General Weekly Reading 27th June- 3rd July ;Moving through the stages of darkness.

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Main theme: Nine of wands, Surrounding cards: Three of swords, ten of wands, four of cups, six of wands.

The theme of this week, is heart break, and the resilience, and the strength that it builds.

Perhaps this week you may be recovering from some bad news that you received, some disappointment, or trying to recover from something that triggered an old, but opened wound within.

The main theme, the nine of wands ensures that you practice the strength, resilience, and courage that you have picked up from dealing with this situation, or something similar multiple times in the past. You are no stranger to adversity, in-fact you have built quite a spiritual rap sheet just from your ability to endure pain, and turn it into triumph, and this is no different from what you will be expected to do this week.

Numerologically speaking, we are moving through a period of the ending of a cycle, and lessons learnt 27th June  (2+7=(9) to, a period of creation, exploration, and manifestation (3) rd July.

You must take all of the lessons, wisdom, and knowledge that you have acquired from your experiences with pain, and mishap, and use this to your advantage now. The nine of wands is all about the completion of a cycle, (as is this ten of wands), standing strong, and effectively changing the course of your karmic destiny, and history. No more are you willing to abide by the martyr complex. You are saying goodbye to something that enables, and perpetuates your narrative of pain. You are recognising that you DO have a conscious decision whether to engage in low vibrations, and cycles of deprivation, and you are refusing to be this emotional sponge that just soaks up everything.

There is something that is occurring within the background, and playing on your mind, and where perhaps in the past, you would have given your full energy to this matter, and let it overcome you, you are now, today, this week, fighting with everything that you have just to reclaim your piece of sanity.

You have come much too far to lose it all now, and watch it unravel, and I believe that on a very, very deep internal level you know this. You are very determined not to let the minor things effect you anymore. Well done for realising that they are minor – only a few months ago, they may have sent you off the deep end! Growth – make sure you are noting this!

The three of swords signifies a new chapter in love, and matters of the heart. You are changing the way that you view love, and being in love. There is a lightness that wishes to emerge within your heart, that no longer wants to cling to certain depictions, and fairytale-esque endings. You realise how this deprives you often of seeing the reality of love – whether this be good, or bad.

The six of cups shows that this is a childhood issue, and perhaps in childhood you may have imagined the perfect partner who would come and rescue you from all of your doom, and gloom. It is time for you to recognise, that the only one who can save you from such is yourself, nobody is perfect, and putting that amount of pressure on somebody in love, only beckons disappointment, and reeks of manipulation.

The six of wands is all about your battle cry, and your victory roar. I feel like the 6 of cups, and the 6 of wands are truly communicating here. It is your recognisation of childhood triggers, and this fear of losing in love that will allow you to set yourself free, and see the bigger picture here. You have grown so very much, and you are accomplishing so much in such a short space of time. You are very strong this week, and you are learning the importance of no longer being so easily rocked by life’s events.

Life does move on. Things do go on.

Even if this does not speak of a romantic situation this week, and points to our grievances with family, or friends, do not count your losses here, because spirit shows there is something far bigger, and more significant occurring in the background. Do not let the smoke, and mirrors fool you. There is an energy currently of political, and global unrest, and no doubt that that has something to do with the added toxicity in the air.

Try not to get too distracted. Remember that you are  constantly buying energetic experiences based upon your own energetic vibration. If somebody keeps treating you as a victim, perhaps check the ways in which you are stepping into this victim role, and giving them the energy that they need to ‘dose up’ their narcissisms, or energetic vampirism.

Please keep your head afloat, and above water my lovelies! I encourage much rest, much meditation, and much nature for you this week..Try to stay in tune with yourself, as much as possible!


Happy healing my sacred beings ~

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