General Weekly Reading 18th-24th July; Full moon in Capricorn – Balancing emotions, and duty.

general weekly julyy

Main theme – four of cups, Surrounding cards, Two of cups, Six of wands, The magician, Knight of swords, High priestess.

This week, the main theme, is the four of cups. The four of cups is all about us getting projects, desires, and goals handed to us from all corners, and all areas, but our minds still being occupied with something that we perceive to be missing. I pulled an extra card this week, and that card happened to be the magician. In conjunction with the four of cups, I believe that this is trying to tell us that we can actually manifest any, and everything that we want, and this week, whatever we put our minds to, can actually develop, and grow into something tangible, BUT this does not stop the fact, that this week, our mind is on the one thing that we cannot seem to get, or we do not seem to have. Maybe this is love..Maybe even though things are going great in our career, we feel unfulfilled in matters of the heart, the two of cups would most certainly suggest that we are waiting for something, or someone who is to come and help us to feel complete.

This is not so much co-dependent love, because we have built ourselves up to a point now, where we have our own stability, this is just truly about wanting somebody or something to share that with. If we are already in a relationship, then perhaps we are no longer happy there, and we miss the kind of love, and union that we once dreamt about in childhood.

The magician is telling you, that if you want this new beginning, and new opportunity, then you have to be willing to balance, integrate, and harmonise everything that you already have. Yes, you have come very far, but potentially, if love was to come into your life right at this very moment, it could distract you. However, love is ALWAYS there. Perhaps the kind of huge display of love that you are looking for is not present right now, but that is because you are focusing on your gifts, and manifesting to do with your career, and so that is really what is being made more apparent to you.  I feel that once you finish building, and you look up, your love will be right there.

The two of cups also suggests that this love that you are longing for, or looking toward, is ALSO thinking of you, and wanting to be closer to you. Everything that you are worrying about, is NOT real. Your love is there. Stop trying to make it one or the other, love, or your career. They can be the SAME thing, they can fuel one another.

The six of wands, does show that you are being recognised for your talents this week, and being congratulated for the work, and the efforts that you put in – so please, do not stop. You need to appreciate yourself, and appreciate how far you have come. Things are changing rapidly for you, and just because you cannot see what is occurring behind the scenes within the love department, does not mean that nothing is occurring

The high priestess, is all about making the intangible, tangible. So perhaps this is about your intuition this week, being particularly strong, and telling. Also, it should be noted that there is a full moon behind the high priestess, and this week, we have a full moon in Capricorn. This is a time of heightened emotions, heightened sensitivities, heightened intuition, and whispers – guiding, and pointing our way. This is a very feminine energy, a creative energy, and also encourages us to trust our subconscious mind, even if we cannot physically see, or prove what it is telling us. Somebody we desire, may be far closer than we think.

The knight of swords is very relevant, for this juxtaposition we have occurring with the full moon opposing Cancer. Cancer can represent the high priestess, as this is a very watery, psychic sign, whilst Capricorn, is very masculine, and speaks of being direct, and ambitious. The knight of swords knows exactly what he wants, and is very logical in his approach, so that he goes straight after his target, without excessively worrying, or creating barriers through thought.

This week, is about using the information that we take from our intuition, and our higher selves, and making something brilliant with it! Using the ideas to know exactly what we are going to build, and how we will maintain it. This is a card that cancels out procrastination. Like I said, love, and work do not have to oppose one another. Duties with the home, and the family, and work, and career, can be harmonised. We need to ensure that we are balanced in these areas this week, and we do not let one side of our responsibilities suffer.

This new idea, or insight that you have working for you, is going to be very financially satisfactory for you, should you charge ahead, and see it through. Please just do not get side tracked by feeling sorry for yourself this week, being too hard on yourself, or refusing to look at the things that you DO have going for you – because they are plentiful!


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


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