Twin Flame Weekly Reading 27th June-3rd July; The dynamics of destruction, and creation.

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Main theme – The tower, What is occurring for both twins – Page of wands, Masculine – Ten of cups, Ace of wands, Ten of pentacles.

Before I begin, I would just like to note once again, that this reading is not limited to those who identify with the term twin flames alone, and high level soul mates should find great solace in these readings. Once again, the terms masculine, and feminine are actually interchangeable, and not always dependent on one’s gender. A woman may identify with the masculine side, perhaps because she is the masculine energy in the relationship, and vice versa. Even if you do not identify with being a part of a divine love connection, you may check in with the energy that you resonate with, to see what themes you are influenced by this week.

Numerologically speaking, we  are moving through a period of the ending of a cycle, and lessons learnt 27th June  (2+7=(9) to, a period of creation, exploration, and manifestation (3) rd July.

This week, BOTH  twins have money on their minds, and have set their sets on exploration, and expansion. 

The tower, speaks of the type of destruction that must occur in order for creation to give birth. Think of child birth – arguably a very traumatic experience, the mother could die during labour, but out of that suffering, strife, and chaos, a beautiful child is born, and the cycle continues itself. This week is all about that cycle, and both sacred lovers harmonising with this, and not being thrown aback by the break down, or swift changes in different areas of their life.

This is more to do with the destruction of the ego than anything else. I feel that the tower represents the ego, and all of the illusions, and expectations that we hold up about ourselves, that can usually cloud ourselves, and our visions in love. The tower asks this week that we let go. All the stories we tell, all the dreams of perfection that we conjure. This does not mean that they do not exist. It simply means we need to be more aware of how certain ideologies and perceptions about the world, and ourselves entrap us. The tower clears things out of the way, pretty swiftly, in order for new things to come together. What you once knew is changing, you are recognising, acknowledging new things. This is much about the quickening that I referred to last week. Things are happening pretty fast this week. Sudden realisations, and epiphanies that shatter what you once thought you knew. This is all about transformation – the element of fire, strength, wisdom, courage, and knowledge being learnt through the rubble.

The page of wands refers to the strength of the spirit that is born through this type of transformation, and life awakening. The page of wands does represent a fairly younger figure, and for this reason, I dub this symbol the inner child symbol. This is the message to become more at home, and one with ourselves once we have shed the ego self. This is the creation of the original self, the self before all models of the ego were introduced through fear, and pain.

Over on the side of the masculine, he is coming to the end/completion of a cycle, and getting ready to embrace a new period within his life, as depicted by the ten of pentacles, ten of cups, and the ace of wands. This is all about a new direction of spirit, he is looking at the bigger picture now, what it really means to be whole, and what it means to be himself – his true self. Emotionally fulfilled, and nourished, without fear or pride. He is experiencing transformation. Perhaps he recognises the importance of creating the family home, and setting that he never had, and he realises that in order to do so, he must first start with himself. 

He truly wishes to be a responsible figure now, and he is thinking of investments, homes, pension plans, stock markets, you name it. He wants his name in the sand, and in there permanently, but I do get the feeling that he realises that all of this is futile if experienced alone. He is mature enough now to take this new direction, which will require him to leave old things behind, and venture in unfamiliar territory.

As for our lovely feminine this week, she too is also feeling the call of the wild, the desire to spread her wings, and branch out. She is experiencing a little bit of spoilt brat syndrome this week with the four of cups, and the seven of pentacles. The four of cups suggests that she is just not seeing the amazing opportunities, and the promise of a new and fulfilling life that is before her. Sometimes, she acknowledges it, and places energy towards it, other times, she criticises, and doubts herself, and still gets caught up in the old ways of thinking/feeling. The world card shows that the world IS hers this week, what more could she possibly want? The wheel of fortune is turning in her favour, but perhaps not as fast as she would prefer.

Whilst she is anxious, and impatient to get out there and show the world the great gifts that she offers, the masculine is thinking about settling down, and setting up shop, which once again shows the sort of role reversal in energy dynamics – symbolic of the balancing out that has been occurring over these past few weeks. She ( the feminine), believes in herself now, and she is ready to explore this, but she must remember, that if change happens too fast, then she will likely miss the journey to the top. It is the JOURNEY that is most important, this period is very significant, and if she rushes it, she will look back one day and wonder where it all went. 

The seven of pentacles speaks of her waiting for the harvest. She has worked so hard over this period of time, especially since the course of this year, and she can feel, even taste the change, and this has only enhanced her hunger for more change. Relax butter seed. Your change is here, it has come, it has arrived. Stop waiting for it as part of a huge sign, of writing in the sky. Just LOOK….And you will see.

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

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2 thoughts on “Twin Flame Weekly Reading 27th June-3rd July; The dynamics of destruction, and creation.

  1. Your readings are always on point but today I am devastated…..with amazement! This is exactly where I am in my life…..You truly are blessed! Thank you for sharing this gift with us.

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