Twin Flame Weekly Reading 11th-17th July; An offer, of growth, Feminine Interventions.

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Main theme -Page of cups, What both twins are dealing with – The emperor, Masculine – seven of wands, The star, Four of cups, Feminine – Ace of wands, Six of pentacles, Temperance.

Look how far the twins have come, this week!

With the main theme presenting itself as the page of cups, we can be prepared for a highly emotive week, of intuition, and revelation alike. This week is pretty much centered around the masculine twin, his embracing sensitivities, and his emotional tug of war.

Yes, there is a war this week occurring within the divine masculine, and the feminine feels this tug all too well. Whatever it was, a memory, a fleeting glimpse, an odd sound or synchronicity, something has reminded him this week of his beloved, and he is counting the ways that he may have wronged her, or wronged himself.

The seven of wands is indicative of this internal struggle, and tug of war within him. One part of him desperately wishes to reach out to her, and offer some sort of solace, but the other part of him things, What will I say? What will she say? What will come of this? Am I ready? Is this even the right time?

He is a bag of nerves this week as he contemplates what a return would mean, and if indeed there is even anything left to return to..Highly emotive this week, the feminine may not necessarily understand where her looming dissatisfaction is coming from. Something deep within her is stirring, it does not feel right, and somehow, she knows that it has something to do with her twin, yet she can not quite figure out what it is.

Perhaps synchronicities that disappeared for a long time are now returning, familiar dreams of the masculine, or playful jittery heart fluctuations that take her back to a time with him..Nostalgia rears its ugly head heavily in this week, and starting off with an 11 day, there may be a very strong pull to initiate some type of contact with one another, or check one another’s social media handles..

The emperor occurring for both twins this week suggests how heavily both twins are focused on turning their lives around, and getting everything in order for themselves. Both twins know that in order to be valuable assets to any relationships, be thy personal, platonic, or romantic, they must cultivate a certain inner strength, independence, and stability, as shown by the presence of the emperor. This week is very much about tying up lose ends, and stepping into the role of the victor, the conqueror, the one who exhibits spiritual strengths.

The hope card arrives to assist the masculine with his inner tug of war, he is far too focused on negativity and everything that can go wrong in his mind, rather than just taking action, and seeing where his intuition leads him. The four of cups speaks of his inner mourning, solitude period, and reluctance to look at the bigger picture. Traditionally, the figure in the four of cups card is focused on three cups in-front of him, and misses the huge cup of emotional fulfillment, and new beginnings that is being offered to him by the hand of opportunity.

This speaks of the masculine this week focusing on the irrelevant matters of the situation.  Perhaps there are three parties somehow involved in this union, and he considers how it would effect each, and every one of them. If only he would turn his head to see that his decision to go forward could potentially lead to a new beginning in love for the both of them, then he would take the initiation necessary

to move forward.

Perhaps he is worried that he can not offer her enough growth, that he has not yet built himself into a sustainable source, and will not be able to provide for her in the ways in which he desires. He is looking over at the feminine who is presented this week by the ace of wands, and the six of pentacles, and seeing just her how renewal of spirit is serving her in most profound ways.

The six of pentacles in combination with this card is all about the feminine finally reaping the rewards of all of the hard work and effort that she puts in. This is not only in regards to her career path, and her sense of self worth, but also her ability to motivate herself in the right directions, and use her gifts to aid her, rather than to weigh her down..How inspiring she looks to him who still wonders somehow if he could ever be enough for her graces..

The six of pentacles represents FAIRNESS, no longer putting in more than she gets out, the feminine this week is learning all about stability, and the in put, and the out put of life. Moving away from the martyr complex has allowed her to take on responsibilities that can aid to her growth, abandoning things that offer her little reward, or too much stress. She has learnt how to value herself, and this was all that the masculine needed, to regain faiths in her..

The temperance card also arrives this week to further offer the feminine the assistance of balance, and moderation.  Everything that is to come to her will do so, as she comes to herself. This is a lesson in understanding, and appreciating the type of love that she attracts. If she nourishes herself first, and focuses on her own well being, others will recognise, and acknowledge the amount of love, and respect that she deserves, and treat her accordingly.

Self love and self respect is the gift that she is reclaiming this week, and channeling all of her messages, and emotions in the right direction. She is learning what works for her, and how to make it work for her. Balancing her earthly responsibilities, with her motherly duties, and self care duties. Even if she has no children, she is the eternal divine mother to all of creation, and she is connected to all things, great and small..This allows her to no longer feel so disconnected from her purpose, or her place in the world.. This is all about others standing up for her, because she has finally learnt how to stand up for herself.

All along, this journey was about loving herself..


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3 thoughts on “Twin Flame Weekly Reading 11th-17th July; An offer, of growth, Feminine Interventions.”

  1. I have been suppressing the urge to look at anything he may have going on. I know now is not the time and all will be revealed when it needs to be.

    *breathes through the anxiety*

  2. Ha! I actually looked at his linkedin profile and have not done so for almost a year!!!! So funny now he knows i’ve looked at it. boom boom boom. Oopsy!!! Now I do think more about myself and feel more confident.

  3. This has and always was the biggest battle of my life, loving myself and seeing myself worthy especially of my TF and just worthy of living a good life! The biggest lesson I have learnt and the most beautiful as I have started appreciating and loving myself….THAT indeed was the journey and as I get back into myself, he will come. I had to get my power back or risk being destroyed over and over again…I have the keys to my life now, I am the driver of my own destiny.

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