General Weekly Reading -11th-17th July; Freedom from restriction, and limitation – Spiritual elevation.

general weekly july

Main theme: Seven of pentacles, Surrounding cards – The sun, seven of swords, seven of pentacles, nine of wands, judgement.

Wow, what a fantastic week we have ahead of us! This week is all about the revelations, wisdom, and knowledge that we obtain through our trials in life. There is a certain sense of richness that is born of one who has undergone a lot of struggle, and has come out of the other end on top of things. They have many lessons to give to others, and blessings tend to sort of follow them – as a type of compensation for enduring so much, and allowing it to soften their hearts, and open their minds.

This week, you will realise just how far you have come. You will get in touch with many epiphanies, and synchronicities that cause you to meditate on who you used to be, in comparison to who you are now..You are currently at the strongest you have ever been, and you have found a way to make all of your pain work for you, in a very alchemical way that dazzles others around you. You have managed to turn yourself into quite the star, the symbol of strength, and resilience, and others look up to you as a figure head with much to offer. That is exactly who you are this week..You are showing others that with the same level of hard work, and self diligence, they too can attain inner peace, no matter what their circumstances.

Perhaps healing to you was previously a word that merely sounded attractive, but this week, you are actually taking the time to heal, just by realising how much you have accomplished in such a short space of time. The judgement card indicates illumination, and receiving insights about your path, and what direction you should take in life. The sun card suggests that it is time for growth, to move on, embrace a new horizon, and finally do the things that you have always wanted to do..

Your karmic circle is moving – once again, and this time it is taking you on a journey of an entirely new spirit. Whilst your soul remains the same, your spirit is changing, re-connecting with your inner self, becoming more in tune with who you really are, and taking you on a new journey, in an almost entirely unrecognisable dimension! This is truly the creation, and the birthing of the person that childhood you would have envisioned and loved to be!

You are being transformed! Initially, the lovers could was not going to appear in this reading, but it had slipped out whilst i was spreading the other cards, and I really received the message that it wanted to be seen. With the judgement card, I see this week as a very pivotal week for ‘twin flames’, divine lovers, or rather sacred union. The couple in the judgement card are representative of them – this week, they are looking at themselves from the angle of ascension, and newness.

They are seeing themselves, and each other in a way that they have not previously seen themselves before. This is the version of them that dwells within the light, and it has taken a LONG time to get here. A lot of shadow work, self honesty, and digging deep within their karmic cycles/histories.

The seven of swords suggests moving away from the past, but taking the lessons, and spiritual growth learned along with us. It is time to move on from all the heaviness and the darkness of our past, and recognise that that no longer represents who we are, or who we need to be. We no longer need to play small, and this is liberation from the self doubt, and the energy of lack that has followed us since childhood days. This truly is a MAGNIFICENT rebirth, and if you are not in touch with it yet, then you are not paying to you!

The seven of pentacles represents the unlocking of money blockages that also once kept you small. Perhaps you are receiving some financial support, or advice this week that will help you toward building the life that you wish to manifest around you. You have worked incredibly hard up until this point, so any help that you do receive should not take away from everything that you have been building for so long. You really DO deserve this, and you have achieved this, but everybody who is in the building stage requires some support at some point, do not hesitate to accept this! Even if it comes in the form of advice from somebody within a similar field.

You can relax now, and not that the fruits of your labour are coming. Relaxation does not mean that you should not continuously work hard, be self motivated, and dedicated – (because at this point your manifestation qualities are VERY high, and you should be going harder than ever), but, this card definitely does suggest that you need to relax in terms of wondering if things will ever fall together with your finances, business, and career.

Well done, because you have both planted and watered an extemely positive seed! You do not need to work at this time on building new ideas that may overwhelm you, but work on nourishing and flowering the template that you already have. The more attention, and energy that you feed into your goal/vision/project at this time, the more rewards that you will reap – and pretty fast too!


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


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