New Moon in Gemini, meets Ramadan, Twin flames, Rebirth, facing the shadow self, and karmic weight.



So, a few nights ago, we experienced a new moon in Gemini. Now, although in the spiritual community the full moon is typically the most revered for marking manifestations, and incantations, I believe that the new moon is a very vital and pivotal time in our soul’s evolution, as we grow, and align with planetary motion.

The new moon is all about new beginnings, and I don’t know about you, but lately, I have been feeling like a lot is coming to an end in my life, so that a new beginning may emerge. I know you are all very familiar with this feeling..It is this strange sense of lingering anxiety, and sense that nothing is quite the same. You look back, and you know that you are no longer who you used to be, yet you look forward, and neither can you see a clear path to become who you are becoming.

Take ease. Remain calm. The path has not yet revealed itself so clearly  to you because it is to unravel, as you discover greater depths of yourself. It reveals, as you reveal.

During the new moon, we actually do not get a glimpse of the moon because it is so dark, the sun is actually not reflecting off of it, in the same ways that it does during the full moon. We can take this analogy to describe growth, and how this is a period for immense growth. From the darkness, all new life emerges. Yes, this is true of human birth (the womb) being the darkest place we know, in compost, where seeds grow, and roots sprout.. This is all about providing a back drop for progression to take place, and I know that a lot of you have probably been kind of feeling the heat lately.

New moons are also very much about letting go, this is why you will find that many women experience their menstrual cycle in accordance with the new moons arrival. This is all very symbolic of shedding, and transforming. We are shedding and transforming the way that we view our shadow selves – or ego selves, in order to understand them. 

If you look very closely, the symbol for Gemini also closely resembles the number 11, which is all about spiritual transition, and maintaining balance, through letting go of what is no longer necessary. 

New moon in Gemini asks us to do two things. One of them, most obviously, is to attain balance in our lives. The twins – representing Gemini is all about this balance. Masculine and feminine energies that you hear me speak of so much. Home life, and work life. Relationships, and the personal relationships that we have with ourselves. We are fast coming into the knowledge that the only way to live a life of some sort of security, or purity, is through balance. We must have balance in all that we do, because too much excess, is always unhealthy, and leads to overwhelm, underwhelm, or decay.

But one of the most specific things that we are asked to look at during this new moon, is the balance of the higher self, with the shadow self. Lately, I have been thinking all about how the shadow self is related to karma, and the karmic wounds and imprints we attach from our parents. Part of healing ourselves, and clearing our karma revolves around identifying with this shadow self, giving it a voice, and coming to understand it. New moon in Gemini asks that we do not shame our shadow self, or try to reject it, rather we should shine a light on it, much like the late, great Carl Jung professed. This is the only way.


I do not believe in spiritual philosophies that speak of killing the ego. The ego is in many ways masculine energies, it gives the drive for success, determination, and self autonomy. Too much of anything is bad. But not enough of something? Is JUST as bad. In the same way that we should not kill the ego, we should not neglect the shadow. We just have to remain aware of our shadow instincts and behaviours, so that we can over come them.

How does our conscious reflect our subconscious? Do we always claim to want a certain thing or search for a particular outcome, but underneath it all, create, and project a reality in which this outcome is unavailable? This is what we need to ask ourselves at this time.

Now, I found it most significant that Ramadan always associates itself with this type of moon cycle. It is always a birthing in a sense of a new period, also to set intentions, goals, and manifestations. Even those who do not follow the Islamic faith can take a lot from the abstinence, sacrifice, and devotion practised during the time of Ramadan.

In spirituality, we do this all of the time, give this great sacrifice, in order to show our belief, and faith in the greater divine. In the life of the empath, this is usually an emotional sacrifice, achieved through psychological strains, and struggles, that allows the empath to grow, and grow ever closer to the divine. These sacrifices really do define our growth.

This is a time of reflection. When we are asked to take a closer look at who we are, and the ways that we have been living. It’s all about slowing down. Simplifying. Quieting down. Meditating, in a sense. Refining. Cutting out what is unnecessary.

In terms of balance (once again referring to the new moon in Gemini), let us imagine a sea saw. If there is too much on the sea saw, it will tip over. For this reason, we must try to eliminate what does not serve us, in order to harmonise, and remain stable. In order to first know what does not serve us, we have to be vigilant. We have to know who we are. We have to trust ourselves, listen to our intuition, and I truly believe that this is a big part of what Ramadan is all about. Self tuning.


Twin Flames New moon in Gemini taro special.

The sun, The star, The world.

I find it quite significant how all cards chosen were in relation somehow to planets, or to the universe. This tells me that this new moon in Gemini asks twin flames, or sacred partners rather, to think big. Something big is happening, and it is time for you to use that guidance, and that illumination that you are receiving to steer your path in the right direction. No more procrastination. No more waiting for divine intervention. You are divine intervention. Let go of your worries, because you are truly engaging in a major cleansing, and rejuvenation process. Things are coming to light at this time that will make it so much easier for you to help and to heal the world in the ways in which you are destined to. Keep your eyes, ears, and lips to the skies.



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