General Weekly Reading 4th-10th July; Strength, stability, and conviction.

general weekly reading

Main theme: King of pentacles, Eight of pentacles, Four of cups, Six of pentacles, Page of swords (reversed).

This week, we are dealing with themes of strong authority, conviction, resolution, and decision. The main theme being the king of pentacles suggests that this week for us is all about taking responsibility, taking control, and becoming our own boss.

With the eight of pentacles we are definitely interested at this time, in chipping away at something. We have some kind of vision, goal, or dream, and it is our desire at this time to make it a reality, and bring it into manifestation above all things. We are very likely to be gaining recognition, and attention for this craft that we love so much, but this is ONLY the beginning, and there is so much more to come for us, and so many blessings that lie in waiting.

The page of swords in reverse does suggest that somebody has been dishonest with us recently, or we are learning the truth of somebody’s motives around us. Somebody still has a lot of growing up to do, but that isn’t affecting us this week as much as it would have in the past. We are focused. We understand that we have a bigger goal, so we are not so pressed about the casualties along the way.

Perhaps many of us are acknowledging that although love is a very vital life force for us, relationships may not necessarily be the best thing for us at this time. It is time for us to pull our efforts, and our focus into the true work at hand, the responsibility that lies ahead of us in the work, and in the home.

The six of pentacles asks us to NOT be distracted by whatever is going on. Somebody here is clearly displaying some immaturity, perhaps inner child syndrome, and does wish to bring you down with them at this time, because they do not have enough life force to sustain themselves. The only way that you can remain on the right track is to truly focus on how far you have come, and everything that lies ahead of you. You have been there, done that. And the last thing that you wish to do is revert back to old ways, especially when you have such great potential, and promise at this time. The six of pentacles asks you to remember that you get in, what you put out. You cannot save others until you have secured yourself. So even if you would like to help, and support this person, you must ensure that you are first in a position where you are helping yourself. Nobody else is going to help you, but you.

Nobody else is going to be your hero, but you. So why are you spending so much time trying to be everybody else’s hero? Unless your work profession lies with supporting others, then you would do well to ask, are you giving away too much, and not getting enough back? Is somebody distracting you from the work that is at hand? Balance is necessary here. Perhaps you are over compensating because there was nobody to help you in your time of need — But who says that your time of need is entirely over? You are currently at the building stage, and every single move is vital, and should be well calculated.

Four of cups this week, is all about us taking the time to build, and establish a steady foundation inside of OURSELVES. It is time to get our emotions in order. We will always be emotional beings, we are humans, and there is nothing wrong with this, but if we can stir our emotions in the right way, and direct them towards our passions, we are literally home free! There is this brand new beginning waiting for us, and this emotional, and spiritual outpouring of love, freedom, and longevity, but you have to be willing to work just as hard as the eight of pentacles is telling you to. This is the ONLY way that you will see the fruits of all of your labour, and wishes coming true..

Pay attention to the prize right now, because it is closer than ever! Please do not get distracted by all of the things that may have pulled you down in the past. Be very weary of that old mind creeping in..That mind that just floats along life thinking that everything will be alright, somehow, someway, without having any plan. That may work out for people sometimes, but it is a very immature way to cultivate an existence. Have a clear, and thorough plan. Do not take responsibility for granted. Do not wait for things to somehow fall together, make sure, step by step, that loose ends are being tied up! This is your life…Nobody else is going to take these steps for you! It is time to be your OWN parent.


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