General Weekly Reading 20th-26th June – Success is in the sights! Goodbye to fears of completion, and illusion.

general last june

Main theme – The king of pentacles, Surrounding cards – Three of cups, Six of cups, Nine of cups (reversed), Nine of swords.

I am absolutely loving the spread that we have here in front of us for this week! The MAIN theme being the King of pentacles tells us that this week – we are all about the money, and all about the status. Whatever we have been building or working on, is beginning to pay off, and no doubt we will reap the rewards. This is a direct reflection of this new found belief we have in ourselves, and our determination to succeed, and be great no matter what. We may still suffer from the occasional procrastination, but all in all, we are more focused now on the end result, and the goals that will bring us all of our gains.

It is almost as if we are awakening from a period of slumber, the not believing in ourselves, and surrounding ourselves with thoughts, habits, and behaviours that re-affirm this lack of belief that we had in ourselves. The king of pentacles is balanced in his masculine energies – he knows that in order to succeed he needs to work for it, and he is ready to put on this show, and claim everything that is so rightfully his! Yes – this does apply to us no matter what gender we associate with.

The six of cups talks about this inner child healing that must take place in order for this self actualisation, and driven determination to occur. We need to actively work on old issues that we have to do with fear of not being enough, fear of being too much, and fear of everything coming together, as shown by the 9 of cups in reverse. This is a fear of completion, a subconscious fear of everything being perfect, and finally coming together. We fear that if this were to happen, then we would be devastated should everything fall apart.

The 9 of swords mentions this type of mental worry, and it should be noted that the number 9 in itself is a number representing completion, and wholeness, and this is exactly what this week hopes to achieve for us. We are recognising that all of our anxieties, and negative thoughts about ourselves stem from child hood patterns, but this gives us the advantage to heal them, and make light of them. What was hidden in the shadows, will be revealed to us this week.. We just need to take the time to listen, and be patient with the self on the quest for all that we have always longed for…

The three of cups suggests a more care free nature developing in us this week. We are more open than ever to sharing our light, our gifts, and our talents with the world, and showing others what we have to offer through meeting up with friends, and being a little more sociable. This goes hand in hand with believing in yourself – you are starting to recognise that you actually do have a lot to offer others, a long way away from your depressed days of thinking that nobody wanted to spend time with you!

Everything that you desire is coming to you love bug – keep your head up. Healing is as much about triggering, as it is about, well – healing. So do not take anything that comes up to the surface to mean regression, you are getting there – BOY ARE YOU GETTING THERE!


Happy healing my sacred beings!

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