General Weekly Reading 13th-19th June; Procrastination, and past explanations. 

general weekly 13

Main theme – Chariot (reversed), Surrounding cards – Eight of wands, Seven of cups, Six of cups, Two of cups.

This week, with the chariot is reverse, we are asked to be weary of procrastination, stagnancy, abstinence, and reluctance for change. When the chariot is not in reverse, it is a card of direction, and principle. This may represent somebody who knows everything they have going for them, and is desperate to work on these things, and move forward. This week, with the seven of cups also present, we may have so many things to accomplish, and so many options in our way that we just end up doing nothing.

This may be because we feel overwhelmed, or this may be because we secretly have an intense fear of failure, matched with a contradictory fear of success. We may feel on a subconscious level that we are not worthy of this success, and therefore may indirectly block our flow of abundance, by refraining from taking necessary action.

I recently wrote a post about excessive day dreaming, and ADHD on my instagram that you can check out NOW in relation to this post!

Perhaps you are not moving forward because you are far too comfortable in your surroundings, and you fear the effort, and the time that creating change will require of you. You need to stop being scared to fit into bigger shoes, stop trying to shrink, and second guess yourself. It is time to take all of your gifts, talents, and inspirations, and run with them.

You may be stuck relying on the fact that you have all of these ideas to potentially fall onto, and leave off of. Please understand that if you are not putting the work in, nobody else is doing that for you. You have to match your passion, with drive, it is the only way to get anywhere, any time!

With the eight of wands, it appears that messages are coming to us very fast this week, especially revelations, and much needed encounters. Check out my twin flame weekly reading, if this relates to you as a divine lover, or an empath in a romantic situation, and see if this reading covers some of these quick revelations that may be coming to you at this time.

With the 6 of cups, and the 2 of cups, it is very likely that it is a past lover, or childhood friend delivering this much needed guidance, and information. You may be reconnecting, or getting back in touch with a past lover this week in order to achieve some balance, resonance, and insight into your life, especially in to your past life (lives). This could be an encounter that causes you to understand your past self a little bit better, or your past relationships. Either way, there is a strong element of nostalgia present within us this week, and we ARE going to be finding answers to long winded puzzles.

Whatever occurs, the MOST important message this week, is to take the information that we learn, and the experiences from the past, and use them to move forward, and better ourselves as individuals, rather than taking everything as a blow to the heart, and to the ego.

Happy healing my sacred beings! ~


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