Twin Flame Weekly Reading – 13th-19th June; Realisations and foundations.

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Main theme – King of swords, what is occurring for both twins – The hermit, Masculine – The hanged man, King of cups, The wheel of fortune, Feminine – Temperance, Eight of swords, Six of wands.

This week, both divine lovers are experiencing a dose of their own realities. With the hermit, and the king of swords present, they are receiving the mental clarity that they need, by going deep within. This is a process of looking into themselves, the truth of themselves, and particularly their shadow elements in order to understand what has been navigating their karma.

This shows TRUE maturity, not just maturity on a basic level. The only way to truly understand one’s self, one’s life, and one’s karma, is through looking, and seeking within. This is how we refrain from making the same mistakes time, and time again. And this week’s theme, is truly about those mistakes. Those mistakes that we have made, and the things that we wish we could take back. We are being asked to see that we cannot take them back, because they were apart of our unique destiny, BUT what we can do, is work on ourselves, and our own inner mechanisms, in order not to keep attracting, or repeating those mistakes. It is time to take the rose tinted glasses off. Who are we? And who have we been in love?

With the hanged man, we are shown how the masculine is realising that he does have issues with control, and one of his shadow elements have secretly been his desire to control, as a result of an inferiority complex. To him, controlling his life meant that it could not fall apart, so he tried to maintain enough distance is certain areas, and hold on too tightly, or almost aggressively to other areas and ideals.

This week, sees him working through these issues that he has to do with control, and a lack of control. This is a relationship that has a theme in his life, and apart of his karma, as shown by the wheel of fortune. However, we are shown that he is effectively moving through, and working through this karma, as shown by the king of cups. This is him allowing himself to be a little more fluid, understanding, and self reflective. This is the kind of self analysis that allows for empathy to become apparent, empathy and understanding, particularly empathy in regards to past actions, and past relationships. This is really about showing him the hand that he has played in his own karma, and how to shift things a little bit – which will start happening now as long as he continues allowing himself to take responsibility, and accountability.

Both twins, can be a little bit, dare I say, manipulative? And this week they ARE starting to realise this, and are starting to make peace with this, the fact that they have actually not been as innocent in their transactions as they think they have. But like most things, this is almost always due to fear. So working through, and on these fears are making themselves known to both sacred lovers, this week. It is time to reflect, heal, acknowledge, and make peace with.

Over on the feminine side, she is realising with the eight of swords, that one of her things, is mental entrapment. This is one of the afflictions that have made it difficult for her to have and to hold harmonious relationships, and she is fast becoming aware of this. The eight of swords speaks of becoming trapped in our own philosophies, perspectives, ways of life, and beliefs.

She is taking responsibility by no longer playing the victim. Instead of saying, ‘This was done to me,’ now she is beginning to acknowledge, ‘In some ways, I was doing the exact same thing..’. This is the mirror of all mirrors for her this week.

The card of temperance asks that she maintains balance. Much like the masculine was obsessed with the element of control, as too was the feminine obsessed with controlling the outcome of situations, and relationships according to her own narrow ways of thinking, and expectations. This is how they have both been being manipulative.

The six of wands arrives however to tell her that this is her final battle/victory cry. This is one of the major blockages that has been afflicting her. Her issues with control, victimisation, and not taking responsibility. Just like this realisation brings the masculine a turn of events via the wheel of fortune, realising and releasing this also grants her karmic return immunity. THIS is how you break chains my lovely people..

The message is very clear to the feminine this week..That if she changes things according to these realisations, and epiphanies, the only probable outcome, IS success, on a grand scale. The appearance of two cards representing masculine characters,  (The hermit/King of swords) appearing as relevant themes even for her, show her willingness to balance her masculine side. Meaning what she says, and doing what she means. Bold expression, not holding her tongue once she has perceived something, but instead voicing it healthily, and directly, therefore lessening the chances of her needs not being met, or her being ‘victimised’ because she could not properly voice her opinion, and stick with it. This also gets her out of getting stuck in her head. Because the only reason she is so stuck in her head, is because she has all of these things that she does NOT EXPRESS!!!

This is absolutely beautiful, and I am VERY proud of both sacred lovers this week, because if you really look at these cards, and this reading, you see that both of them are actually going through the exact SAME thing, although these changes are manifesting in different ways. Both coming to terms with control issues, both working through karmic understanding, both CHANGING the course, and the direction of their destiny, and their relationships, according to this.


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