Dream symbolism – What do our dreams really mean? By Seek Cindy ~ 

I have spoken before of how important I feel that it is for us all to pay a little bit closer attention to our dreams, and dream world.

There are so many gems here, and dreaming//sleeping is the time in which we are most vulnerable to energetic or ‘spiritual stimuli’.

Whilst we sleep, our guard is down, our mind isn’t filtered by all of the rigid adult hood boarders we have constructed about our 3D reality (which is only just the tip of the ice berg’.

Sleep allows us to be lucid.. Pardon the pun, free flowing, vulnerable might I say, to whatever it is that our subconscious reality wants to show us – and anything else that may creep in with us to the astral plane.

Dreams about being chased are symbolic of periods in our lives where we may be avoidant, either towards ourselves or particular life transitions. In the dream, it manifests us as being chased because consciously, we cannot perceive a reality in which we are free of whatever it is that we are running from.

The fear experienced whilst running can be attributed to anxiety about finally facing up to the part of ourselves that we have hidden. Whether it be a fear of death, a fear of change, or a fear of embracing shadow truths.

When awakening from a dream in which you were being chased, the best thing to do is meditate, to ask yourself, what you could be avoiding, and being honest with yourself about what needs confronting.

To dream of a magpie, is symbolic of a period of transition. Associated with the crow family, you are also likely to find magpies hanging around a graveyard, or church cemetery, and for this reason, among many other folklore tales, they have been dubbed the bird of death – but not exactly in the ways that you may perceive.

Like all symbols of death, the magpie is also representative of new beginnings. If this happens to be your spirit animal, or you have been seeing this animal around a lot lately, this could very well signal the appearance of a transformative period in your life, one that sees you leaving old ways behind, and embracing new heights.

To dream of an owl, to have an owl appear as your totem animal, or Native American birth symbol, means that you are somebody who’s life purposes is suited towards seeking, and understanding the bigger picture in life..

Concerned with intense analysis, and the ability to perceive what others do not perceive, the bird represents your unparalleled vision, and ability to move Inbetween worlds by extracting knowledge from the ethers, that is not so easily extracted by the others.. The owl is also symbolic of death, and rebirth, so the appearance of this animal in your life may signify a forthcoming change, a significant break from routine, or a period of spiritual evolution.
If you identify with being a Sagittarius as apart of western astrology, then it is likely that this totem represents you, or similarly, if you identify with being an Ophiuchus as dictated by 13 sign astrology (like myself).

Also, if you hold the life path of 7, this animal symbol represents your ability to see beyond, and beneath the truth, penetrating the eyes of the soul.
If you have any particularly alarming or interesting dreams, and wish to decode them, email me via cindyanneh-bu@hotmail.co.uk and request a dream interpretation reading.

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