Twin Flame Weekly Reading 4-10th July;

twin flame weekly reading

Main theme: Ten of pentacles, What both twins are going through – Page of wands, Feminine – Page of swords, Two of pentacles, Nine of cups, Masculine – Eight of wands, Eight of swords, The sun.

Before I begin, I would just like to note once again, that this reading is not limited to those who identify with the term twin flames alone, and high level soul mates should find great solace in these readings. Once again, the terms masculine, and feminine are actually interchangeable, and not always dependent on one’s gender. A woman may identify with the masculine side, perhaps because she is the masculine energy in the relationship, and vice versa.

This week, BOTH sacred lovers are dealing with themes of abundance, fulfilment, and financial longevity. Whatever they have been working towards, it is about to pay off, and in a big way. This may feel a little scary, and they may experience infrequent bouts of anxiety, but this is just because what they are experiencing now, is about to challenge any and every previous notion that they held about not being enough, or being good enough. The ten of pentacles is everything that you could have ever wanted. Your life coming together full circle. A group of loving caring friends, the partner that you desire, money in the bank, and safety, and security in the home.

In conjunction with the page of wands, which represents what both twins are going through this week, this speaks of the re-awakening, and revitalisation of the spirit, particularly the inner child spirit. They are becoming more playful, loving, light hearted, and forgive, and let things go far quicker. This is a much lighter energy. They are not taking things so seriously anymore, and I feel that this is because they have gone through a cleansing period. They are actually lighter because they have got rid of a lot of the things that they do not need, mentally, and emotionally. They are also prepared to allow this new spirit of freedom to seep into their work, which will see them reap many benefits, because this is the added OOMPH that they needed to propel them. Something was missing from their work, from their drive, and it was their desire to just not give a fuxk. This is also representative of inner child healing, their inner child is not so sad anymore because it knows now that it is loved, it is desired, it is cherished, and it can go out there and explore the world without fears of danger, or not being protected.

Over on the feminine side, this week, she is really healing a lot of the qualms that she has about past relationships, and members of the opposite sex (energy). Maybe this is because she has taken the time to explore, and understand trauma a little bit better, and now looks back at her past relationships from a fresh stand point. Maybe she meets somebody new, or has already met somebody who is vastly different from her past lovers, and past experiences that she has with love  – suggesting she has broken this karmic chain of misery, and victimisation. The page of swords shows somebody entering her life who is clear in his intentions, sure about what he wants, and ever ready, and willing to prove it to her. This could also represent her becoming more sure, and assertive now in the type of individual that she desires, and refusing to settle for anything less.

The two of pentacles speaks of her desire for balance at this time. Yes love is still very important to her, and very much on her mind, but she wonders, how can she truly live a life that is fulfilled and not dependent upon external factors? And the only answer, to be self assured, and sufficient. She is VERY focused this week on her dreams, and her goals, and I can see why, because things are actually really taking off for her.. In the past, she may have neglected her ambitions, or suppressed them because she held on to ideas about true happiness only coming from a loving partner. Well now? She is completely throwing those ideas OUT of the window.

The nine of cups is truly about this sense of completion for her. Everything is coming together – better than she would have initially hoped, but this is just the beginning like I mentioned. There is far more to arrive for her!

The masculine this week? Is ALL about liberation. He is acknowledging with the eight of swords that so much of his unhappiness, and his negative life circumstances came from the way that he THOUGHT, and the intangible things within his mind, that he eventually made tangible. This is freedom from dogma, belief systems about himself, about what a man should be, and about where he should currently be in his life. With the sun? He is learning to enjoy the ride..Perhaps he has even taken a holiday, learned through other cultures, and customs that masculinity, and what is expected of him is pretty fluid, and lucid – and he does not have to limit himself so much, or be so fearful. The eight of wands shows that these messages are travelling to him very fast! And life is also moving at a pretty fast pace for him. I feel like all of these realisations should be pushing him further into the direction of the feminine.

He is shining a light on the things that need a light to be shone on them. This is the mental, and psychological freedom that he always needed.This is rapid change, movement, things occurring pretty fast for him, but I do not think that he is fearful, in-fact, he is very, VERY excited!

As you can see this week, both twins are healing some of the core issues, and factors that kept them at arms length away from each other. I do feel as if this is SUCH a positive experience, and actually, the energy for both is much, much lighter this week. I feel as if they have completed years of work, in a very short space of time. They may find themselves feeling a little fatigued this week, but I guarantee you, they WILL be glowing, and this will not necessarily translate on their faces.

Well done my amazing sacred lovers ~ Mama is so, SO proud of you! Keep up the good enlightened work — And I have the BEST news for you! Very, very soon..My weekly readings are going interactive, so please look out for updates about my coming youtube channel…

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4 thoughts on “Twin Flame Weekly Reading 4-10th July;

  1. 😳 I was meditating on my soulmate this morning, saying his name over and over and I pulled the page of swords. Synchronicity at its finest. Thank you for these readings!

  2. So excited to hear you setting up a You tube channel. It will do so well! You have a knack at explaining things 🙂

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