

Main theme: Death, Surrounding cards – Page of pentacles, King of swords, The empress, Nine of swords.

This week, my dear lovers, we are dealing once again with the theme of death. Now, usually the death card does not speak of death in a literal sense, and actually points to life transitions, but this month, and this week in particular, I believe that this card serves a dual purpose. And we actually are too looking at themes of dealing with human death, physical death, and making peace with the people who we have lost in our lives. This period is very much about accepting divine flow, the ebb, and the flow of life, and coming to acknowledge how everything works in harmony with everything, even whilst it does not appear that way.

We may have lost people that we care about to physical death around this time last year, or perhaps it is that the fear of the topic of death is being slowly eradicated, as it is forced down our throats practically with all of the celebrity deaths this year!

However, we ARE also going through major life changes, and transitions at this point, especially to do with our shadow selves. We are leaving behind a lot of the thoughts, principles, and behaviours that keep us in lower vibration because we are finally coming into the awareness of how they control, and motivate our lives. In order to accept newness, and to bless fresh joy into our leaves, we need to free our palms by letting go of what already has been, and the desire to control what is. This is essentially what death teaches us – that we have no control. And this needs to be a way of life. This needs to be okay.

With the 9 of swords present, it appears as if we still have some fears, worries, and doubts about letting go, and about letting life flow in its natural sense. We fear that if we are to let go, there may not be any tight rope waiting to catch us, or we fear that our worst nightmare (loneliness), will reap its ugly head, and stay. So, this week is just about confronting that instead of fear, our shadow self can give into feelings of vulnerability. Feeling lonely is about to start not feeling so lonely..Especially when we realise that we are never alone. We have an entire universe inside of us, and we may do with it what we please. All of the angst and the worry about being too much, being seen, and being accounted for, will melt away this week. You have big dreams, big goals, and big visions, and you have to throw fear out the window in order to step into these super size shoes!

The page of pentacles speaks of this fire power that you have. You have the manifestation potential to be just as powerful as you have always dreamt of being. You already have the seed of an idea planted, you just need to stop procrastinating, and let your intuition guide the way. Voices in your head are telling you where the real success is it, where you should invest, and how you should expand your business. Listen to this, this is all to do with this process of transition and transformation that you are starting to experience.

Hey, if you want to stop playing small..Then you’re going to want your bank account to stop playing small! The page of pentacles may also be news you are receiving, or a sign of how well your business venture, career enterprise is actually going at this time. This may be the well needed recognition that you have been waiting for, or maybe this week, you will be told by the right person that you have just what is needed for their company/business! Think big, and go right ahead!

The king of swords represents this clarity that is with you at this time whilst you are figuring out who you are. You are beginning to see what serves you, what holds you back, and what people, and places contribute to your moods, and belief systems. In this way, you can eliminate previous aspects of your ‘karma’, because you actively avoid feeding into old scenarios, and stereotypes. You know what you need to do. And you know where you need to go, the only person that can really trip you up on this journey now, is yourself.

The empress can be representative also of birth, and life, fertility, once again playing on the theme of death inviting newness, and higher states of awareness. Birth is a shamanistic experience, that truly does elevate a woman’s consciousness.

But judging by the authoritative presence of both the king of swords, and the empress, you actually are fast coming into the belief that you are somewhat royalty, somebody of prestige, deserving of special treatment, or recognition, and sure enough, you are willing to work to prove this. You may be purchasing some new clothes this week, truly feeling yourself, or perhaps you want to experiment with your hair, your make-up, your physical features, all in attempts to physically articulate the internal and mental changes that are taking place…You go right ahead baby! THIS IS YOUR REBIRTH.


Happy healing my sacred beings..

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