Twin Flame Weekly Reading; Karma, and spiritual inception.

twin june

Main theme – Seven of wands, What both twins are experiencing – Knight of cups, Masculine – Eight of cups, Judgement, The high priestess, Feminine – Page of wands, Wheel of fortune, The sun.

Before I begin, I would just like to note once again, that this reading is not limited to those who identify with the term twin flames alone, and high level soul mates should find great solace in these readings. Once again, the terms masculine, and feminine are actually interchangeable, and not always dependent on one’s gender. A woman may identify with the masculine side, perhaps because she is the masculine energy in the relationship, and vice versa.

So, this week, the main theme that occurs in the lives of both twins, is the seven of wands. Quite an interesting card, this suggests a battle, an internal battle, or a battle on the spiritual level that both twins have had to endure. This is something that they have been fighting with all of their lives, and it has been pretty much their soul imprint, to evolve, mature, and transition in this way, on a very deep soul level. This is the battle for spirit. Will they be consumed by the depths of ego, and darkness, or will they rise up in love, and light? Either way they choose to go, both twins would have done so to extremes. This is just the magnitude of their vibration, of their gifts.

This card shows that despite everything that the sacred lovers have gone through in life, and have dealt with, they ARE going to be okay, and if there was ever a time to see that, it really would be this week.

I describe this week for sacred partners, as a week of coming outside of the other end of the tunnel. It’s like both partners were in some sort of dark tunnel, driving along on the journey of life, on a very narrow road, clouded with shadows, and darkened edges, and now, as they come out, they will see exactly what has been going on around them, and because of them.

The page of cups, what both twins are experiencing this week, is symbolic of some sort of offer, I am getting a ‘final offer’. But not really final in a sense, although for some reason, this week, it seems like a much bigger deal. The feminine could be turning away from the masculine, and his efforts of redemption, and reconciliation. He may be offering her his hand in love, in return for her forgiveness, and in doing so, he faces his own shadow self, and his own darknesses.

It is not necessarily forgiveness from the feminine that he craves, as much as he craves forgiveness from himself, for everything, but he may not recognise this on a surface level, and may just think that his pain is all about the feminine, rather than triggered by her, but implemented, by him.

The judgement card is indicative of him turning inwards, and consulting with his higher self about who he is, who he has been, and what way he will turn now. He’s got some serious sorting out, and piecing together of his life to do, and he knows this now, because he stands bare in-front of himself in a way that he never has.

The eight of cups tells us that this week he is letting go. Whatever awakening the feminine has triggered within him, is allowing him to acknowledge the thoughts, behaviours, actions, and things that no longer serve him, and he is making an active effort this week to rid himself of this type of baggage. There are a lot of things that he is karmically attached to, this is associated with his negative karmic build up. This may be certain addictions, pathological lying, avoidance personality type, or belief systems conjured by his society/community, and this week sees him assessing how many of these habits of his really serve him, and how many have led him to make the wrong decisions in life?

In many ways, this is the clearing of the soul. The high priestess represents his higher consciousness, which ironically, takes the form of the divine feminine. Much like the feminine has a divine masculine counterpart leading her to wholeness, the masculine has this wise woman (the feminine essence) guiding him toward appropriate healing, and allowing him to listen to his own subconscious, and his intuition about what is right at this time. This is the very nature of divine love, bringing one home back to one’s self.

Over on the feminine side, she is also experiencing this type of spiritual evolution, and re-generation, the only difference is, she is quite at a different stage. Everything that the masculine is currently going through, she spent much of last year doing. She has been there, and done that, and now her soul searching and purging has brought her to this current place. This is not to say that she is finished in her work, or that she is perfect, or even that she is better than the masculine. She was just triggered earlier, in the same ways that girls are said to mature faster than boys, perhaps this is more to do with one’s socialisation in listening to, and trusting the development of self.

With the wheel of fortune, karma is turning in her favour. Her life is changing in ways most profound, and she is just about to get everything that she finally deserves. Her manifestation potential is ripened, extremely, her creative senses are at their highest, and she is finally being the nurturing parent for herself that she has always needed.

The sun card in conjunction with the page of wands, who tends to be quite a young, cheerful character, indicates that she is healing her inner child, and re-connecting with this sense of innocence, and joy. She may even meet up with old childhood friends this week, all in attempts to re-kindle the lost childhood.

She has done the soul searching that is presented to the masculine in the judgement card, she has done the letting go that is presented to him in the eight of cups, and she has listened to her intuition, as suggested by the high priestess, and now, she IS her intuition. The two, are one in the same, this is what provides her with such joy, and delight at this current time. She knows, what she knows.

She has been illuminated, and it is really all systems go for her, in any, and every direction she wishes to be pushed in!

Once again, I must state that this is not about punishing the masculine, and actually I am immensely proud of BOTH twins this week, in particular the masculine. He IS going to be okay. They are both exceptionally strong spirits, he really just needs to face himself. It is time.


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