Life Path 22 – The master builder.

If you know me, and you know about my numerology/spiritual dedications, then no doubt you knew this one was due today lmao..

The absolutely, magnificent, wondrous and fantastic life path of the master number 22, could not be represented by a more worthy component.

Born 16th June (6), 1971, not only was Tupac the life path 22, but he also held the powerful and potent psychic energies of the number 7, with his birth day being the 16th (1+6). This gave him his analytical edge, on top of the intense intuitive knowing provided behind the number 22.

This number takes all of the attributes of the master number 11, and multiples, and emphasises them.

Highly sensitive, hyper intuitive, highly creative, this is the number of the MASTER builder. The bridge of the gap, the mission statement of those holding this number is to bring something into existence that does not already exist.

For this reason they are equipped with not only vast wisdom, but the desire to understand, piece puzzles together, and consume vast knowledge.

Displaying extraordinary skills from a significantly young age, they are spiritual channels, driven by their intense inner world to do Good. To bring peace, harmony, and resolution to those who have also suffered a similar fate to their own, whether it be poverty, or neglect, as it typically tends to be.

Oprah Winfrey (Life path 22).

This is a very karmic number, they always understand karma better then many other numbers, and perhaps this is how Tupac always held this sort of prophetic wisdom, that is often referenced even today in popular cultures. Interviews he gave several years ago, are still today proving themselves to be true, and apparent.

He was also very much aware of his own impending death, possibly as a result of the karma that he knew he had accumulated. 

This is, the dark warrior, the hero who arises after a series of numerous trials, and tribulations.

A true heroine of our time. This life path number is also shared by Oprah, and KRS1.


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